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<ul><li>1.Whack Your Boss Proverbsfor VerbalSlapping Image Credit: Werg | Dreamstime Stock Photos &amp; Stock Free Images</li></ul> <p>2. When two say youit is best to go to s(Yiddish Proverb) 3. You may force a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink. (Danish Proverb) 4. Mice cease to fear cat when she i(Burmese Proverb) 5. A single stone is enough for a house of g(Iranian Proverb) 6. We measure otwith our own y(Greek Proverb) 7. Every power is subject to another power.(African-Shona Proverb) 8. The axe forgets but the cut log does not.(African-Shona Proverb) 9. Authority does not depend upon age. (African-Ovambo Proverb) 10. The strength of fish is in the water. (African-Shona Proverb) 11. ReveRence ceases once (Irish Proverb) 12. It is the old cows notion that she never was a calf. (French Proverb) 13. One beggar likes not thatanother has two wallets.(Danish Proverb) 14. A stinking person does not knowhis own foul odor.( Japanese Proverb) 15. The vulture scents the carcass however high in the air he may be(African-Yoruba Proverb) 16. Power and violence shut the mouth. (Maltese Proverb) 17. Innocent actions carry their own warrant with them.(English Proverb) 18. Only he who treads on the fire feels it.(Libyan Proverb) 19. He who demands, does not command.(Italian Proverb) 20. The best pears fallinto the pigsmouths.(Italian Proverb) 21. When the heart is full ofthe mouth is full of lies. (Scottish Proverb) 22. Find more meaningful proverbs here:Mini Proverbs Proverbs on Human NatureExcusing Proverbs Proverbs for Verbal SlappingImage Credit: Werg | Dreamstime Stock Photos &amp; Stock Free Images </p>