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  • WELCOME TO WINE COUNTRY!Visit us online to learn more about our favorite wineries, breweries, distilleries, eateries,lodging and tours. Grab coupons and �nd fun events. Sign up to receive our weekly blogswith great insider info and tips.

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    WINERIES 3in Winery (B5)7 Angels Cellars (C4)Aaron Wines (Tin City)Adelaida (B3)Al Lago Wines (Tin City)

    Allegretto Vineyards & Wines (B5)

    2700 Buena Vista Dr • PR805.369.2500AllegrettoVineyardResort.comspeed�nd.com/Allegretto

    Alta Colina (B4)AmByth Estate (C5)Anarchy (Tin City Area)Ancient Peaks (D5)Anglim (Tin City Area)Arndt Cellars (B5)AronHill (C4)Asuncion Ridge (Downtown)August Ridge (C6)

    Austin Hope & Treana Tasting Cellar (B4)

    1585 Live Oak Rd • PR805.238.4112 • TreanaWines.comspeed�nd.com/AustinHope

    B&E Winery (C6)

    Barr Estate Winery (B5)

    6950 Union Rd • PR805.835.7653BarrEstateWinery.comspeed�nd.com/barr

    Bella Luna (C5) Benom Wines (Tin City)Bianchi (B5)Black Hand Cellars (C1)

    Bodega de Edgar (B5)

    2725 Adelaida Rd • PR805.423.3545BodegadeEdgar.comspeed�nd.com/BodegadeEdgar

    2323 Tuley Rd, Ste 120 • PR805.369.2625 speed�nd.com/2BodegaDeEdgar

    Bodegas Paso Robles (B1)Bon Niche (A6)Booker (C4)Bovino (C6)

    Brecon Estate (B3)

    7450 Vineyard Dr • PR805.239.2200BreconEstate.com

    To explore virtually text BRECON to 24587speed�nd.com/BreconEstate

    Brian Benson Cellars (Tin City)Broadside Wines (A3)Brochelle (B3)Broken Earth Winery (B4)Brophy Clark Cellars (C6)Bushong Vintage Co. (Downtown)Cab House at Hansen Vineyard (C5)Calcareous (B4)Calipaso Winery (B5 & Downtown)Caliza (C4)Caparone (A4)Carmody McKnight (B3)

    Cass Winery (C6)

    7350 Linne Rd • PR805.239.1730 • CassWines.com speed�nd.com/CassWinery

    Castoro Cellars (C4)

    Cayucos Cellars (C1)Cerro Prieto Vineyard & Cellars (C4)Changala (C4)Chateau Lettau (Downtown)Chateau Margene (D3 & C6)Christian Lazo (A4)

    Chronic Cellars (B4)

    2020 Nacimiento Lake Rd • PR805.237.7848 • ChronicCellars.com

    To explore virtually text CHRONIC to 24587speed�nd.com/ChronicCellarsWinery

    Cinquain (A6)Circle B (B5)Clautiere (B5)

    Clavo Cellars (C4)

    315 S. Main St • T805.226.0174 • ClavoCellars.comspeed�nd.com/ClavoCellars

    Clesi Wines (C5)Clos Solene (B4)Concur (Tin City)Copia (Downtown)Cordant | Nelle (Tin City Area)Croad (C4)Croma Vera WinesCulton Wines (Tin City)Cutruzzola Vineyards (C1)Cypher (Downtown)D’Anbino (Downtown)DAOU (B3)Dark Star (C4)Denner (C3)Deovlet Wines (C4)Derby Wine Estates (Downtown)Desparada Wines (Tin City)Diablo Paso (Downtown)Dilecta Wines (B3)Doce Robles (B4)Domaine Degher (Downtown)Donati (C4)Donatoni (C4)

    Dover Canyon Winery (C4)

    4520 Vineyard Dr • PR805.237.0101 • DoverCanyon.comspeed�nd.com/DoverCanyonWinery

    Dubost Ranch Winery (B3)

    9988 Chimney Rock Rd • PR805.226.8463 • DubostWine.comspeed�nd.com/DubostWinery

    Dunning (B4)

