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  • Welcome to Foundation Stage Orientation Session 2020 - 2021

  • Vice Chairman

    Mrs. Soha Youssef

  • British School Principal

    Mrs. Amany Momtaz

  • Meet the Foundation Team

  • Pre-F Netherlands Teacher

    Homeroom Teacher

    Mrs. Mahitab Medhat

  • FS1 France Teachers

    Homeroom Teacher

    Mrs. Shomous M. Kamel


    Ms. Amany Ashraf

  • FS2 United Kingdom Teachers

    Homeroom Teacher

    Mrs. Heba Radwan


    Ms. Nourhan Hatem

  • Arabic Teacher

    Arabic Teacher

    Mrs. Dina Kamal

  • Non-Core Teachers

    Music Teacher

    Ms. Kholoud Adel

    P.E. Teacher

    Mrs. Neamatallah Essam

  • Non-Core Teachers

    Art Teacher

    Ms. Omnia Fakhry

  • Head of Foundation Stage

    Mrs. Laila Abd El Hady

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

    Our approach in EYFS is called ‘LEARNING THROUGH PLAY’, where

    children are allowed to achieve their learning objectives through an

    active, and child centered environment.

  • EYFS students learn and develop in 7 areas

    1. Personal, social and emotional development

    2. Communication and Language

    3. Physical Development

    4. Literacy

    5. Mathematics

    6. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

    7. Expressive Arts and Design

  • Our Classes

    1. Literacy and Phonics

    2. Numeracy

    3. سلوكيات( / رياض أطفال)اللغة العربية

    4. Knowledge & Understanding of the World

    5. Character Building (FS2)

    6. Storytelling

    7. Art

    8. Music

    9. Physical Education (P.E.)

  • Our Programmes

    Jolly Phonics Progress with Oxford

  • Jolly Phonics Programme

  • Jolly Phonics Letter sounds order

  • Jolly Phonics Five Basic Skills

  • Our Rooms

    Pre-F (Netherlands Classroom)

    FS1 (France Classroom)

    FS2 (United Kingdom Classroom)

    Arabic room (Egypt Classroom)

    Music and Art Rooms (Italy)

    P.E. Room (Brazil)

    Dining room

  • Our Daily Schedule

  • Periods 7:45 - 8:00

    8:00 -





    08:30 - 09:10 09:10-9:50 9:50 -


    10:20 - 11:00 11:00 - 11:40 11:40



    12:30 – 1:10 1:10-1:50 1:50- 2:20 2:20


    2:30 Days 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th


    M o

    rn in

    g sn ack

    M o

    rn in

    g Lin e

    C ircle Tim


    Sn ack &

    Sh o

    rt B reak

    Lu n

    ch &

    Lo n

    g B reak

    P ackin

    g Tim e an

    d Lin

    e u p

    fo r b

    u ses




    Thursday Assembly






    min. 40 min. 40 min.


    min. 40 min. 40 min.


    min. 40 min. 40 min. 30 min. 10 min.

  • What is the Assembly session?

    It’s when we appreciate the hard work of our kids; we

    sing, play, present the good work and give rewards to

    our lovely kids.

  • How do the kids get rewarded?

    1. Class Teachers’ Rewards:

    Each class has a reward chart; it’s divided into two sections, academic

    and behavioral. The students should collect 10 points throughout the

    week to get rewarded at the end of the week.

  • How do the kids get rewarded?

    2. Arabic Teacher Rewards:

    The Arabic room has the same reward charts and the Arabic teacher

    will pick a student from each stage to be rewarded at the end of the


  • How do the kids get rewarded?

    3. Non-core Subjects (Music, Art and P.E.):

    The non-core teachers will give rewards to the students every week by

    rotation, one week for Art, the next one for Music, then P.E.

    They also use the same reward chart as class teachers and Arabic


  • What should your child eat at school?

  • The kids will have one snack and two meals per day:

    1. Morning snack at 07:45am

    They can eat healthy snack such as; homemade cakes, cupcakes, fruits, milk

    or yogurt.

    2. Breakfast at 09:50am

    They can eat cheese or jam sandwiches, fruits, nuts, popcorn, yogurt, eggs

    and cereals.

    3. Lunch at 11:40am

    They can eat sandwiches, homemade pizza, homemade chicken or beef

    sandwiches, white pasta, rice, homemade fries (air fried), juice, and fruits.

  • Please avoid the following items:

    • Junk food

    • Fried food on daily basis

    • Any kind of chips

    • Candies

    • Lollipops

    • Chocolates

    • Fizzy drinks

  • Please keep in mind that Foundation Stage students are not

    allowed to buy any item from the canteen except water.


    The parents should send the money in a sealed envelope attached to the

    channel book, and it is not allowed to send money with the bus matrons.

  • What will your kids receive?

    • Weekly update every Thursday via mail

    • Home Activity Google Classroom

    • The student‘s binder will be sent every two weeks – On

    Thursdays - and it should be returned back on Sunday

    • Channel notebook everyday

  • Parent-Teacher Communication

    You can communicate with the teacher through your child’s channel

    book and e-mail.

    Teachers will respond to any email sent till 05:00 p.m., any mails received

    after that will be taken care of on the next School Day.

    Note: Kindly don’t contact the matron to clarify anything related to your

    child, any school event or any other thing you need to know. Please

    contact only your child’s teachers, coordinator or the school

    administration for any clarifications.

  • School Policy

    • The School’s uniform must be worn every day.

    • Only on P.E. days the students wear the P.E. uniform.

    • All children MUST wear Velcro shoes (NO shoes with laces).

    • All children MUST wear black shoes.

    • A school bag (medium-sized one).

    • Girls MUST have their hair tied up.

    • Boy’s hair MUST be cut in a short, tidy style.

    • Girls should not come to school wearing ANY kind of accessories (only stud earrings).

    • Nail polish for girls is not allowed.

    • All students MUST have two extra spare uniform sets.

  • Sending money Policy

    Parents MUST send the money for any event, trip in a sealed

    envelope with your child’s name and year group in the channel

    book. Any money sent without sealed envelope will not be


  • Due date policy

    The school will not accept any money for

    events or trips after the mentioned due date

    you are informed with.

  • Online Delivery

    • The students will receive videos that will be

    uploaded to Google Classroom.

    • They will also have Zoom meeting sessions when it is


    N.B. The students need to stick to Skills British

    School Online Policy.

  • Medical Conditions

    • If you have to keep your child at home due to illness, please

    make sure you send a medical certificate with your child

    when he/she returns to school.

    • Please DO NOT send medications to school with your child. It is

    preferable to keep your child at home at the first sign of any


  • Covid-19 Safety Measures

    • Students must stay at home if they:

    – have any symptoms of COVID-19

    – are tested positive for COVID-19

    – are in contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19

    within the past 14 days

    – have traveled abroad, they must get a negative PCR test

  • Covid-19 Safety Measures

    • Any child who is ill during the day (regardless of the symptoms) will

    be reported to the School doctor immediately, will stay in the

    ISOLATION ROOM and the school doctor will contact the parents

    to pick him/her up.

    • Students’ temperature will be checked before getting in the bus

    and once more at the school gate.

    • Students must have: – Face Shie