Welcome to our Mothering Sunday All Age Mothering... · Opening Prayer & Confession Lord, our lives…

Download Welcome to our Mothering Sunday All Age Mothering... · Opening Prayer & Confession Lord, our lives…

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  • Welcometoour MotheringSunday AllAgeService

  • Openingresponses





  • Comenowisthetimetoworship Comenowisthetimetogiveyourheart

    Comejustasyouaretoworship ComejustasyouarebeforeyourGod


    Onedayeverytongue WillconfessYouareGod

    Onedayeverykneewillbow Stillthegreatesttreasureremains


  • OpeningPrayer&Confession

    Lord, our lives fall far short of your goodness. Have mercy and forgive us.

    Lord, you have given your life for us, and poured out your Spirit, yet we fail to return your love with all our heart. Havemercyandchangeus.

  • Toooftenweareselfishandproud, ignoringyouandneglectingothers. Havemercyandcleanseus.


    weareoverwhelmedbyselfpity,fearandworry. Havemercyanddeliverus.

  • Wearesorryforthethingswehavedonewrong. Havemercyandforgiveus.


    tofollowyouwithjoybyyourSpirit throughJesusyourSon.


  • Quiz

  • orange

  • Talk&Game

  • Song

    Amazinglove LayingdownYourglory

    Youenduredthecross Insteadofus

    SacrificedYourownlife BorethewrathofGod

    JesusYouhavepaidthepriceforme Madeawaytosetthissinnerfree

  • Chorus UntoYouLord

    Ibringmyworship forYouaregood

    Yourloveoverwhelming Hopeoftheworld

    Yourgraceisextended Offeringlifetoallwhoacceptit

  • Amazinggrace NowayIcanearnit

    It'sonlybyYourblood ThatIcancome

    TrustinginYourmercy I'matpeacewithGod

    JesusYouhavewonthevictory Deathhaslostit'spoweroverme

  • Drama

  • Reading:Genesis9:1216

  • BlessedBeTheNameOfTheLord BlessedbethenameoftheLord,


    TheNameoftheLordisastrongtower, Therighteousrunintoit,





  • Godistheonewho:

    lovesus isfaithful forgives

  • RainbowPrayers1

    Usingeachstrandofcoloured wool,


  • Pleaserespondaftereachcolourprayer:



    lovelove orangeorange



    comfortcomfort greengreen



    protectionprotection purplepurple




  • Song

    Jesus,Jesus,hereIam Jesus,Jesus,takemyhand.

    Yougivetoeveryone alovethatwontend. ThankyouJesus,


  • RainbowPrayers2

    Writeanameordrawsomeoneinthecircle Bringyourpostituptotheboard Children


  • Song Jesuswhatabeautifulname

    SonofGodSonofMan Lambthatwasslain

    Joyandpeacestrengthandhope Gracethatblowsallfearaway

    Jesuswhatabeautifulname [Repeatv1]

  • Jesuswhatabeautifulname Truthrevealedmyfuturesealed

    Healedmypain Loveandfreedomlifeandwarmth

    Gracethatblowsallfearaway Jesuswhatabeautifulname

  • Jesuswhatabeautifulname Rescuedmysoulmystronghold

    Liftsmefromshame Forgivenesssecuritypowerandlove

    Gracethatblowsallfearaway Jesuswhatabeautifulname

  • Loveandfreedomlifeandwarmth Gracethatblowsallfearaway


    Joyandpeacestrengthandhope Gracethatblowsallfearaway


  • Blessing

    Welcome to our Mothering Sunday All Age ServiceOpening responsesCome now is the time to worshipCome now is the time to give your heartCome just as you are to worshipCome just as you are before your GodComeOne day every tongueWill confess You are GodOne day every knee will bowStill the greatest treasure remainsFor those who gladly choose You nowOpening Prayer & ConfessionLord, our lives fall far short of your goodness.Have mercy and forgive us.Lord, you have given your life for us, and poured out your Spirit, yet we fail to return your love with all our heart.Have mercy and change us.Too often we are selfish and proud,ignoring you and neglecting others.Have mercy and cleanse us.Lord, when we do not truly trust and obey you,we are overwhelmed by self-pity, fear and worry.Have mercy and deliver us.We are sorry for the things we have done wrong.Have mercy and forgive us.Father, forgive us and help us to follow you with joy by your Spirit through Jesus your Son. Amen QuizSlide Number 8Slide Number 9Slide Number 10Slide Number 11Slide Number 12Talk & GameSongAmazing loveLaying down Your gloryYou endured the crossInstead of usSacrificed Your own lifeBore the wrath of GodJesus You have paid the price for meMade a way to set this sinner freeChorusUnto You LordI bring my worship for You are goodYour love overwhelming Hope of the worldYour grace is extendedOffering life to all who accept itAmazing graceNo way I can earn itIt's only by Your bloodThat I can comeTrusting in Your mercyI'm at peace with GodJesus You have won the victoryDeath has lost it's power over meDramaReading: Genesis 9:12-16Blessed Be The Name Of The LordBlessed be the name of the Lord,Blessed be the name of the Lord Most High! (Repeat)The Name of the Lord is a strong tower,The righteous run into it,And they are saved. (Repeat)Glory to the name of the Lord...Holy is the name of the Lord...Blessed be the name of the LordGod is the one who:Rainbow Prayers 1SongJesus, Jesus, here I amJesus, Jesus, take my hand.You give to everyone a love that wont end.Thank you Jesus, youre my friend.Rainbow Prayers 2SongJesus what a beautiful nameSon of God Son of ManLamb that was slainJoy and peace strength and hopeGrace that blows all fear awayJesus what a beautiful name[Repeat v1]Jesus what a beautiful nameTruth revealed my future sealedHealed my painLove and freedom life and warmthGrace that blows all fear awayJesus what a beautiful nameJesus what a beautiful nameRescued my soul my strongholdLifts me from shameForgiveness security power and loveGrace that blows all fear awayJesus what a beautiful nameLove and freedom life and warmthGrace that blows all fear awayJesus what a beautiful nameJoy and peace strength and hope Grace that blows all fear awayJesus what a beautiful nameBlessing