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By: Georgia Chien, Alexandra Malmgron, Isabella O’Brien PLUSH PROPERTIES

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By: Georgia Chien, Alexandra Malmgron, Isabella OBrienPlush properties

An impression on what Wentworth Point would look like.

Our buildings are sustainable and are suitable for growing familiesCouncil has implemented things like solar panels and water tanks so it will not only be beneficial for the environment but also beneficial for our consumers.The city is redesigned in a way that everyone can connect and know each other, so the town is a place that every one is comfortable in the city.Why should you choose it?

Sustainability is an important idea to consider when building and reconstructing. Sustainability basically is something that can last a long time and still have a good quality. What is sustainability?

Our company has considered different aspects and has deeply thought about what the people of Wentworth Point actually need. Here are two aspects that you can click on and explore more into.What makes us different?

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In the end is your decision to make however our company should be your preference because:We have deeply considered what the citizens of Wentworth Point actually needOur redevelopment is not only beneficial for the environment but it also benefits the communityOur redevelopment is sustainable and suitable for anyone especially families.It can educate people that live in this community.

In the end

The society that we as a company created is beneficial for the environment. Its environment and space is made so that it can last not only for your eyes, but the eyes of others, the eyes of the future.To prove that we have taken the environment into consideration we have installed environmentally friendly products such as solar panels and water tanksIn our centres especially the discovery centre we have implemented There are also plenty of open spaces that are will not be built on for community purposes.

Environmentally sustainable

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The environment not only depends on the building and infrastructure but also needs the people within the community to help.The community helps contribute to make the environment a better place and help maintain the environment. This experience and maintenance also helps the community come together and work with each other. People can become closer with one another with in the community.Another benefit is that the community will be living in a clean and healthy environmentIt can also act as an education for kids to be aware of green house gas emissionEven if it is a little bit, it can still benefit the world.Working from within

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