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1. WFTO - TEXTILE SKILLS AND SUPPLIERS FOR SOUTH ASIA 2. Jacobs Well-India Client: Emax Domina, Holland Fabrics: sustainable, crafted from waste or recycled material Skill: Patchwork 3. Madhya Kalikata Shilpangan-India Maya Organic Noahs Ark 4. MESH-India Embroidery Woven Jute BagSkills: Weaving, bags, silk embroidery Fabric: Silk, wool, jute, drill, suede, cotton 5. Country: India Skills: Finger Work, screen print, embroidery Fabric: silk, viscose 6. Country: India Skills: appliqu, tailoring, embroidery Fabric: Silk, cotton 7. 8. Country: India Skills: Block printing, Kantha- stitch in embroidery, weaving, appliqu, basket making, dyeing, embossed leather, garment making, tailoring Fabric: jacquard, leather 9. 10. Country: India Skills: hand-beading, stitching patches, wood block printing, Applique needlework, fine mirror-work embroidery, traditional weaving and leather work. Fabric: Cotton, silk Block Printing 11. Block Printing Weaving 12. Spinning Thread Block Printing 13. Country: India Skills: Stitching, embroidery 14. Teddy Exports Country: India Fabric: organic cotton 15. THE ANTS ion-profile.html Country: India Skills: Weaving, pottery, printing, embroidery Fabric:woven, wood, bamboo, cane, kaun, silk, cotton 16. THE ANTS 17. Country: India Skills: shibori, dyeing, weaving Fabric: organic cotton, silk, khadi, leather 18. 19. WFTO textile skills and suppliers for South Asian 20. 21. Ambala Hammocks Country: India Skills: weaving, knitting,rope spinning, carpentery Fabric: 100% cotton fabric & rope 22. Block Printing Screen Printing Jam Making Tie & Dye Tailoring Country: India Skills: Tie & dye,batik, tailoring, silkscreen printing, catering, hand-made paper Fabrics: No informaion about fabrics used 23. 24. Country: India Skills: Patchwork, woven, knitted, embroidery, natural dyes, block printing Fabrics: cotton, viscose, chiffon, jersey, leather 25. Country: India Skills: Stitched garments Fabrics: 100% organic cotton 26. Country: India Skills: block print, embroidery, bead embellished, batik Fabrics: 100% cotton, silk, natural bamboo, leather 27. Country: India Skills: patchwork, weaving, hand painting (kalamkari), Fabrics: Palm leaves, Kora grass, bamboo,jute, cotton, silk, 28. Bodhi Country: India Skills: block printing, applique, embroidery, shibori (clamp resist printing) Fabrics: cotton, silk,linen, jute, 29. Bodhi 30. Country: India Skills: crochet, embroidery, macrame, patchwork, applique, quilting Fabrics: silk, cotton 31. Country: India Skills: Quilting, embroidery, applique, stitching,weaving, block print, sequencing Fabrics: cotton, silk 32. CRC Exports Private Limited Country: India Skills: bead work, embroidery, patchwork, weaving,block print Fabrics: cotton, wool,chiffon,viscose,silk,spandex, polyester chiffon, 33. Creative Handicrafts Country: India Skills: Embroidery, block print, stitching, quiliting, bead work Fabrics: cotton, chiffon, silk 34. Making stuffed toys Marking fabric Creative Handicrafts 35. Country: India Skills: tie and dye, knitting Fabrics: sheep wool, silk, cotton 36. Fair Trade Forum India Country: India Skills: crewel stitch work, embroidery, block print, tie and dye, applique, Fabrics: cotton, wool,silk, viscose, chiffon,jute 37. Fair Trade Forum India 38. Country: India Skills: Blockprint, kalamkari,hand weaving, embroidery, mirrorwork Fabrics: cotton 39. Freeset Bags and Apparel Private Ltd Country: India Skills: hand woven, stitching Fabrics: cotton, wool, silk,jute,canvas, 40. Country: India Skills: Kalamkari, crochet, embroidery, ikat, stitching Fabrics: cotton,uppada raw silk, 41. Ikat Kalamkari 42. Imagination, Auroville Country: India Skills: crochet, hand weaving Fabrics: cotton 43. Country: India Service Provider: IRFT is dedicated to empowering farmers, artisans, companies and NGOs to develop business capacity and promote sustainable livelihoods for all of those involved in producing the things we consume every day. Skills: hand