    Eberle Winery (B5)

    3810 Highway 46 East • PR805.238.9607 • EberleWinery.com

    To explore virtually text EBERLE to 24587speed�nd.com/EberleWinery

    Écluse Wines (B4)

    1520 Kiler Canyon Rd • PR805.238.4999 • EcluseWines.comspeed�nd.com/EcluseWines

    EOS (B5)Epoch (C3)The Fableist Wine Company (Tin City & C5)Fermentations (C1)Field Recordings (Tin City)

    Four Lanterns Winery (C4)

    2485 Highway 46 West • PR805.226.5955 • FourLanterns.comspeed�nd.com/FourLanternsWinery

    Four Sisters Ranch (A5)Fratelli Perata (B4)Frolicking Frog (Downtown)

    Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars (Downtown)Gelfand (B6)Giornata (Tin City)Glunz Family Wines (B6)Graveyard (A5)Grey Wolf (C4)Grosso Kresser Vineyard (B3)Guyomar Wine Cellars (C4)Halter Ranch (B3)HammerSky Vineyards (B3)

    Harmony Cellars (C1)

    3255 Harmony Valley Rd • HM805.927.1625 • HarmonyCellars.comspeed�nd.com/HarmonyCellars

    Hearst Ranch Winery (C1 & A5)

    442 SLO San Simeon Rd • SS805.927.4100speed�nd.com/HearstRanchWinery

    7300 N. River Rd • PR805.238.9400 HearstRanchWinery.com

    To explore virtually text HEARSTRANCH TO 24587speed�nd.com/HearstRanchPaso

    Herman Story (Downtown)Hidden Oak (C5)

    Hoyt Family Vineyards (C4 & Downtown)

    2015 Township Rd • PR805.369.1092speed�nd.com/HoytFamilyVineyards

    1322 Park St • PR805.369.1092speed�nd.com/HoytFamilyVineyards DowntownPasoHoytFamilyVineyards.com

    Hubba Wines (Downtown)Hunt Cellars (C4)Indigene Cellars (Downtown)

    Iron Oaks Winery (Downtown)

    Great wines & locally raised beef 1336 Railroad St • PR • 818.425.3354IronOaksWinery.comspeed�nd.com/IronOaks

    J Dusi (C4)J Lohr (A5)Jack Creek (C3)Jacob Toft (Tin City)

    Jada Vineyard & Winery (C3)

    5620 Vineyard Dr • PR805.226.4200 • JadaVineyard.comspeed�nd.com/JadaVineyard

    JUSTIN Winery (B2)

    11680 Chimney Rock • PR805.591.3224 • JustinWine.com

    To explore virtually text JUSTIN to 24587speed�nd.com/JustinWine

    JUSTIN Winery (Downtown)Karma (Tin City)Kaleidos (Tin City)

    Kiamie Wine Cellars (B3)

    9750 Adelaida Rd • PR805.226.8333 • KiamieWines.comspeed�nd.com/KiamieWineCellars

    Kukkula (B3)L’Aventure (B4)Lago Giuseppe (C3)Law Estate (B4)LaZarre Wines (Downtown)Le Cuvier (B4)Le Vigne (B5)

    Ledge Vineyards (C3)LEFONDUSAC Wine Bar (Tin City)LEVO (Tin City)Linne Calodo (C4)Locatelli (A5)Loma Linda (C6)Lost Blues (Downtown)

    Lone Madrone (B3)

    5800 Adelaida Rd • PR805.238.0845 • LoneMadrone.com speed�nd.com/LoneMadrone

    LXV Wine Tasting Room (Downtown)

    1306 Pine St B • PR805.296.1902 • LXVWine.comspeed�nd.com/LXVWine

    Lusso Della Terra Cellars (A5)

    2850 Ranchita Canyon Rd • SMG805.239.9463 • LdtCellars.comspeed�nd.com/LDT

    McPrice Myers (B4)MCV (C5)

    Michael Gill Cellars (B4)

