What are Lexiles? How can your lexile level help you be a better reader?

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  • What are Lexiles?How can your lexile level help you be a better reader?

  • Since you are all in the same grade.Do you all wear the same size shoes?

  • Do you all play the same sports?


  • You grow at different rates.You excel at different sportsYou have different interests.AND

    You READ at different rates.

  • We all can read certain books.

  • But some books are above our levels..(definitely above MY level!!)Abstract. Mathematics shares with science the use of axiomatic reasoning. This sort of reasoning is crucial to the development of theory in that when consequences are proven mathematically to follow from a certain set of assumptions, this logic can be incorporated as a logico-deductive component of theory as contrasted to empirical tests of hypotheses. Stronger theories are often constructed by weakening the axiom sets to the point of greatest generality while still deriving theoretically important consequences.

  • To be a good reader, you need:A good book!Not boringNot too difficult for your levelYou need:Something interestingA book that grabs your interest and curiosity so much that you want to read it, even if its not easy to read.

  • You also need to practice!Practice reading you WANT to read!

  • WHY READ?"Your future is in your hands. Your life is what you make of it. And nothing - absolutely nothing - is beyond your reach. --President Barack Obama

  • One way to measure your reading level is with your Lexile number.What is a LEXILE?A Measure of what your reading level is now.We will measure your lexile level 3 times this year.

  • How does this lexile help you read?Books also have lexiles. So

    If you know your lexile, you can look for books that are in your lexile range.

    They will be:

    Not too easy 30 Lexile

  • AndNot too difficult1500 Lexile

  • How to Find Books In Your Lexile Range

    First, figure out your range from your Lexile number.Example:If your lexile number is 650,Go back 100 pts. (550) andGo forward 50 pts. (700)Your lexile range is 550-700

  • Here are some more examplesYour lexile is:Your range is:

    740 640-790825 725-875690 590-740

    Just go back 100 pts. And go forward 50 pts.

  • How to Use the Catalog to Search For Books by LexileDestiny Catalog

    Here is a way to get to our catalog from any computer (at school or at home):

    Githens Middle School - Home

  • ALWAYS REMEMBER You can check out ANY book in the Githens Library that you want to.

    A lexile number is supposed to help you find books you like, but.

  • You can check out--Any book!