weaving, embroidery, batik, tie and dye, applique, basket weave, bead work Fabrics: cotton, bamboo 44. Integrated Development Trust (IDT) content/uploads/2013/11/IDTCatalogue-Online-Nov-2013.pdf Country: India Skills: applique, embroidery, basket weave, hand weaving,blockprint Fabrics: cotton, bamboo 45. Habitat Integrated Pakistan Country: Pakistan Skills: Blockprint, hand weaving, embroidery, Fabrics: cotton, viscose 46. Aranya Crafts Ltd dying Country: Bangladesh Skills: tie-dye, folding, shading, various styles of Shibori enrich Fabrics: traditional silk, cotton, saris, ready-wear, fabrics, accessories and home textiles 47. Artisan Hut fabric Hand Embroidery print Hand Embroidery Country: Bangladesh Skills: Hand Embroidery print, weaving,Tailoring Fabrics: cotton, Khadi Stripe 48. Bangladesh Hosto Shilpo Ekota Sheba Songshta (BaSE) Working process Country: Bangladesh Skills: Handicrafts, hand made , weave, plait, embroidery Fabrics: jute, raw materials, handmade paper, leaves 49. Brac-Aarong skills Country: Bangladesh Skills: weavers, potters, brass workers, jewellers, jute workers, basket weavers, wood carvers, leather workers, agricultural Fabrics: silks, handloom cottonTerracotta, bamboo, jute, brass, wood, leather, 50. CORR - The Jute Works Country: Bangladesh Skills: Handicrafts, hand made, artisan Fabrics: grass, leaf, cane, bamboo, clay 51. Dhaka Handicrafts Ltd skill Country: Bangladesh Skills: hand craft, waeve, Fabrics: cane, bamboo, date and palm leaves and hogla fiber, garss, jute, leaf 52. ECOTA National Fair Trade Network of Bangladesh Country: Bangladesh Skills: handicrafts, Hand Woven, Bamboo,Cane,Grass, Jute,Leather,Terracota, and Pottery, Hand Woven, Textile and Garments Fabrics: Andale and Wax, Hand Made Paper, Nakshi Kahtha & Embroidery,Grass, Jute,Leather,Terracota, and Pottery Batik Block,Tie- dye,Wood,Wrong Iron,Brass,Silver,and other types of handicrafted products like icense.hemp twine products 53. Development Wheel (DEW) Country: Bangladesh Skills: hand- embroidered , carft,Nakshi Kantha and Hand embroidery, Fabrics: hand- embroidered products, jute, terracotta, ceramic palm leaf, Hogla (dry sea grass), bamboo, cane, kisa, skil, Terracotta, food items 54. Hathay Bunano Proshikon Society Country: Bangladesh Skills: hand made, hand-crocheted and hand-knitted Fabrics: Cotton 55. Safia Minney on Twitter: Jahanara Cottage Industries & founder, Mr Shahnewaj, talk Fair Trade baskets & product design for next Spring Jahanara Cottage Industries Country: Bangladesh Skills: painting, weaving, knitting, woodcarving and basket weaving Fabrics: Bamboo, Cane, Sea grass, Clay, Palm leaf, Recycle glass 56. Noakhali Rural Development Society Country: Bangladesh Skills: Weaving Fabrics: Jute, Grass Leaf, Cotton Yarn 57. Crafted boat Cushion cover Pollee Unnayan Prokolpo Country: Bangladesh Skills: Craft, Embroidery Fabrics: Cotton, Silk 58. Handmade paper Kaisa grass trays. Prokritee Country: Bangladesh Skills: Batik, Spray printing, Block printing, Rickshaw painting, Fabrics: Jute, recycled paper, Hogla leaf, Palm leaf 59. Thanapara Swallows Development Society Hand craft program Showroom Country: Bangladesh Skills: Dying section, Bobbin section, Design, Weaving, Sewing, Embroidery Fabrics: Cotton 60. Saidpur Enterprises Country: Bangladesh Skills: Printing, Sewing Fabrics: Jute 61. Shishu Polli Plus Paper making Country: Bangladesh Skills: Weaving, Sewing, Embroidery, Dyeing, Spinning Fabrics: Wool, Silk, Cotton, Jute 62. Training, Assistance and Rural Advancement NGO (TARANGO) Country: Bangladesh Skills: Emboroidery Fabric: Jute 63. Usha Handicrafts Country: Bangladesh Skills: Craft Fabrics: Cane, Bamboo, Kaisa Palm leaf, Hogla 64. Country: Sri Lanka Skills: Spices, Fruits, Herbal Products 65. Sri Lanka Skills: Toy book, handloom, Fabrics, Statue cemetery, Shawls 66. County: Sri Lanka Skills: Games Toys, Albizia Puzzales, Toys on Wheels, Build Up's, Educational Toys, Mobile and Wind Chimes 67. Country: Sri Lanka Skills: Spices