    4125 Peachy Canyon Rd • PR805.239.1668 • GillCellars.comspeed�nd.com/MichaelGillCellars

    Midnight Cellars (C4)Minassian-Young (B4)Mitchella (B5)

    Monochrome Wines (Tin City)

    3075 Blue Rock Road • PR805.674.2160 • MonochromeWines.comspeed�nd.com/MonochromeWines

    Moonstone Cellars (C1)

    Mystic Hills Vineyard (A5)

    SMG • By Appointment Only805.610.1099 • MysticHillsVineyard.com

    Nichols (C5)Nicora (Tin City)Niner (C4)

    ONX Wines (Tin City)

    2910 Limestone Way • PR805.434.5607 • ONXWine.comspeed�nd.com/ONXWines

    Opolo Vineyards (C3)

    7110 Vineyard Dr • PR805.238.9593 • Opolo.com

    To explore virtually text OPOLO to 24587speed�nd.com/OpoloVineyards

    Oso Libre (B3)

    Vines, wines and angus. Sustainable vineyards, wine making and ranching. 7383 Vineyard Dr • PROsoLibre.com • 805.238.3378

    To explore virtually text OSOLIBRE to 24587speed�nd.com/OsoLibreWinery

    Paix Sur Terre Wines (C4)

    Parrish Family Vineyard (B4)

    3590 Adelaida Rd • PR • 805.286.4028ParrishFamilyVineyard.com

    To explore virtually text PARRISH to 24587speed�nd.com/ParrishFamilyVineyard

    PasoPort (B5 & C4)

    Peachy Canyon (C4)

    1480 N. Bethel Rd • T805.239.1918 PeachyCanyon.com

    To explore virtually text PEACHY to 24587speed�nd.com/PeachyCanyonWinery

    Pear Valley Estate Wine (B5)

    4900 Union Rd • PR805.237.2861PearValley.comspeed�nd.com/PearValley

    Pelletiere Estate Winery (C4)

    3280 Township Rd • PR805.239.9432 • Pelletiere.comspeed�nd.com/Pelletiere

    Penman Springs (B5)

    1985 Penman Springs Rd • PR805.237.7959 • PenmanSprings.comspeed�nd.com/PenmanSpringsVineyard

    Per Caso (C4)Pianetta (Downtown)Powell Mountain Cellars (Tin City)Proulx (C3)Rabbit Ridge Winery (A4)

    Rails Nap (B5)

    5725 Union Road • PR805.226.7475 • RailsNap.comspeed�nd.com/RailsNap

    Ranchita Canyon (A5)Ranchero Cellars (Downtown)

    Rangeland Wines (B3)

    6996 Peach Canyon Rd • PR805.434.6106 • RangelandWines.comspeed�nd.com/RangelandTempleton

    Rasmussen (B5)

    Rava Wines (B3)

    6785 Creston Rd • PR805.238.7282 • RavaWines.comspeed�nd.com/RavaWines

    Record Family Wines (A5)Red Soles (C4)Riboli Family of San Antonio Winery (B5)

    Rio Seco Vineyard & Winery (B5)

    4295 Union Rd • PR805.237.8884 • RioSecoWine.comspeed�nd.com/RioSecoVineyard

    Riverstar Vineyard & Winery (A5)RN Estate (A5)

    Robert Hall Winery (B5)

    3443 Mill Rd • PR805.239.1616 • RobertHallWinery.comspeed�nd.com/RobertHallWinery

    Rockin’ R (B6)Rocky Creek (C3)

    Rotta Winery (C4)

    250 Winery Rd • T805.237.0510 • RottaWinery.comspeed�nd.com/RottaWinery

    Sans Leige Wines (Tin City)Sans Maison (Tiny City)Sarzotti (C5)

    Sculpterra (B5)

    5015 Linne Rd • PR805.226.8881 • Sculpterra.comspeed�nd.com/SculpterraWinery

    Sea Shell Cellars (Downtown)Serrano (Downtown)

    Seven Oxen Estate Wines (Tin City Area)

    3340 Ramada Dr, Ste A • PR805.369.2710 • SevenOxen.comspeed�nd.com/SevenOxen

    Sextant (C4)

