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Welcome to TASO Dallas. Carlos Ramirez and John O’ Kane will be your assignors for the upcoming year. Important telephone numbers. Carlos Ramirez (Assignor): 214 -727 -6709 John O’Kane (Assignor): 469- 688-0434 Melvin Machayo (Secretary): 972-877-1342 Jim Carlsen (1st VP): 214 886 4422 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Welcome to TASO DallasCarlos Ramirez and John O Kane will be your assignors for the upcoming year.Important telephone numbersCarlos Ramirez (Assignor): 214 -727 -6709

John OKane (Assignor): 469- 688-0434

Melvin Machayo (Secretary): 972-877-1342Jim Carlsen (1st VP): 214 886 4422Peter Martell (Treasurer): 214 402 8939Rick Troup (2nd VP): 214 235 1424Dennis Dusek (Director of Operations): 972 742 3953Ian Chapman (President): 972 489 5555

Melvin Machayo: 972-877-1342Linking your accounts:Log into www.gameofficials.net

Choose group 1194 and the word soccer is the password in order to link your accounts.

Now you can switch identities at the top of the page to view your different accounts

Melvin will set up new users ASAP with identities once the meeting is completed.

SOFTWARE FOR ASSIGNINGWe will be using Game officials for this seasons assignments

When you receive an assignment from Arbiter / Game Officials BLOCK the other date/s on the other software. This reduces the amount of times you end up with conflicts with assignors.and helps us get you more games.

Game officials Home pageAll information that is pertinent to you is currently available at www.tasodallas.org and also the opening page of your game officials accounts.

Personalize how you want to receive text alerts for game cancellations etc under my info and scroll down to cell/pager /email notices and set it up accordingly.

Log in here


On the assignors side

Red means that you are not available

Green means you are available

No color means you do not get seen on our side

Make note of our website: www.tasodallas.orgGame fees

Travel fees

Scrimmage form on next slideInformation on scrimmagesClarification on payments

Game fees/Directions/Partners?Log onto www.gameofficials.net to view

Game fee is Based on the length of your games

All other information you need will be located in Game officials: i.e. Stadiums(under my locations) Partners click on the I icon in Game officials18Match Fees2 person crew (Dual system) *JV & Middle School matches with a Single Referee use Referee 1 fees:Length of half Referee 1* Referee 2 Total25 minutes $40 $40 $8030 minutes $45 $45 $9035 minutes $45 $45 $9040 minutes $50 $50 $1003 person crew (Diagonal system):Length of halfRefereeAssistant 1Assistant 2 Total25 minutes $40$25 $25$9030 minutes $45$30$30 $10535 minutes $45$30 $30 $10540 minutes $50$35$35$120Travel FeesMetroflat rate of travel reimbursement measured from the Soccer Chapter Metro Plan Centerpoint which is located at4976 Sycamore St., Dallas TX 75214tothe location of the stadium.

( 20 miles = $12, 30 miles = $15, 40 miles = $18, paid to each official.)Any school outside the 40 mile radius will revert to thenon-metro(portal to portal) round trip mileage reimbursement.Round trip mileage paid One car at the state mileage rate, 2 cars at 75% of the state mileage rate, or three cars at 60% of the state mileage rate. (Mileage is calculated from the officials home to the stadium location roundtrip.) There are no rider fees.

New to the association???There are 3 types of games we officiate:1) Scrimmages

(2) Non District

(3) District play

Do not be caught on a VARSITY level game with a whistle in your hand on DISTRICT PLAY only. All others you may officiate in. You can do all others

Important dates

2014 Important DatesScrimmages: Dec 27- Jan 7

Tournaments all weekends after this from Thursdays Saturdays throughout January

Non District Games will play in between

District Play will begin toward the end of January

Sunday you get the day off. AvailabilityWe need this done by no later than November 15!!!!Thats this Friday guys!!!!!

We now have the schools schedules and want to get your assignments out to you earlier this year

This is different from past years as we want to continue to improve the program for you.

Taking a day off work for tournaments ?

Let us know so we can make it worth your while.New referees: Melvin will be setting you up with your own game officials account, please do not ask the assignors to do this as he needs to keep track of payments etc

This will be done this week.Please keep your availability current and up to date.

