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  • 1. What Great Teachers DoDifferentlySeven Simple Secrets: What theBest Teachers Know and DoTodd Whitaker (2004)Annette Breaux and ToddWhitaker (2006)

2. One of the best-keptsecrets of the very bestteachers is that theyhave very fewdiscipline problems.Seven Secrets pg. 98 3. Expectations 4. What do we find in theclassrooms of the mosteffective teachers?Summary:Procedures aretaught and practicedand then practicedsome more. 5. Remember,if you can preventthe fire,youll neveruse the fireextinguisher! Seven Secrets pg. 38 6. Misbehavior 7. WWhhaatt ccaanntteeaacchheerrss ddoo wwhheennaa ssttuuddeennttmmiissbbeehhaavveess??List all of theoptions 8. Great Teachers Dont 9. HighExpectationsForThemselves 10. One hallmark ofeffective teachers isthat they create apositive atmospherein their classroomsand schools. 11. Effective Teachers 12. Praise Authentic Specific Immediate Clean PrivateBen Bissell (1992) 13. How could you use information likethis in your school?Think to yourself and then well share ideas