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    WELCOME. In the name of Christ, we offer you welcome to this church. May those who

    sorrow, find comfort; the weary, rest; the troubled, peace; the stranger, friends; the unhappy, joy;

    and to all, the sense of Gods presence in this Holy Place. If you are new to this parish community,

    please give your name and phone number to the Rector or sign our guest register on the stand in

    the back of the Church. As our honored guest, we want to welcome you.

    THE SERVICE. There are two main books used for our service; the smaller red book is the Book

    of Common Prayer and the larger blue book is the Hymnal. There is also a Gray Hymnal. They

    can be found in the bookrack on the back of the pew in front of you. A Bible can be found at the

    ends of the pew. The page / hymn numbers in the service bulletin help you find your place in

    these service books. We invite you to participate fully in our worship.

    RECEIVING COMMUNION. Holy Communion in the Episcopal Church is open to all who are

    comfortable participating in the Communion of the Lords Table. To receive communion come to

    the altar rail; kneel or stand with one hand cupped on top of the other hand to receive the

    consecrated bread. Please take the chalice and drink from it; or you may intinct the bread by

    dipping it in the consecrated wine. Parents are encouraged to determine when a child is ready to

    receive communion. All children are invited to the altar rail to receive communion or a blessing.

    Please feel comfortable doing what is best for you and your child.

    Fourth Sunday of Advent December 18, 2016

    9:00 A.M.


    Opening Hymn How Bright Appears the Morning Star Hymnal 497

    Call to Worship:

    Celebrant: Blessed be God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    All: and blessed be his kingdom, now and for ever. Amen.

    Celebrant: Lift up your heads, O gates!

    All: and be lifted up, O ancient doors!

    Celebrant: That the King of glory may come in.

    All: Who is the King of glory?

    Celebrant: The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord, mighty in


    All: Lift up your heads, O gates!

    Celebrant: And be lifted up, O ancient doors!

    All: That the King of glory may come in.

  • Celebrant: Who is this King of glory?

    All: The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory.

    Collect for Purity Prayer Book, page 355

    Collect of the Day Insert

    First Reading Isaiah 7:10-16 Insert

    Psalm 80:1-7, 16-18


    Second Reading Romans 1:1-7 Insert

    Gospel Hymn: Creator of the Stars of Night Hymnal 60

    Gospel Matthew 1:18-25 Insert

    Gospel Response Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

    (2 times by Choir and repeated 2 times by congregation)

    Sermon The Rev. J. Patrick Peters

    Choir Anthem

    Nicene Creed Prayer Book, page 358

    Prayers of the People (Form III) Prayer Book, page 387

    Prayer of Confession and Assurance

    Forgive us Lord, when we go our own way, get ourselves in

    trouble, and then wonder where you are.

    Forgive us when we put ultimate trust in people, ideas, visions,

    and things other than you.

    Forgive us when we ask you for a sign that you are there,

    when you have been there all along,

    patiently waiting for us to turn to you to help guide us

    throughout lifes twists and turns.

    Forgive us, merciful God.

    Open our eyes and ears, our minds, and hearts to trust and follow

    You today and forever. Amen.

    Absolution Prayer Book, page 332

    The Peace Prayer Book, page 360

  • Greetings and Announcements


    Presentation Hymn O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Hymnal 56

    Eucharistic Prayer B Prayer Book, page 367

    Sursum Corda Hymnal S-120

    Sanctus Hymnal S-129

    Memorial Acclamation Mass of Creation

    The Great Amen Mass of Creation

    Our Father Celtic

    The Breaking of the Bread Prayer Book, page 364


    Prayer of Thanksgiving Prayer Book, page 366

    The Blessing

    Closing Hymn Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Hymnal 66


  • Prayer Requests December 18, 2016



    Delores Baker (Saint Anne); Helen Vollmer (Saint Anne); Ethel Edelman (Autumn House West)


    Sue Ellen; Buzz; Ruth; Matthew; Bonnie; George; Mike; Shalimar; Sondra; Grace; Davina; Janet


    12/18 Dee Kaufhold; 12/19 Ralph Jones, Darlene Swartzbaugh; 12/20 Linda Gewiss; 12/22 Rose





    Lauren Rousseau; Esther Wood; John Brommer; Sue Brommer; Jean Feltenberger; Robert Kuhns

