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The WH Hostess brand is known for translating fresh designs onto paper. Our new collection, available to retailers, focuses on items to help you execute the social graces of everyday life: announcing a new baby, celebrating a birthday or special occasion, sending the perfect thank you note, giving a thoughtful, personalized gift, and sending your familys warmest wishes during the holiday season. Available to brick and mortar stores and online retailers, the collection offers a variety of in stock items, as well as a full custom program. Apply to become a retailer: whsocialstationery.com


  • SPRING 2016 COVERblankflat notecard imageFLAT 1FLAT 2FLAT 3initial flat notecardsfolded notecard imagefolded notecardsfolded notecards with initialskids folded notecardsnotepads imagenotepads 4notepads 1notepads 2notepads 3foil gift tags cover springFOIL 2FOIL 3gift sticker covergift stickers 1gift stickers 2gift stickers for kidsholiday gift stickerspoliciesSTOCK pricelistBACK