West Linn, Oregon and Surrounding Area Investor’s Business ...files. Packet- West Linn Area.pdfWest Linn, Oregon and Surrounding Area ... West Linn, Oregon and Surrounding Area – Investor’s ... As we grow in membership we will determine the best

Download West Linn, Oregon and Surrounding Area Investor’s Business ...files.  Packet- West Linn Area.pdfWest Linn, Oregon and Surrounding Area ... West Linn, Oregon and Surrounding Area – Investor’s ... As we grow in membership we will determine the best

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<ul><li><p>PleasegivecredittoSt.PeteClearwaterIBDMeetupgroupMichaelD.Hicksforwelcomepacketinspiration</p><p>WestLinn,OregonandSurroundingAreaInvestorsBusinessDailyMeetupGroup</p><p> Index of Materials </p><p>1) WelcomeLetter</p><p>2) HowyouthinkisEverythingMovebeyondtoughstuff</p><p>3) RecommendedReadingBooks</p><p>4) Q&amp;AwithSuccessfulInvestor</p><p>5) OnlineEducationPageonInvestors.com</p><p>6) TrackingtheDailyMarketAverages</p><p>7) QuickintrotoChartReadingcupandhandlechart(oneofmany)</p><p>8) TipsheetfornavigatingInvestors.com </p></li><li><p>PleasegivecredittoSt.PeteClearwaterIBDMeetupgroupMichaelD.Hicksforwelcomepacketinspiration</p><p>WestLinn,OregonandSurroundingAreaInvestorsBusinessDailyMeetupGroup</p><p>http://www.meetup.com/westlinnibd/</p><p>NewMember:WelcomePacket</p><p>Dear New Member: </p><p>Thank you for the pleasure of your company and we look forward to seeing you at your first meeting. I have uploaded in the files section of our Meetup site (see link above) a collection of new member materials for your review. You can access the files section by navigating across the menu bar, hover over the word MORE, when additional options appear click Files then select the file Welcome Packet West Linn Area.pdf </p><p>This collection is especially useful for those new to the CANSLIM methodology and Investors Business Daily (IBD) and is comprised of various IBD materials. I believe these materials contain key principles that bring out the essence of the CAN SLIM investment methodology. If used as your key initial resource, I believe these materials will accelerate your understanding of CAN SLIM investing techniques. To gain a full and comprehensive understanding, it is imperative that you read what I refer to as The Book, How to make Money in Stocks Complete Investing System, by William J. ONeil as well as his other works. </p><p>The West Linn, Oregon and Surrounding Areas IBD Meetup Group is an informal association of fellow IBD subscribers and those interested in learning more about IBD and the CAN SLIM methodology. The purpose of the Meetup is to exchange stock investment ideas and promote the study of CANSLIM investing principles. Please feel free to email me as well as other members whom you may meet through the Meetup website if you have questions about CAN SLIM investing (the use of message board is highly recommended on the meetup website). This Meetup is Not-For-Profit I (we) am not a professional(s) and my purpose is not to render any type of investment advice. </p><p>The meetings will normally be held once per month in the Community Room at the West Linn location of Pacific West Bank. As we grow in membership we will determine the best times and days for our meetings. The format for discussions will also be determined by the groups feedback as we have many options (review CAN SLIM lessons, discuss overall market conditions, individual stocks, IBD tools, review submitted topics by group members, and even hold stock investing contests, etc.). In addition, I can usually stay past the meeting time to further explain CAN SLIM investing principles, answer member questions, and analyze stock charts not covered during the formal meeting time. </p><p>Welcome aboard. I am glad that you have joined this group and I hope that this Meetup can aid in your quest to better understand CAN SLIM growth stock investment principles. </p><p>Sincerely, </p><p>Eric Schmidt, Founder/Co-Organizer </p></li><li><p>Print Close</p><p> 2011 Investor's Business Daily, Inc. All rights reserved. Investor's Business Daily, IBD and CAN SLIM and their corresponding logos are registeredtrademarks of Data Analysis Inc. Copyright and Trademark Notice | Privacy Statement Terms | Conditions of Use</p><p>MANAGEMENT</p><p>HOW YOU THINK IS EVERYTHING Move Beyond Tough StuffBy CORD COOPERPosted 09/12/2005 03:00 AM ET</p><p>1 They might not realize it, but successful people are everyday heroes. Like heroes in the classic sense, they look beyond adversity to theirdestiny, mission or goal, says attorney and executive trainer Dan Castro. In many cases, they face seemingly insurmountable hurdles andcrippling self-doubt -- and go on to achieve things they never thought possible, he notes in the new book, "Critical Choices That ChangeLives." "Two of those choices involve looking beyond circumstances and staying focused," Castro said in an interview. "What you focus ondetermines what you believe. What you believe determines what you expect." And what you expect determines the possibilities you see andthe options you'll pursue. How do you keep focusing forward? ** Don't get hamstrung by the past or present. In short, take control. "Our mindis the steering wheel of our lives. No matter what the subject matter is, if you focus on it long enough, your entire life will eventually turn in