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<p>Student Electronic Portfolios for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment</p> <p>What is an Electronic Portfolio (ePortfolio)?A collection of electronic evidence assembled and managed by a user, usually on the WebSuch electronic evidence may include inputted text, electronic filesimages, multimedia, blog entries, and hyperlinks. E-portfolios are both demonstrations of the user's abilities and platforms for self-expression. (Wikipedia)</p> <p>Created by the three principal activities of collection, selection, and reflection, student portfolios can be succinctly defined as collections of work selected from a larger archive of work, upon which the student has reflected. (Yancey, 2001)</p> <p>1A COUPLE OF DEFINITIONS--</p> <p>FIRSTCOLLECTION OF ELECTRONIC EVIDENCE CREATED BY THE STUDENTADDRESSES SOME OF THE CONTENTS OF EPORTS AND TWO OF THEIR MAIN PURPOSES</p> <p>SECONDBRINGS IN ELEMENT OF REFLECTION, WHICH MANY PRACTITIONERS BELIEVE IS OF CENTRAL IMPORTANCE</p> <p>EPORTFOLIO ASSESSMENT IS A TYPE OF AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT THAT CONSIDERS A COLLECTION OF WORK AND REFLECTIONS, RATHER THAN A SINGLE PIECE OF WORK</p> <p>EPORTFOLIOS BEING USED ALL OVER THE WORLDANNUAL EUROPEAN CONFERENCE</p> <p>Teaching &amp; LearningAccountability &amp; AssessmentSelf-Representation &amp; Identity DevelopmentThree uses2HERES A SIMPLE SUMMARY OF THE PURPOSES OF EPORTFOLIOS</p> <p>TEACHING AND LEARNINGWITH EFFECTIVE GUIDANCE, CAN ENGAGE STUDENTS MORE DEEPLY IN LEARNING, ENCOURAGE THEM TO MAKE CONNECTIONS AMONG COURSES AND LEARNING EXPERIENCESTO INTEGRATE LEARNING</p> <p>CAN SERVE DEVELOPMENTAL PURPOSES</p> <p>STUDENT WORK AND REFLECTION CAN BE USED AS DATA AND EVIDENCE FOR ASSESSMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY</p> <p>Wendling Welcome</p> <p>33TYPICALLY, A PORTFOLIO TAKES THE FORM OF A WEB SITE</p> <p>THIS IS THE FRONT PAGE OF A PORTFOLIO THAT WAS CREATED BY ONE OF MY STUDENTS LAST SPRING</p> <p>SHE USED A TEMPLATE THAT IS PROVIDED IN OUR LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WHERE OUR PORTFOLIO TOOLS RESIDEWendling Senior Project</p> <p>44HERES A PAGE THAT INTRODUCES A SAMPLE OF THIS STUDENTS WORKSHE WAS A LINGUISTICS STUDENT</p> <p>5TYPICALLY, PORTFOLIOS INCLUDE A RESUME, WITH LINKS TO WORK SAMPLES THAT ILLUSTRATE THE STUDENTS CAPABILITIES</p> <p>HERE IS A REFLECTION WRITTEN IN THE FORM OF A JOB APPLICATION LETTER6Our Matrix</p> <p>A PORTFOLIO MIGHT ALSO LOOK LIKE THIS</p> <p>THE LEARNING MATRIX IS ANOTHER TOOL IN OUR PORTFOLIO ENVIRONMENT</p> <p>THIS ONE IS USED BY OUR DIVISION OF STUDENT LIFE WITH STUDENTS WHO ARE LEADERS OF STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS</p> <p>ROWS REPRESENT OUR GENERAL EDUCATION LEARNING OUTCOMES AT IUPUI</p> <p>COLUMNS REPRESENT STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT</p> <p>PROVIDES A VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF A SET OF LEARNING EXPERIENCES</p> <p>7</p> <p>8INSIDE MATRIX CELLS CAN UPLOAD WORK</p> <p>AND FACULTY CAN PROVIDE GUIDANCE FOR ACTIVITIES LIKE SELECTING AND REFLECTING ON MATERIALS</p> <p>FACULTY CAN ALSO GIVE FEEDBACK AND MANAGE ASSESSMENT DATA</p> <p>HERE WE SEE A RUBRIC FOR ASSESSING REFLECTIVE WRITING</p> <p>I DONT HAVE TIME TO TALK IN DEPTH ABOUT REFLECTION TODAY, BUT I HAVE COPIES OF THIS RUBRIC FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT HOW WE USE AND EVALUATE REFLECTIONS</p> <p>TYPICALLY, MATERIALS IN PORTFOLIOS OR ENTIRE PORTFOLIOS ARE ASSESSED USING RUBRICS</p> <p>AND I FIND IT HELPFUL TO SHARE THE RUBRIC ILL BE USING WITH STUDENTS9Why ePortfolios?For studentsDevelop capacities for metacognition and self-directed learningSupport reflective practiceIntegrate and apply learningFor facultyEnable assessment of broader set of abilities and skillsTrack development of abilities over timeProvide richer data to guide curriculum/program development and improvementFor programs and institutionsAuthentic and psychometrically rigorous assessment for admissions, improvement and effectiveness, accreditation</p> <p>WHY WOULD WE WANT TO USE EPORTFOLIOS?</p> <p>1. REFLECTIVE COMPONENT OF PORTFOLIOS CAN</p> <p>2. BROADER SET OF ABILITIESA NATIONAL PROJECT ON EPORTFOLIOS INCLUDED MEASURES OF CIVIC KNOWLEDGE AND ENGAGEMENT AND ETHICAL REASONING AND ACTION</p> <p>DIVERSITY OF TYPES OF EVIDENCE</p> <p>PORTFOLIOS AND REFLECTIONS CAN HELP FACULTY UNDERSTAND CAUSES AND MEANING OF PATTERNS IN ASSESSMENT DATATO GUIDE IMPROVEMENTCOMPARED TO A TEST SCORE</p> <p>AND </p> <p>SUPPORT ACADEMIC AND CAREER ADVISING</p> <p>Advantages for Assessment Documenting learning in this way places the focus on actual achievements that are viewed directly, rather than on proxies of achievement like cumulative GPAs or test scores that are only indirect indicators of learning. The focus is also on what students can do with their knowledge and skills and not simply on whether knowledge has been acquired. (Huba &amp; Freed, 2000)11ePortfolios for What?Personal development planning (University College)Develop civic-minded graduates (Center for Service and Learning)Leadership development (Student Life)Focus on professional ethics (Dentistry)Integrate learning (English, Visual Communication)Document competencies for assessment and accreditation (Dentistry, Nursing, E &amp; T, Music, Library Science)Assessment of prior learning for credit (OLS)</p> <p>12HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF WAYS EPORTFOLIOS ARE BEING USED OUR CAMPUS</p> <p>BROAD RANGE OF PURPOSES THAT INCLUDE STUDENT LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT, AS WELL AS ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATIONImplementation IssuesHow will the portfolio be designed to fulfill the institutions or departments purposes?How will the portfolio be integrated into program curricula? What changes will this require?Who will read and evaluate student portfolios? When?What are the infrastructure needs? What resources are needed?What faculty development is needed? What skills will students need to develop?</p> <p>13INSTITUTIONS AND PROGRAMS INTERESTED IN USING EPORTFOLIOS NEED TO CONSIDER A NUMBER OF ISSUES</p> <p>THIS CAN TAKE QUITE A BIT OF PLANNINGURLshttp://www.ncepr.org/ </p> <p>http://www.aacu.org/value/ </p> <p>http://electronicportfolios.org/ 14</p>


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