welcome to sestri levante and edrene workshop. giunti group innovating educational content. since...

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  • Welcome to Sestri Levante and EdReNe Workshop
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  • Giunti Group Innovating Educational Content. Since Ever. Giunti Scuola Giunti al Punto Giunti Editore Firenze Musei Touring Club Giunti Industrie Grafiche Giunti OS Giunti Progetti Educativi 1992 Giunti Multimedia 1994 Interactive Labs 2000 Giunti Research 2003 Giunti Labs Giunti Publisher One of Europes oldest Educational and Cultural Heritage Publishers Leading European K12 & Cultural Publisher 1.500 employees and 300 ML turnover 24 Companies managing authoring, packaging, printing & distribution cycles Publisher of all Florentine Museums Since 2003 Europes leading Learning Content Management Solutions & Services provider
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  • Giunti Labs: Fast Facts 2009 Giunti Labs No reproduction without written permission 3 Giunti Labs Office Giunti Labs VAR and Partners Giunti Labs Mission To help our clients conceive, design and implement their knowledge and learning content strategy and solutions 2008 acquisition of digital repository, HarvestRoad Hive. Divisions Bespoke Content Production LCMS, DR, Authoring tool, m-Learning and ePortfolio solutions R&D Lab Subsidiaries in USA, UK, Germany, Scandinavia, AsiaPacific. Large VAR network in main world regions 140+ employees Constantly profitable operations Key clients within the Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and Top 50 Fastest Growing companies.
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  • Hot Issues for Giunti Labs Continuous education and lifelong learning Development of new competencies and skills Crossover between formal and informal knowledge Co-existence of free and published contents Personalization of educational content offering 2009 Giunti Labs No reproduction without written permission 4
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  • HarvestRoad Hive Digital Repository 5 Federated digital learning object repository Stores and manages all types of learning, knowledge and business objects It handles content across different web domains. Strong integration with Open Source LMS Act as a content bridge 2009 Giunti Labs No reproduction without written permission
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  • NCEL National Centre of eLearning Building Saudi Higher Education Jewel Box Federated Repository Systems
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  • TRIO Region of Tuscany Building Europes leading Life Long Learning for Employment Initiative A free, blended life long learning initiative for employment born in 1998 as an initiative of Region of Tuscany and the Italian Ministry of Education, Vocational Training and Labour Policies. Giunti Labs main contractor, 2009 2011. Distance Learning Services (+ 554.000 h of training) Network and Software Architecture Multimedia Content Production Marketing and Promotion Project Management and Total Quality Assurance Set up of operations and financial control 70.000 active registered users, 1.400 online courses, podcasts, eBook library, registered VC sessions, 19 telecenters Solution based on Hive + Kstar + Moodle + DimDim
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  • Enjoy your stay!