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a description of feelings. Students describe our town through their feelings





  • PREFACE: Whenever we try to describe a city, we tend to not get into details, that is, we usually give superficial details of the city. However, we always forget that if you describe a city with your heart, taking into consideration your feelings, your description will be not only more detailed, but also closer to reality. This is what s4 students of Ama Guadalupekoa Ikastetxea have tried; they have described their city from a personal point of view, from their feelings. Indeed, they have described WHAT I FEEL ABOUT HONDARRIBIA

  • Hondarribia is a good city, because in summer you can do a lot of things. If the weather is nice you can go to the beautiful beach, to play football or volleyball or even you can swim. In winter, when the weather is too cold you can go to the sport centre, to swim in the swimming pool, or play squash. But if you should go to watch a film to the cinema you must go to irun because in hondarribia there isn't cinema. However, Hondarribia is more beautiful than irun because in Hondarribia in summer there is a lot of tourism sightseeing around the city whereas in Irun there is no tourism. There is a place for young people and we practice tennis table, play station and more things. For that reason Hondarribia is the most beautiful place to spend your summer.


  • Hondarribia is s small city but it is a place where there are good

    feelings all the year.

    Right now we are in winter and some days it snows. The snow for

    us is very unusual so we like when in winter it snows. To see our

    streets covered with snow is a feeling that fills us of happiness,

    because it means that Christmas is arriving. The worst thing of the

    winter is that when it doesnt snow it rains so you cant meet your

    friends but to be at home with your family it is sometimes very


    In summer the feelings are very different from the winter, because

    in summer the city is plenty of tourists. The tourists fill our city of

    life and movement and the beach is the place where most of them

    go. In summer, with all of these tourists, when we meet our friends

    we always want to have a good time.

    In the Hondarribias feasts there is always a big party where

    everyone is happy because these days are the last days of the

    summer and soon we will see again all their friends at school.

    In conclusion, Hondarribia is a beautiful city where there are

    always positive feelings.


  • I feel very proud and lucky of living in Hondarribia, because its a wonderful village and people are very friendly. I like it because we have beach and mountain in the same place. The weather is normally cloudy, but hot. All the people are happy and there isnt violence. I feel very secure. I recommend living in Hondarribia because there are lots of places where you can do a lot of things. You can also do a lot of sports. There is a very big sport centre, and a lot of clubs: football club, basketball club, tennis club, growing club, sailing club, Basque sports clubs Its a perfect place to practice water sports. There is also a house only for young people where we play all together and we organize a lot of activities. In our village, there are many and big gardens. I recommend living here because it is the best village I know.


  • Hondarribia is a town that transmits tranquillity, peace and good environment. It has beautiful views to the mountain and sea, and its very relaxing looking at them. Generally its a wonderful town, it hasnt got a lot of shops but we spend a really good time here, with friends and family. Hondarribia is a family town because it is small and everybody knows each other. We have a wonderful beach where we enjoy a lot ourselves in summer, sunbathing and swimming in the beach. Most of young people meet their friends to go to the beach and they go with their bikes. In Hondarribia we can live different feelings, in summer on the beach, in spring when the majority of groups of friends are in a street called Butron walk and we sit on a bench eating sweets, talking and laughing with friends. In autumn it is fantastic when you are walking down the main street and you can see how the leaves fall down. In winter in san Pedros street, the road in the town centre puts a chestnut shall, and its amazing when you are walking in there, with cold and you can smell the delicious smell that it causes, and it is a wonderful feeling, too. Probably Hondarribia isnt one of the best towns but for us it is the best of the world.


  • We have always lived in Hondarribia, although it isnt a big city with a lot of shops, it is very comfortable to live in. We love it because it has a lot of beautiful views to the sea when you meet your friends to go for a walk.

    We usually are at the Butron walk. Through this walk you can see the Bidasoa River and in front of it is Hendaya, and when the sun sets, its very beautiful to see it reflecting on the water. Also, if you are in Hendaya watching Hondarribia, it is very nice to see the church and all the typical houses.

    Other days, we are at Santiago Street. In this street there are a lot of pubs and ancient houses, where the fisherman lived. Those houses are painted with colourful colours. The old part of the city also has a lot of ancient houses but they arent colourful as in La Marina, although they are made of wood. At this place you are as if you were in the Medieval Ages.

    There is a church in the Guadalupe Mountain and through here you can see all Hondarribia and the sea. It is a fantastic feeling. The best sensation is on the 8th of September, because all the people who live in Hondarribia are very exciting because there is a parade remembering the victory against France. To sum up, maybe Hondarribia isnt the most important city, but for us it is.


  • In my opinion Hondarribia is a beautiful village. It is small, but its got fantastic views and colours and the original houses make it different, special.

    Most of people living here love Hondarribia and dont want to change it for another town. You could ask yourself why, but when I am in Hondarribia, when I go through the old part, what I feel is indescribable.

    There is a local festival here which is celebrated in September. Almost everyone feels the feast in an exciting way.

    Hondarribia also has a small but a nice beach; and some absolutely fantastic inlets. On the way to go towards them; there is a lighthouse; from where you can see the dark blue ocean under your feet.

    In conclusion, Hondarribia is a really nice village. My feeling about Hondarribia is overwhelming. In fact, it is indescribable; but it is a feeling which makes me smile and feel really happy.


  • Hondarribia is a small and very beautiful town. It doesnt have to be too big, because it hasnt got space, but it is completed with its own beauty. The nature and fantastic people are points that are important to emphasize. You can relax and swim on the beach and also make an amazing trip to the mountain. The flowers smell aromatizes the streets, and their colours give them the shine and good environment that envelops this fantastic town. You breathe pure air thanks to the impeccable cleanliness and usual rain. The seasons come with a special power; winter, autumn, summer, and spring...the astonishing spring! It makes this place the most amazing of the world! All Hondarribias spots will remind you warm thoughts of your lives; thats why its so welcoming. This peaceful town transmits positivism and inexplicable feelings, so, what are you waiting for? _______________________________________________

    With Hondarribia I feel happiness, tranquillity, harmony... I think that it is a very nice place. The spring in Hondarribia is something special, its nice, I love working on the beach, with the dawn at the horizon and the fishing ship in the port. French people, usually come in summer to visit us, because it is very pretty and you can come by a small boat which works as a bus. In the summer the nature in Hondarribi spring and everything is green and shine... The beach is always full of people playing with their friends. Walking by the Butron walk you can smell the sea. Hondarribia is a very nice town to live. _______________________________________________

  • We live in Hondarribia, and we think it is one of the most beautiful towns in Guipuzkoa. It isnt very big like Donostia or Irun but thats what makes Hondarrbia so nice. It is better to come to Hondarribia in the summer rather than in the winter, because in the summer you can relax in the beach or meet your friends and have a really good time. If you prefer going trekking you can go to Jaizkibel or to Peas de Aia and enjoy looking at the spectacular views that there are in the top of these of m