    For Those in Positions of Public Trust President Barack Obama; Governor Tom Wolf; Mayor Leo Lutz; All legislative bodies & all

    courts of law; for the leaders of all nations and peoples

    For our Bishops, Rector, and Parish Members

    The Most Rev. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and his staff; The Most Rev. Michael

    Curry and his staff; The Rt. Rev. Audrey Scanlan and her staff; The Rev. J. Patrick Peters; the

    staff and people of this parish, especially Jonathan and Iris Lutz and children Sophia, Lily and

    Olive; Joel and Ericka Sipe and children Emily and Evan; Bea Warfel

    World Cycle of Prayer

    12/18 India; 12/19 Indonesia; 12/20 Iran; 12/21 Iraq; 12/22 Ireland; 12/23 Israel; 12/24 Italy

    Anglican Cycle of Prayer

    12/18 Kilmore; Elphin and Ardagh, The Rt. Revd Ferran Glenfield; 12/19 Kimberley and

    Kuruman, The Rt. Revd Oswald Swartz; 12/20 Kindu, The Rt. Revd Zacharie Masimango

    Katanda; 12/21 Kinkiizi, The Rt. Revd Dan Zoreka; 12/22 The Most Revd Kahwa Henri

    Isingoma, Archbishop of the Congo and Bishop of Kinshasa; Suffragan Bishop of Kinshasa, The

    Rt. Revd Molanga Jean Botola; Kisangani, The Rt. Revd Lambert Botolome; 12/23 Kirinyaga,

    The Rt. Revd Joseph Kibuchua; 12/24 Kita Kanto, The Rt. Revd Zerubbabel Katsuichi Hirota

  • Ecumenical Cycle of Prayer

    12/18 Southern Baptist Convention; 12/19 Sovereign Grace Baptists; 12/20 Strict Baptists; 12/21

    Two-See-in-the-Spirit Predestinarian Baptists; 12/22 Union DEglises Baptistes Francaises Au

    Canada; 12/23 United American Free Will Baptist Church; 12/24 United American Free Will

    Baptist Conference

    Diocesan Cycle of Prayer and Parish Cycle of Prayer:

    St. Thomas, Lancaster and their congregation; Salem United Church of Christ, Columbia and their


    Companion Parish Cycle of Prayer:


    Rev. Beth J. Costlow and the people of Saint John Lutheran Church, Columbia

    Rev. Mark Kopp and the people of Saint James Lutheran Church, Columbia

    Rev. Stephen Kelley and the people of Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church,


    Rev. Anthony Swamy Anthappa, MSFS and the people of Saint Peter Roman Catholic

    Church, Columbia

    Rev. David Powers and the people of The Columbia Presbyterian Church, Columbia

    Rev. Thomas Grubbs and the people of The Columbia United Methodist Church, Columbia

    Rev. Patricia McAllister and the people of Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church, Columbia

    Rev. Hub Smith and the people of The Columbia Christian Fellowship, Columbia

    Revs. Gordon and Angie Misal and the people of Impact Christian Center, Columbia

    Rev. Charles Deutsch and the people of Ironville United Methodist Church, Columbia

    Rev. Mary Ann Kingsborough and the people of Concordia Lutheran Church, Columbia

    Rev. Dione Kleptka and the people of Saint John Herr Estate Retirement Community

    Rim Parishes of the Lancaster Convocation:

    Rev. Gina Barrett and the people of Saint John Episcopal Church, Marietta

    Rev. Ingrid Andersen and the people of Saint Luke Episcopal Church, Mount Joy

    Rev. Sud Tiwari and the people of Saint Paul Episcopal Church, Manheim

    Rev. Tim Small and the people of Hope Episcopal Church, Mt. Hope

    Rev. Mark Scheneman and the people of Bangor Church, Churchtown

    and the Revs. Beth Mollard, Pete Greenfield, John Emmert, Philip Snyder, Ellie Garner and

    Nancy Rementer

    Peace and Justice

    South Sudan; Nigeria; Iraq; Israel; Kenya; Afghanistan; Palestine; Somalia; Iran; Libya; Syria;

    Egypt; Tunisia; Yemen; Ukraine; Venezuela; North Korea


    The Prayer Circle is comprised of a group of people who will pray for special and / or

    specific intentions and people as requested. If you would like special prayers, call anyone

    on the Prayer Circle list and they will pass it to the next person and so on until everyone on

    the Prayer Circle list has received the request. If you would like to be a member of th


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