    2324 Highway 46 West • PR805.238.6030speed�nd.com/SextantWines

    1653 Old Price Canyon Rd • SLOspeed�nd.com/Sextant805.542.0133 • SextantWines.com

    Shadow Run (C6)Shale Oak (C4)Soaring Hawk Vineyards (D6)Stacked Stone (B4)STANGER (C6)Starr Ranch (B3)Steinbeck (B5)Still Waters (C5)Stolo Family Vineyards (C2)SummerWood Winery (C4)Symbiosis Wines (Downtown)Tablas Creek (B3)Tackitt (A5)TH Estates (B4)Thacher (B3)Tobin James (B6)Tolo (B3)

    Tooth and Nail Winery (C4)

    3090 Anderson Rd • PR • 805.369.6100ToothAndNailWinery.com

    To explore virtually text TOOTHANDNAIL to 24587speed�nd.com/ToothAndNail

    Top Winery (Tin City)Torrin Wine (B3)Tudor Wines (Downtown)Turley (C4)Turtle Rock Vineyards (Tin City)Two Moons (C4)Union Sacré Winery (Tin City)Venteux (C4)Via Vega (A5)Victor Hugo (C5)Villa Creek (B3)

    Villa San-Juliette (A5)

    6385 Cross Canyons Rd • SMG805.467.0014 • VillaSanJuliette.com speed�nd.com/VillaSanJulietteWinery

    Villicana (B4)Vina Robles (B5)

    Vines on the Marycrest (B4)

    5076 Mustard Creek Rd • PR805.237.0378VinesOnTheMarycrest.com speed�nd.com/VinesOnTheMarycrest

    Vino Vargas (A4)Vintage Cowboy Winery (D6)Vista Del Rey (A4)Volatus (C4)Whalebone (B3)Wild Coyote (B4)Wild Horse (C5)The Willow Creek Wine Collective (C4)Windward (B4)Wine Boss (Downtown)Zenaida (C4)Zin Alley (C4)

    ACTIVITIESCharles Paddock Zoo (D4)Estrella War Birds Museum (B5)Hearst Castle (C1)Hunter Ranch Golf Course (B5)Margarita Ranch Zipline Tours (D5)Paso Robles Events Center (B4)Pioneer Museum (B4)Ravine Waterpark (B5)San Miguel Mission (A4)Studios on the Park (Downtown)Vina Robles Amphitheatre (B5)Zoo to You (B5)

    BREWERIES927 Beer Company (C1) BarrelHouse Brewing Co. (Tin City)Bristol’s Cider (C4)California Coast Beer Co. (Downtown)Dead Oak Brewery Co. (C5)Dunbar Brewery (D5)Earth and Fire Brewery Co. (Downtown)Firestone Walker Brewing Co. (B4)Kilokilo Brewing (Tin City Area)The Pour House (Downtown)Santa Maria Brewing Co. (Downtown)Silva Brewing (Downtown)Tent City Beer Company (D5)Tin City Cider Co. (Tin City) Toro Creek Brewing Company (Downtown)

    DistilleriesAzeo Distillery (Downtown)Bethel Rd Distillery (C4)Calwise Spirits Co. (Tin City Area)Central Coast Distillery (C5)

    KROBAR Craft Distillery (C4)

    2174 W. HWY 46 • PR • 805.467.9463KrobarDistillery.comspeed�nd.com/KrobarDistillery

    Opolo Distillery (C3)Pendray’s Distillery (B5)Red Soles Stillhouse (C4)RE:FIND Distillery (B4)Wine Shine Distillery (Tin City)

    LODGINGAdelaide Inn (B4)

    1215 Ysabel Ave • PR • 805.238.2770 AdelaideInn.com

    To explore virtually text ADELAIDE to 24587speed�nd.com/AdelaideInn

    Allegretto Vineyard Resort (B5)

    2700 Buena Vista Dr • PR805.369.2500AllegrettoVineyardResort.comspeed�nd.com/Allegretto

    Briarwood Cottage at ONX Estate Vineyards (C4)