thatdirection," Castro wrote in "Critical Choices." "Control what you read, what you watch and who you associate with" and you'll start to reshapeyour life, he said. The key is being open to opportunity, even amid loss or serious challenges. Castro quotes cyclist Lance Armstrong: "Therearen't many clearly marked, signpost moments in your life, but occasionally they come along, and you have a choice. You can either dosomething the same old way, or you can make a better decision. "You have to be able to recognize the moment and to act on it at the risk ofsaying later, "That's when it all could've been different.' " Forget feeling trapped in circumstances, Castro urges. "It might be a bademployment situation," he said. "It might be a bad personal relationship." His message: Don't stay where you are. Our circumstances oftenresult from decisions we make moment by moment. Something to think about: Do your everyday decisions align with long-term goals? ** Seethe past differently. Formula 409 got its name because the first 408 attempts to make the cleansing agent were failures, Castro notes. The409 team and others who eventually achieved success saw failure as a process, not a verdict. ** Keep going. "No matter what you'veachieved in the past, you've only just begun. No matter how great your victories have been in the past, they serve only as evidence of whatyou could accomplish in the future," said Castro, who's spent years mentoring young people. "Don't ever be satisfied with last year's victories.Last year's victories don't pay today's bills," Castro said. "Last year's victories don't fulfill tomorrow's dreams." ** Don't just make a name; makea difference. "The impact we have on the lives of others is our only true legacy. This is the only thing that truly lasts when we are gone,"Castro said. "Walk softly and gently through the sand of other people's lives. The footprints we leave behind will be there forever."</p><p>HOW YOU THINK IS EVERYTHING Move Beyond Tough Stuff - IBD - ... http://www.investors.com/NewsAndAnalysis/ArticlePrint.aspx?id=411583</p><p>1 of 1 7/29/2011 10:39 AM</p></li><li><p>IBD Meetup: Recommended Reading To understand the CAN SLIM Investment System, you need to carefully read William ONeils book How to Make Money in Stocks, probably more than once. Take notes and use the book as a future reference. Additionally, for those who would like to delve deeper into the world of stocks and further sharpen their investing skills, below is William ONeils recommended reading list: William J. O'Neil's recommended reading list: 24 Essential Lessons For Investment Success - William J. O'Neil How To Make Money In Stocks - William J. O'Neil The Battle For Investment Survival - G.M. Loeb Tape Reading And Market Tactics - H. Neill How To Trade In Stocks - J. Livermore Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator - E. Lefevre How I Made Two Million Dollars In The Stock Market - N. Darvas My Own Story - Bernard Baruch One Up On Wall Street - Peter Lynch How To Buy Stocks - Louis Engel </p></li><li><p>B16 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2008 INVESTORS.COM</p><p>B Y T R A N G H OINVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY</p><p>IBD reader Eric Krull scored a tri-ple-digit total gain on three sets oftrades inResearchInMotionRIMM.</p><p>Heres how he did it.On March 15, 2006, he bought half</p><p>of his targeted position at 85.20 ashare. The stock broke out past a83.54 buy point of a six-month pat-tern in nearly two times averagedaily volume .</p><p>The next day, he added the secondhalf of his planned position at 94.90a share.</p><p>I missed getting more RIM whenup only 2% from my initial pur-chase, so I needed to get to (my) tar-get size quickly, Krull said. Myopinion atthe time was that the mar-ket was healthy and in a consolida-tion of prior gains.</p><p>On April 7, Krull closed the posi-tion at 80.50, cutting his loss at 8%.He then believed the market wassoftening. The breakout started tofail as shares gapped down 5% in tri-ple average volume. They contin-ued falling, consolidating below the10-week moving average. They cor-rected 33% from peak to trough and</p><p>formed a six-month base.On Sept. 29, Krull bought 100% of</p><p>his target position at 102.50 a share.The stock gapped up 19% in 6 1/2times average turnover , break-ing out after reporting a huge earn-ings surprise.</p><p>Two weeks later, Krull addedshares on three different days asRIM surged to new highs in strongtrade. The stock soared to a peak of145.23, up 42%, in three months.</p><p>On Jan. 17, 2007, Krull sold a thirdof his position as RIM fell below its10-week average . He believedthat both the stock and the overallmarket were weakening.</p><p>Krull closed the rest of his posi-tion nine days later because of con-tinuing weakness.</p><p>Then on May 9, he opened a halfposition as RIM broke out past a149.05 buy point of a six-month con-solidation in nearly 2 1/2 times aver-age daily trade . He thought themarket was healthy again.</p><p>Krull continued to add shares afew weeks later as the stockclimbed in robust volume.</p><p>On June 28, Krull bought evenmore shares in after-hours tradeshortly after RIM reported another</p><p>profit surprise . The stockgapped up 21% the next day inheavy turnover.