what is a “whale done!” “whale done!” school district?

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  • What is a Whale Done! Whale Done! School District?
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  • Outline Overview of Whale Done! New Enthusiasm for School Climate Additional Strategies for Your Tool Box Provide Life Long Happiness
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  • Activity 1.Think about a time when someone saw the best in you. What did the person say or do? What impact did it have on you?
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  • The book, Whale Done! emphasizes proper responses to behavior used by whale trainers at Sea World. Sea World. You cant get a 12,000 pound Killer Whale to jump 30 feet in the air by screaming at it! People also respond better to positive re-enforcers.
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  • B uild Trust B uild Trust A ccentuate the Positive A ccentuate the Positive R edirect the thinking when mistakes occur R edirect the thinking when mistakes occur
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  • Praise immediately or Be specific about what someone did right or almost right Encourage them to keep up the good work Redirect the thinking when a mistake occurs
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  • 1.Describe the problem clearly and without blame 2.Show its negative impact 3.Take the blame, if appropriate 4.Make sure the task is understood 5.Express trust and confidence
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  • Rewire our thinking Rewire our thinking Apply the Strategies Apply the Strategies Embed Concrete Reminders Embed Concrete Reminders Involve Everybody Involve Everybody
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  • Believe and Unite Believe and Unite Board Support Board Support Communicate Expectations for staff and students Communicate Expectations for staff and students Staff begins to give and receive recognitions Staff begins to give and receive recognitions Whale Done program Whale Done program extends into the extends into the community community
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  • Set the tone for the week Set the tone for the week All students & staff participate All students & staff participate Recognition Recognition student-student staff-staff student-staff staff-student parent-child parent-staff
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  • Effective Classroom Management More time on task Parents & students are involved Students focus on academics Productive work environment Develop student leadership
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  • 1.Personal Commitment 2.School-wide Commitment 3.District-wide Commitment 4. Stakeholders Involvement MASD Implementation
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