    1615 Paradise Meadows Ln • T805.434.5607 • OnxWine.com/Rental speed�nd.com/BriarCottage

    Cava Robles RV Resort (B5)

    3800 Golden Hill Rd • PR 888.293.4839 Pages.SunCommunities.com/Cava-Roblesspeed�nd.com/CavaRoblesRV

    Eden House at Carriage Vineyards (C5)

    4337 S El Pomar Rd • T • 805.227.6807 CarriageVineyards.comspeed�nd.com/EdenHouse

    Hampton Inn & Suites (C4)

    212 Alexa Ct • PR • 805.226.9988 HamptonInnPasoRobles.comspeed�nd.com/PRWine.HamptonInn

    Hoyt Family Vineyard Retreats (C4)

    2110 Township Rd • PR • 410.487.2701Cowboy Cabin VRBO 1315793Vineyard View Cabin VRBO 1315809Hoyt Family Vineyards Retreats VRBO 136534Speed�nd.com/HoytRetreats

    JUST Inn (B2)

    11680 Chimney Rock • PR805.591.3224 • JustinWine.com

    To explore virtually text JUSTIN to 24587speed�nd.com/JustinWine

    Kiler Canyon Vineyard Retreat ONX (B4)

    1565 Kiler Canyon Rd • PR 805.434.5607 OnxWine.com/Kiler-Canyon-Vine Yard-Retreatspeed�nd.com/KilerRetreat

    Lekai Ranch (B3)

    Vacation Rental with Stunning Views80 acre ranch next to Halter Ranch Winery, near Tablas Creek, Lone Madrone, Adelaide Cellars and DaouPR • 805.440.4504 • vrbo.com/701796 Airbnb.com/rooms/5447011

    Oxford Suites Paso Robles (B4)

    800 4th St • PR • 805.237.0305OxfordSuitesPasoRobles.comspeed�nd.com/OxfordSuitesPasoRobles

    Paso Robles Vacation Rentals (B1)

    Over 90 Homes to Choose From505 Spring St • PR • 805.423.9174PasoRoblesVacationRentals.comspeed�nd.com/PasoRoblesVacation Rentals

    Peachy Canyon Guest Inn (B4)

    2025 Nacimiento Lake Dr • PR805.237.1577 x 12PeachyCanyon.com/The-Canyon-Innspeed�nd.com/PeachyCottage

    The Inn at Opolo (C3)

    7110 Vineyard Dr • PR805.238.9593 • TheInnAtOpolo.comspeed�nd.com/InnAtOpolo

    Vines RV Resort (A4)

    88 Wellsona Rd • PR • 888.461.5459SunRVResorts.com/Resorts/West/ California/Vinesspeed�nd.com/VinesRV

    Wine Country RV Resort (B5)

    2500 Airport Rd • PR • 888.408.2850SunRVResorts.com/Resorts/West/ California/Wine-Countryspeed�nd.com/WineCountryRV

    RESTAURANTSCass Winery (C6)

    7350 Linne Rd • PR805.239.1730 • CassWines.comspeed�nd.com/CassWinery

    Cello Ristorante & Bar (B5)

    2700 Buena Vista Dr • PR805.369.2500AllegrettoVineyardResort.comspeed�nd.com/Allegretto

    Fish Gaucho (Downtown)

    1244 Park St • PR • 805.239.3333FishGaucho.com

    To explore virtually text FISHGAUCHO to 24587speed�nd.com/FishGaucho

    The Restaurant at JUSTIN (B2)

    11680 Chimney Rock • PR805.591.3224 • JustinWine.com

    To explore virtually text JUSTIN to 24587speed�nd.com/JustinTheRestaurant

    Pappy McGregors (Downtown)

    1122 Pine St • PR • 805.238.7070PappyMcGregors.com

    To explore virtually text PAPPYM to 24587speed�nd.com/PappyMcGregorsPub

    Thomas Hill Organics (Downtown)