</p><p>A month later, he sold the entireposition (July 24 and 26), sensingweakness in the stock and the broadmarket . The Nasdaq fell sharplyeach of those days in higher vol-ume. It logged six distribution daysin four weeks, signaling the start ofa correction.</p><p>Krull thought the market had bot-tomed on Aug. 16, because it fell to anew low but closed in the upper endof the intraday range, paring losses.</p><p>He had jumped the gun: A follow-through day confirming a new up-trend didnt happen until Aug. 29.</p><p>He got back into RIM a third timeon Aug. 17 and Aug. 21 as the stockleapt off its 10-week average inheavy turnover .</p><p>Krull bought more RIM sharesSept. 18 and Oct. 4, when earningswere announced after hours.</p><p>Shares gapped up again the nextday. RIM soared 12% in more thantriple usual volume to close at113.37.</p><p>RIM peaked four weeks later at137.01,up another 21% sincethe gap-up.</p><p>He sold all shares Nov. 5 and 7.</p><p>B Y T R A N G H OINVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY</p><p>It took years of perseveringthrough mistakes, but Eric Krullmore than doubled his money instocks last year by using CAN SLIMinvestment principles.</p><p>Armed with an MBA from the Uni-versity of Chicago, Krull first start-ed out buying mutual funds andlarge, widely known stocks. His re-turns were mediocre. Krull realizedhe was buying past winners longafter their big runs.</p><p>After his wifes death, he wantedto devote himself to being a full-time parent to his 5-year-old son. Atage 38, he left his job at a businessconsultingfirmand turned toinvest-ing full time in 1999. The rest is astory of success for this do-it-your-selfinvestorfromsuburbanChicago.IBD:How did you become interest-ed in CANSLIM investing?Krull: I subscribed to other publi-cations and found that I was ableto find winning stocks. I was usingthe buy-and-hold (strategy) Ilearned from Nobel Prize-winningeconomists.</p><p>But it was 1999, and I was confus-ing a bull market with investingskill. Near the end of 2001, after 18months of painful holding, I finallycame to the realization that myreal-world experience from theschool of hard knocks trumped myinvestment courses, and that buy-and-hold did not work.</p><p>I took a two-week trial of Inves-tors Business Daily and started toread The Big Picture and Inves-tors Corner every day.IBD: Describe your learning pro-cess.</p><p>Krull: I read the first edition ofHow to Make Money In Stocks(by IBDs chairman and founder,William J. ONeil). I stopped sub-scribing to the other publications,bought 24 Essential Lessons forInvestment Success (also byONeil) and read and re-read thebooks and made notes.</p><p>I attended (an IBD advanced in-vestment workshop) in New Yorkin 2002.</p><p>I used the techniques I learned tomake a watch list of leading stocksand waited for a follow-throughday to test my knowledge. In 2002,there were a few follow-throughdays that failed to produce long-term rallies. But with the October</p><p>2002 follow-through, I had myfirst real success. But as this rallyfizzled in January 2003, I gaveback most of my gains.IBD: Why did you keep trying andnot give up?Krull:My initial success proved tome that the system worked. Givingback my gains was exactly whatBill ONeil did at first, too, as hesaid in his book.</p><p>So, I knew that if I emulated hisbehavior in studying my pasttrades, that would give me the bestchance to copy his success. I hadthe added incentive that I neededto succeed in order to remain a stay-at-home dad.IBD:What were some of your early</p><p>successes and failures?Krull:When the March 2003 rallycame, I was ready. During this rallyI bought some StratasysSSYS, and itdoubled quickly. I sold after what Ithought was a climax top, only tosee it continue to run higher.</p><p>I learned it was too early in a con-firmed rally for stocks to have a cli-max top. I purchased SinaSINA andNetease.comNTES and rode them tobig gains, but missed some sell sig-nals in September and October andgave back some of the gains unnec-essarily.</p><p>I knew that I would succeed, butthat I needed to use all the rulesand not get sloppy when the gainswere coming quickly.</p><p>IBD: How did you build yourstrengths and overcome your weak-nesses?Krull: I attended an advanced IBDworkshop and found it very infor-mative and decided that I would at-tend a workshop every year tohone my skills and to use the semi-nars as a motivational tool.</p><p>I became one of the three leadersof the (Naperville IBD Meetup)group and a monthly presenter,and found that my knowledge ofthe system kept improving. Thereis no better way to learn than hav-ing to teach the system to others.</p><p>We formed a group of Level 4(CAN SLIM certification) gradu-ates that meets monthly to shareideas, critique each others tradesand discuss market health.</p><p>I developed spreadsheets to trackmy trades, performance and thedaily price and volume movementsof the major market indexes. I com-pare the market rallies againsteach other in charts that I have de-veloped to keep me in the marketduring nasty shakeouts that are in-evitable and seem to occur at simi-lar times each rally.</p><p>I also track corrections to keepme aware of when key turningpoints might occur and to give meconfidence to invest on follow-through days.IBD:How do you find stocks to buy,and how do you keep awatch list?Krull: I rely heavily on the customscreens that I built in Daily GraphsOnlin...</p></li></ul>


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