Feb 14 is still and always will be Valentines day!

Block out important dates that you cannot work (anniversary, dogs birthday etc)

Most games will play Tuesdays and Fridays however we have got games on the other evenings / Saturdays

Your 2013 High school RankingBoard members rank the officials on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the new members.

Your assignors utilize this to do your assignments

If you feel that you want higher level assignments contact Mr. Troup via email to see if he can get an assessor to evaluate your performance and [email protected] AssignmentsYour assignor will be contacting you directly to go through this with you to avoid conflicts.

Want your schedule earlier? Have the availability done sooner. No later than this up coming weekend.

Our schedules are in, it is now your responsibility to get your availability current and up to date.Scratching'sIf you are scratched from a school, you will be notified by the assignor and your assignments will change accordingly.

You cannot officiate Games that a family member works/plays in, this is unethical and may occur in the assigning process.

Please correct your assignor if this happens.

Everyone gets scratched at some point so NEVER take it personally.And nooooooooWE cannot scratch Coaches!!

Middle Schools and TAPPSDallas ISD has already begun their middle school program.

Frisco schools and outer lying northern areas begin upon completion of high school in April- June.

TAPPS(Texas Assoc. of Private Parochial Schools) begins November.Dallas ISD Vendor PaperworkThis can be found on the opening page of Game officials. Please download it and send it in now in order to obtain your vendor number.

If you have moved, you must fill in a change of address form and resubmit that paperwork or it will hold up your payment.

You will need your vendor number for payment for the games you are doing in Dallas ISD(Loos, Sprague, Cobb etc)Dallas ISD ContactSilvia Salinas 972 749 2455

Please allow her at least 4 weeks after you submit your paperwork to get a vendor number.

Garland ISDWill still be playing the 4-6-8pm Varsity sessions until the new fields are laid in 2014/5.

JVs will play on alternate nights but with 4-515-630pm kick offs or Saturday mornings at 8am, 915am,1030am,1145am,1pm,215pm.

They will be going straight to PKs to determine a winner if tied.Game day preparationStart off every Mon- Sat with your referee equipment in the car, washed and ready to go. You may be called upon anytime.

Check your assignments before you head out of the office, there may have been changes.

Inclement weather: we ask the coaches to let us know by 2pm if this is going to impact youIf this does impact you: your game officials account will be updated and if time permits we will also be calling you.

You will definitely be notified if you are going to start as a dual system if someone is going to run late and they have notified the assignor.

Communication is key, communicate with each other so you know what's going on i.e. stuck in traffic etc38Game officials will be updated constantly.

Head referee for the Varsity game please contact your ARs and make sure that you all know each others numbers. This can be found with the I icon. The icon in Game officials will let you see this information/current weather/ map to the field/game information and the assignors contact details.

At the stadiumSign in at the gate or with the paperwork in the Administrators office.

Hand in a w-9 at every game every time, it helps process the checks quicker if they have it.

Who is the administrator on Duty?Could be your best friend in the case of a problem situation.

Identify them upon arrival and write their name down and note where they will be seated.

You need their name in the event of an incident report.

You must meet the players and coaches in the center of the fieldConfirm that players are legally and properly equipped and ask about any medical conditions of players i.e. Asthma and prior injuries you need to know about

Let the coaches know their paperwork will be left in the Locker room after the game, this way they are not chasing after you.

For a Varsity match, confirm what will happens in the event of a tie.

Proceed with your game after the coin toss.After the gameLeave the game reports in the locker room.

Discuss the game with your fellow referees and see what we can do in order to improve ourselves.

Dont discuss the match with anybody who is not part of our Chapter

Be mindful that officials locker rooms may be close to players locker roomsDual system vs. 3 man crewIn some instances we may run a dual until we get the 3rd referee in for the varsity.

Many tournaments are requesting 2 referee dual systems in order to save money.

Running Late? 10 minutes into the game and you had the JV middle? Youve lost it and will now have to run the line.

Make yourself known to the officiating crew upon your arrival. Get the 3 man system up as quickly as possible at the next stoppage in play!PaperworkStart a fileKeep ALL of your paperwork with youHave w-9s with you and leave at every stadiumYou are normally paid 30-45 days afte