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<ul><li> 1. What Is A Six-Figure Income?Breaking Down $100,000 per year</li></ul> <p> 2. What is Six-Figures? A six-figure income is: A minimum of $100,000 / year before taxes and expenses A maximum of $999,999 / year before taxes and expenses 3. What is a Six-Figure Job?A six-figure job is a job that paysyou a six-figure salary.However, you should note thatmost six-figure jobs require morethan a standard 9 to 5commitment.This means unpaid overtime isusually required. 4. Breaking Down Six-FiguresFor a standard 9 to 5, Monday toFriday, job you would have toearn that money as follows: 12 months a year so anaverage of $8,333.33 / month. 21 paid working days permonth on average means$396.83 / day. 5. What Does This Mean?To earn a six-figureincome, youll have togenerate at least $397 / daybefore taxes and expenses. 6. Attaining Six-Figures Set a goal for yourself togenerate $400 / day beforetaxes and expenses. Make a commitment to worktoward that figure every day. Include your present salaryfrom you job - what do youneed to earn extra to make$400 / day and go over that. 7. Going Beyond Six-FiguresOnce you have reached the level of$400 / day, you are earning a six-figure salary. You may also still beworking your job.If your salary from your jobaccounts for $200 / day and youhave managed to begin earning anadditional $200 / day, then youhave effectively replaced yourincome. Its time to go beyond. 8. Seven-FiguresMany of us may never attain aseven-figure income but if youhave made it to six-figures thenconcentrate on what you havebuilt and grow it so you can befully self-sufficient.Once you are self-sufficient, seven-figures is aneasier goal to achieve. 9. Let Us Help You Its our goal to help you get to six-figures. Join us and let us guide you. We wont do the work for you but we will point you in the right direction and share with you what is working for us. 10. Contact UsIm Robert Schulz.My email is:up.mixedcoffee@gmail.comFor free training, join me at:http://unlimitedprofits.mixedcoffee.comFor an amazing opportunity:http://join.mixedcoffee.comFor more visit us at:http://www.successmafia.com </p>