what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

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  • 1. Doing this film has taught me a lot about various pieces of software. In particular After Effects. After never using the software before this project I had to adapt quickly and learn how to use a lot of the tools. A tool I had to use the most would be particular, this is what I used to create the comets. I learned various ways to control these particulars, such as move them, make them seem 3D, and also adjust the size of them.

2. At one stage of the production there is a shot where we are supposed to have an optical zoomfrom Andys house, this proved to be far to complicated., and after following a step by very step tutorial I still struggled todo somethingwrong. However,recently I have had a bit more practice, and am confident that if I try again I might have been able to do it. Unfortunately it is a little bit too late.If I could go back and repeat this process I would have defiantly consideredpracticing on After Effects well in advanced.
3. One thing that I did manage to overcome was getting my head around the key frames in After Effects. When I first began trying to rotate the earth in one of the shots, I found that it would be spinning wildly out of control. I went over and over trying to slow the Earth down on various different settings. Not realising that every time I was effectively adding a key frame which made the Earth accelerate. After having a little bit of guidance from my geeky friend I realised what I was doing and managed to fix the problem successfully.
4. I was also nominated as camera woman. At the beginning of the project I was able to do the basics, and had a very bad habit of leaving the camera running unnecessarily. However, over the course of the filming I developed camera skills and was able to do various types of shots. I also managed to get rid of that bad habit of leaving the camera on. Although it does stillhappen from time to time. This has defiantly made me consider practicing a lot more on the camera in readiness for next time, whenever I may need it next.
5. Overall this process has made me realise my mistakes, it has shown me which tools work best where, and also practice defiantly makes perfect. I amgoing to carry practicing with various bits of software, not just after effects, in case they may be needed in the future.