What are some differences between creatures today and Dinosaurs from the past? What do they have in common?

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Slide 1 What are some differences between creatures today and Dinosaurs from the past? What do they have in common? Slide 2 Questions about Dinosaurs What is one of your favorite dinosaurs? Why is it your favorite? What made the dinosaurs disappear? What do we see today that has evidence of that dinosaurs existed? Slide 3 Dinosaurs: Alive! Dinosaurs lived in places where we live today, but the time was very different. Dinosaurs lived in three different time periods: Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. Some dinosaurs were Herbivores, or they only ate plants. Others were carnivores, or only ate meat. Some were even omnivores, which ate both meat and plants! We can find out about the dinosaurs through fossils! Slide 4 Dinosaurs Den Dinosaurs lived all over the world, including the United States. The world looked very different back then. They were very territorial, which means they didnt want any other dinosaurs taking their lands. Slide 5 Triassic Period 225 to 193 million years ago There werent many dinosaurs around in this period because of an ice age right before the period started Dinosaurs that lived in this period include the Lystrosaurus and the PLATEOSAURUS Slide 6 Jurassic Period 193 to 136 million years ago. This was considered the age of the ruling reptiles. Some of the dinosaurs that lived in this period are the stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and plesiosaurus. Slide 7 Cretaceous Period 144-65 Million Years Ago. This period had the most dinosaurs of the three periods. Dinosaurs from this period include the Triceratops, Pteranodon, which was a bird-like dinosaur and Tyrannosaurus Rex Slide 8 Herbivores Herbivores were dinosaurs that eat plants. Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops were dinosaurs that were herbivores. A herbivore can also be called a Vegetarian. Deer, grasshoppers and rabbits are todays herbivores Slide 9 Herbivores(Cont.) Brachiosaurus(then)Deer and Rabbit(now) Slide 10 Carnivores Carnivores were those dinosaurs that mostly ate the meat of animals and other dinosaurs. The Tyrannosaurus Rex, Plesiosaurus and Velociraptor were carnivores of their times. The Velociraptor used a huge claw on both of its feet to take down its prey. There are several carnivores in our world today. Lions, grizzly bears and sharks are all carnivores. Slide 11 Carnivores(Cont.) Velociraptor(then) Lion(now) Slide 12 Omnivores Omnivores were dinosaurs that ate both plants and meat. There were very few of these types of dinosaurs. Some omnivore dinosaurs were the Ornithomimus and Oviraptor Some of the modern day omnivores are panda bears, pigs and even humans! Omnivores are very common in todays day and time. Slide 13 Omnivores(Cont.) Oviraptor(then) Human(now) Slide 14 What Happened to them? Dinosaurs were put into near extinction by a meteor that hit Earths surface during the Cretaceous period, over 65 million years ago! Those dinosaurs that survived the meteor hit died during the Ice age that followed. Slide 15 Dinosaurs in 2008 Dinosaurs are still here. They are in what are called Fossils. Dinosaur fossils are found in layers of rock that have been compacted over millions of years deep under the surface of the earth. A scientist called an archeologist digs in the ground and looks for fossils. With fossils, archeologists can determine what type of dinosaur it is, how old the dinosaur is and what the dinosaur ate! Slide 16 Questions? What is are some characteristics of a Herbivore? What are some characteristics of a Carnivore? What is an Omnivore? What types of food did the Brachiosaurus eat? What types of food did the T-Rex eat? What are fossils? Who digs fossils up? What is one major difference between when dinosaurs ruled North America and today?


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