    1313 Park St • PR • 805.226.5888ThomasHillOrganics.comspeed�nd.com/ThomasHillOrganics

    City keyPaso Robles: PR • Atascadero: AT

    Cambria: CM • Cayucos: CY

    Creston: CR • Harmony: HM

    Morro Bay: MB

    San Luis Obispo: SLO

    San Miguel: SMG • San Simeon: SS

    Santa Margarita: SM • Templeton: T

    TOURSThe Wine Line

    Convenient “Hop on, Hop O�” Tour ServiceHopOnTheWineLine.com 805.610.8267 [email protected]

    UberWINERequest an expert driver for a personalized wine country tour.PasoRoblesWineries.net/Uber-WINE


    720˚ Virtual Tour, Text ‘paso’ to 24587 to view O�ers tours Overnight lodging Wine pairings Kid friendly Dog friendly Picnic area Outdoor games Barrel tastingsFood available Requires reservationsWedding/event venue RV camping Coupon available

    Sustainable and/or organic

    Serves beer and/or cider

    Experience a Getaway to Wine and Castle Country!

    212 Alexa Ct • Paso Robles 805.226.9988


    Luxury Resort Cello Ristorante & Bar

    Vineyards & Wines2700 Buena Vista Dr • Paso Robles

    805.369.2500 AllegrettoVineyardResort.com

    In The Heart of Wine Country! Homey • Comfortable

    1215 Ysabel Ave • Paso Robles AdelaideInn.com • 805.238.2770

    To explore virtually text ADELAIDE to 24587

    Present this coupon for 2-FOR-1 WINE TASTING

    5800 Adelaida Rd Paso Robles, CA

    805.238.0845 LoneMadrone.com




    Meet Joel, the winemaker and Clint Eastwood’s award winning �lm editor!

    His wines have won accolades including being featured as one of the “Best Wines of the Year” by Sunset Magazine

    By appointment only. Please call 805.610.1099 77869 Ranchita Canyon Rd

    San Miguel, CA

    Present this coupon for 2-FOR-1 WINE TASTING

    9988 Chimney Rock Rd Paso Robles, CA

    805.226.8463 DubostWine.com

    Present this coupon for 2-FOR-1 WINE TASTING

    1336 Railroad St Paso Robles, CA

    818.425.3354 IronOaksWinery.com

    Book 4 hours & Receive an Extra Hour for FREE

    Accommodates up to 10 people

    44 Five Star Google Reviews 805.712.4939


    Limousine Coupon

    Present this coupon for 2-FOR-1 WINE TASTING

    2850 Ranchita Canyon Rd San Miguel, CA 805.239.9463


    Present this coupon for 2-FOR-1 WINE TASTING

    3590 Adelaida Rd Paso Robles, CA

    805.286.4028 ParrishFamilyVineyard.com

    15% o� Best Available RateWouldn’t you love to wake up among

    the vines? Eden House at Carriage Vineyards B&B is on a real working

    vineyard. Why not treat yourself to a relaxing getaway?

    805.227.6807 ∙ CarriageVineyards.com Cannot be combined with any other discount.

    B and B Coupon

    $10 OFF PER PERSONEnter/Mention code PRW.netMap

    when making your reservation. $5 o� per person if mentioned after.

    Not accepted on day of service pickup. 805.610.8267


    Tour Coupon

    50% o� a “By the Glass" wine and 15% o� purchase of wine/merchandise.

    No additional discounts apply. Limit one time use only.

    3810 Highway 46 East Paso Robles, CA

    805.238.9607 EberleWinery.com

    Present this coupon for 2-FOR-1 WINE TASTING

    250 Winery Rd, Templeton, CA 805.237.0510


    Present this coupon for 2-FOR-1 WINE TASTING

    3090 Anderson Road Paso Robles, CA

    805.369.6100 RabbleWine.com

    Present this coupon for 2-FOR-1 WINE TASTING

    3443 Mill Rd Paso Robles, CA

    805.239.1616 RobertHallWinery.com

    Present this coupon for 2-FOR-1 WINE TASTING &

    10% OFF WINE PURCHASE5725 Union Rd

    Paso Robles, CA 805.226.7475 RailsNap.com