WELCOME to the Chinooks Edge Educational Assistant PD conference!

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WELCOME to the Chinooks Edge Educational Assistant PD conference!. THANK YOU!!. Innisfail High School Presenters Student Services Team AndALL of you for coming and being active participants today!. Purpose of Today?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


WELCOME to the Chinooks Edge Educational Assistant PD Day!! Opening Thoughts

WELCOME to the Chinooks Edge Educational Assistant PD conference!

THANK YOU!!Innisfail High School Presenters Student Services TeamAndALL of you for coming and being active participants today!Purpose of Today?Appreciate how important your role is in accomplishing our new Mission and Vision in CESD and the Quality Learning Environment (QLE)Learn about Action on Inclusion and potential impact on the role of an EAValidate the excellent work you are doing with studentsNetwork with others renew friendships and make new friendshipsEnhance your skills and knowledgeLearn new strategies and techniques

Have some FUN!

It is important to stay FOCUSEDand keep our EYES on the TARGET

Mission & Vision StatementsMotto confirmed - Where Students Come First Mission - Chinooks Edge School Division will engage every student in meaningful learning by challenging, encouraging and believing in them.Vision - Chinooks Edge School Division will be universally recognized as a collaborative learning community where learning is personalized for all students to achieve success as compassionate and innovative global citizens.5Quality Learning Environment (QLE)

Building the QLEA Made in Chinooks Edge Model with feedback from:AISI Leaders, Special Education Liaisons, ADCOS, Teachers Matter Committee, School Staffs,Public Consultation April/May

Understanding the QLEIt is a reflective tool that helps education staff plan for their own growth as individuals (personalize) {in teams, with admin support}It provides us all with a common language It validates the great teaching we already haveIt provides a shared understanding of the core principles around quality instruction inChinooks Edge

Understanding the QLEIt aligns our current work with new initiativesIt supports the work of our instructional leadersIt brings the Mission and Vision to lifeIt supports a long term strategy in Chinooks Edge where we strive for continuous improvement

THE QLE and Role of EAsBecome involved in the implementation and enhancement of Quality Learning Environments in your schoolYou may want to specifically focus on: Culture of InclusionInstructional StrategiesLiteracy and NumeracyPersonalizationCollaborative Learning CommunitiesStudent EngagementRelationshipsGathering Data for Research


This video was shown at the Alberta Education Provincial Action on Inclusion Meeting on Friday, Jan 13th.

Diversity in Alberta Schools: A Journey to Inclusion YouTube


Implications of Action on InclusionWhere have we been (CESD Context)?2010 new Superintendentstaff survey/visits and work of Guiding CoalitionThese efforts resulted in a new Mission and Vision for CESDImplications for Future:New Mission and Vision drive us to ensure ALL students achieve success and EVERY student is engaged in high Quality Learning EnvironmentsDevelopment of Quality Learning Environment(QLE) Framework Development of Continuum of Supports for Every LearnerGOOD NEWS: Excellent Alignment between Action on Inclusion and Future Directions in CESD.

The most appropriate label is usually the one peoples parents have given themImplications of Action on Inclusion

ACTION ON INCLUSIONIMPLICATIONS for THE EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANTMOVING FROM:MOVING TO:EA assigned to one specific student promoting dependenceEA assigned to numerous students (except in exceptional circumstances where one on one support is needed) promoting independenceResponsibility of program may be taken on by the EATeacher takes responsibility of program and assists / guides EA

Students with special needs identified with a special education code and program is developed with a focus on deficits All students are supported in the classroom with the program focusing on the students strengths and abilities EA promotes independence Education program is typically a pull out situation or in a specialized setting away from the classroomSupports are provided for ALL students in classrooms - in exceptional circumstances EA or specialist takes student out of classroom to teach direct skills Specialized services (OT, PT, SLP, Psych) provided to students outside of classroom EAs working in isolation with studentsSpecialized services (OT, PT, SLP, Psych) support students in the classroom learning environment EAs working on a team to support studentsAnatomy of an effective EA

CLOSING COMMENTSCOMMUNICATECOMMUNICATECOMMUNICATECreative Problem SolvingExplore the problemGenerate ideasPrepare for ActionBuild a Network of SupportGrade level groupOther EAs or Support staffTake CARE of YOURSELF first and OTHERS will benefit!Know that YOU Make a DIFFERENCE!Student Support Credo



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