what factors encouraged european exploration? why did they come to latin america?

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  • What Factors Encouraged European Exploration? Why did they come to Latin America?

  • ConquistadorsEuropean explorers and conquerors of other landsMainly Spanish in Latin AmericaConquered or took Latin American land to build stronger empire for European countryREMEMBER what would conquistadors get by taking others?

  • 1. God

    Spread Christianity and covert all non- Christians

  • 2. Gold

    Main reasonTrade of spices

  • 3. GloryCountries wanted to be the bestConquering others makes them more powerful

  • Spanish Conquests in the Americans

  • Christopher ColumbusItalian explorerWorking for SpainTo discover a new passage to the East IndiesTo Dominican RepublicInterested in finding goldSet up permanent settlementsVery poor treatment of the natives

  • Hernando Cortes Spain Conquered Aztecs (in Mexico) Montezuma (stupidly) treated Cortes well Cortes obtained gold Used violence = smallpox

    * Took advantage of Aztec misunderstanding to exploit them for riches; was seen as a god. Oops.

  • Francisco PizarroSpanish conqueror in South America mainly Andes Mtns areaConquered Inca Empire with force meeting little resistanceCaptured Atalualpa and put him in jailRansom Gold / SilverCourt case, Atalualpa loses, and is executed (strangling/hanging)Incas gave up and he claims their land for Spain

  • Why was it so easy for the conquistadors to take over land in Latin America? They had:1. Better weapons2. Help of various native groups3. Disease killed most natives-Measles-Mumps-Smallpox

  • Spains Pattern of ConquestMarried native women; mestizo childrenOppressed nativesEncomienda System: natives farmed, ranched, or mined for Spanish landlords.This system forced natives to work under brutal conditions it was forced physical labor

  • Spanish Influences on Social Classes in Latin America

    The Spanish culture like language, religion, dress, food, and social rankings influenced the majority of countries in Latin AmericaLife changed for the native people once Europeans imperialized or conquered, especially when it came to ranking the people into classes (you will see the European influence)

  • Peninsulares.01% of populationMen who had been born in SpainOnly ones allowed to hold government jobsKept loyalty of colonial leader

  • Creoles22.8% of populationSpaniards born in Latin AmericaCould not hold high level political officeCould be officers in Spanish Colonial armiesBest educated of people born in L.A/least oppressed

  • Mestizos7.3% of the populationPersons of mixed European (Spanish) and Indigenous ancestry

  • Mulattos7.6% of populationPersons of mixed European (Spanish) and African ancestry

  • Africans6.4% of populationSlaves

  • Indians/Indigenous55.8% of populationStood at the bottom of social ladderUnlike enslaved Africans, Indians were of little economic value to the European (Spaniards)As a result they were more severely oppressed than any other group

  • QuestionWhat social group will start the revolutionary movements in Latin America? WHY?