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<p>What is a Professional Literature Review?</p> <p>What is a Professional Literature Review? Not to be confused with a book review, a literature review surveys scholarly articles, books and other sources (e.g. dissertations, conference proceedings) relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, providing a description, summary, and critical evaluation of each work. The purpose is to offer an overview of significant literature published on a topic. USC Libraries</p> <p>HOWEVERFor this class, you will NOT survey the literature regarding an issue, but you WILL survey a journal in your field. 1Professional Literature ReviewEvaluate a journal in your fieldSummarize questions or controversies Explain why it is important for someone entering your field to be aware of the conversations that are presented in this journal, web site, trade magazine, etc.</p> <p>2Magazine Or Journal? Scholarly Journals Report original research, discoveries, experimentation, reviews, or essays Are written by and for scholars and researchers in the field, and aimed at scholarly readers such as professors, scientists, and advanced students Cite sources and provide footnotes and/or bibliographies Are often peer reviewed by an editor or specialists in the field for accuracy Often contain graphs, statistics, case studies Are often published by academic or association presses Example: Journal of Political Ecology, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, Journal of Advertising</p> <p>3Magazine Or Journal? Popular Magazines Articles are written and designed to entertain or persuade Articles are usually written by professional journalists or writers for a general audience Articles rarely cite sources or contain a bibliography Are published by commercial, for-profit presses Example: The Economist, The Atlantic Monthly, Popular Photography</p> <p>4Magazine Or Journal? Trade Journals Focus on a specific profession or industry Articles are written for professional or trade-associated audiences by scholars, freelance writers, or magazine staff Are published by professional or trade associations Articles occasionally cite sources Articles may include photographs, illustrations, industry-specific statistics, and information Example: Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Society for Technical Communications (STC), </p> <p>5Magazine Or Journal? For this paper, you may use a scholarly or a trade journal. 6ASSIGNMENT (This is only one option!): </p> <p>Step One: Locate 3 journals in your field. They might be scholarly journals or trade journals. Choose 2 of these journals to read. Step Two: Choose the better journal.Step Three: (Audience and occasion for writing) In a 3-5 page paper, write a letter to student(s) entering your major in an attempt to persuade them to read this journal. In this letter, you will:1. Summarize the questions or controversies this magazine addresses. Talk about major themes you observe that would acquaint a new student to your future profession. 2. EVALUATE the journal based on any set of criteria you choose. You want to persuade students that this journal deserves their attention. You might base your evaluation on:Strength of rhetorical appeals in each article Scope of issues addressedVisual rhetoric (layout, color, design features, advertising, etc.)Relevance to issues you think matter in your fieldLack of regional, racial, age, gender, economic, political, religious biasGrading Criteria: This paper will endorse a journal in your field based on clear and important criteria (determined by you). You must have many points of evidence from your journal as to what makes it good. Also note the audience of this paper, and write in a way that would interest freshman or sophomores. What sorts of things might concern them as they think about choosing professional literature to read? Why would such an activity be so important? What do they miss out on by not acquainting themselves with professional conversations in their future career? </p> <p>7Finding a Journal Google ScholarGoogle JSTOR (journal storage)Arts and Humanities Citation IndexWeb of Science</p> <p>8</p>


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