What Do You Need to Know About Osteoarthritis

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WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OSTEOARTHRITIS? Anybody can get it. 1 in 5 above 65 years have it. Its a slow degenerative disease. See a doctor ifa. Joint pain.b. Morning stiffness.c. Reduced range of movement.d. Hand and foot affected first.e. Joint swelling. ANY joint pain could be arthritis pain

WHO GETS OSTEOARTHRITIS AND WHY? Women more than Men. Predisposing factors.a. Heredity.b. Lifestyle. Obesity Manual labourc. Post injury.d. Age.e. Diabetes.f. Infection.g. Hormones.h. Nutrition.

HAVING OSTEOARTHRITIS : WAHT TO EXPECT? Pain and stiffness increases over the years. Ordinary task like making bed become impossible. Fingers become stiff, grasping pen difficult. Joints most affecteda. Handsb. Anklesc. Kneed. Spinee. Hipsf. Neck Depending on severity you can get bone spurs and damage.

OSTEOARTHRITIS TREATMENT PLAN What can you do?a. Heat and cold therapyb. Weight lossc. Exercise Cardio Aquad. Physical therapye. Occupation therapyf. Unloading in certain jointsg. Vitamin D supplements Pharmacologya. Pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicine.b. Steroid injectionc. Assisted servicesd. Electromagnetic and TENS Alternative therapya. Acupunctureb. Tai chic. Ayurveda Severe casesa. Surgery

DAILY LIFE WITH OSTEO ARTHRITIS Food choicesa. Fruits and vegetablesb. Whole grainsc. Dairy products Exercisea. Range of motion/ flexibilityb. Aerobic/endurancec. strengthening


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