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Welcome to Zone 8. Hard work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard. Dear Children, We are happy to have U back at school. Did U know, We can’t spell LA_GHTER without U ST_DENTS without U M_SIC without U S_CESS without U - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Dear Children,

    We are happy to have U back at school.

    Did U know,

    We cant spell LA_GHTER without UST_DENTS without U

    M_SIC without U

    S_CESS without U

    Without U the school has not been the same place, U make all the difference

  • Dear Parents, Please feel free to get in touch with your childs class teacher or subject teacher whenever you need any kind of clarification. You may write a note to the teacher in the school diary or call the school and leave a message for the teacher to call you back.Looking forward for your help and support.NOTE FOR PARENTSCheck for circulars sent by the school to your personal email - ID on a daily basis. The school website contains updates about events happening in the school. Visit the website on a regular basis ( jsspsdubai.com )Remember to check your childs diary every day. Acknowledgments for the circulars if any should be sent back duly filled in by the next day.NOTE FOR STUDENTSYou should come to school in neat and complete uniform with all the accessories like belt, tie and the most important your SMILE. Obey and respect the teachers and the school leaders.Keep your bags light - brings books according to your time table.Keep your eyes and ears open and vigilant while WALKING in the corridor.Bring your diaries and Identity cards every day.


    After the exams it was fun time for the children, as they stayed back for the movie and over night camp.

    The afternoon was spent in the reels dubai mall and children came back to school to know what was in store for them.

    They had a gala time in the football field as all fun games were set and ready for them.

    They also had a nice time hunting for the treasure in the twilight and time passed by without their noticing it.

    This was followed by the dance time dinner and much more..

    Children also enjoyed a few stress free relaxed days in school with their friends and had a fun filled last day of the academic year 2012-13, to which they bid adieu with fun and frolic during the class party.

  • English: Literature:- Prose My financial CareerPoetry - Ozymandias Grammar Revision of determiners, Tenses, Subject Verb agreement.

    Hindi: Poem: Phool va kantaProse: Pitah ke naamGrammar: Varna vichar, Karak

  • Mathematics:Rational NumbersPowers and exponents

  • General Science:Crop production and managementSynthetic Fibres and PlasticsForce and Pressure

    Social Science:ResourcesHow, when and whereThe constitution

    Islamic Education:The world of AngelsJibreel the Holy Spirit

  • International events of APRILWorld Autism Awareness Day (3rd April)World Health Day (7th April)World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April to mark the anniversary of the founding of WHO (World Health Organisation) in 1948. Earth Day (22nd April)Raise awareness of climate change

  • Upcoming events in AprilApril 7 to 14:- Entry level Assessment ( Syllabus for the test is based on previous academic year, no additional preparation required)

    April 24:- Investiture Ceremony

    April 28 to May 2:- Book Week

  • CLASS TEACHERS8 A Mrs. Lokesweri 8 B Mrs. Rajasree Ramnarayan8 C Mrs. Nirmala.VEmail id:ploks15@gmail.comrajasreeramnarayan@gmail.commeetvnirmala@gmail.com