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  • Welcome to Case Management: HN330 Professor Craig Owens, LCSW Professor Craig & Wife Anne Marie with Grandson Baby Cooper
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  • Seminar Agenda Hopes and Fears What you can expect from Prof C! What I expect from you Tips for success in this class What is case management? Questions and Wrap-up
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  • What are your Hopes and Fears for this class?
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  • What you can expect from me: Coaching and support Reinforcing & developmental feedback Encouragement to use your critical thinking Sharing my field experiences Quick turn-a-round on inquires Emails usually answered same-day Phone messages returned within 2 hours (If message is received before 8 PM ET)
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  • What I expect from you: Ask for help when you need it, dont wait and get stressed Try your best to attend our live seminars Participate in discussions 2 or more days per week, dont wait until Tuesdays! Strive to keep your posts brief Be respectful with each other, challenge and build on ideas, avoid judging each other Turn assignments in on time or contact me ahead of time to discuss any issues you may have Enjoy! We learn more when we are having fun
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  • A Balancing Act I know you have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. Balancing a job, education, and family can sometimes feel overwhelming.
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  • Help is on the Way Whether you are new to the online learning environment, or a seasoned veteran, we are in this together and all want to make this semester a successful one.
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  • Hint 1: Print Out or save the Syllabus to your computer What are my grades based on in this class? What policies do I need to be aware of? All this information (and a lot more!) is contained in the course syllabus.
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  • Hint 2: Familiarize Yourself With the Course Layout Understanding the course layout will make your term run much more smoothly. Even if you are already familiar with the eCollege format, it doesnt hurt to review!
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  • Hint 2: Familiarize Yourself With the Course Layout This is a really cool function! I will upload important supplemental information (like seminar PPTs) that you can retrieve through the Doc Sharing link. This saves on filling email boxes with large files.
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  • Hint 2: Familiarize Yourself With the Course Layout The Dropbox will be used for project submissions. You can put your projects in the inbox and retrieve them in the same area.
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  • AssessmentsNumberPoints each Total Points Discussions940360 Projects3145435 Final Project1205 Total Points 1000 Points Grading Discussions are almost 40% of your grade in this class! Projects are over 60% of your grade!
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  • Hint 3: Make Sure You Understand the Weight of the Discussion Board Grade Note that your Discussion Board grade is worth of the entire course grade. 36%
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  • Grading Criteria For Discussions Possible Points Makes one primary post for each discussion thread (THERE ARE TWO THREADS AFTER THE FIRST WEEK) answering each of the questions correctly, and fully with substance meeting length requirements (100 word minimum for each primary post). Try and keep posts under 300 words these are conversations. 0-20 Makes two or more thoughtful responses to other students on each thread contributing to the quality of the discussion and meets length requirements (50-100 words for each peer response). 0 - 8 Primary responses make at least 1 reference to the unit material, text, or other academic source. 0 - 4 Responses are clearly written and are original ideas rather than a recap of what others contribute. 0-8 TOTAL 40
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  • READ, READ, READ In order to do well on the Discussion Board activities, you must read the assigned information in the classroom and in your text FIRST.
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  • What is a High Quality DB Post? 75-150 words (6 to 8 sentences) Refers to the assigned reading Uses good grammar and punctuation
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  • Hint 4: Read Your Instructors Announcements and Emails Sometimes they can get a bit long, but its all stuff you need to know! So, please be sure to read all announcements & emails, top to bottom, so you dont miss out on important points, key areas to concentrate on for the week and additional instruction.
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  • Hint 5: Read the Project Grading Tables (Rubrics) Read the rubric for each project BEFORE you begin the project. You will then have a clear understanding of what should be included in your project.
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  • Hint 6: Read Your Instructors Comments I spend a great deal of time reading through your assignments and making comments. You are urged to do the same, take your time and read through everything written to you. These comments are one-on-one conversations with you about your work. Click on your grades to see my comments!
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  • Hint 7: Set Aside a Certain Time Plan to check the Discussion Board at the same time each day during morning coffee, while the kids are napping, or each evening before going to bed. Routines help!
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  • Hint 8: Attend Seminars Seminars provide a valuable opportunity to take advantage of my experiences. Questions are answered and you have the opportunity to have course material clarified on an immediate feedback basis. We will also work together On challenging case studies In our remaining seminars.
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  • Hint 10 : Please refrain from conducting side-conversations during seminars, you are welcome to chat before we start and if we have a few minutes at the end
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  • Use Your Instructor! Please visit with me on AIM anytime you see me online. You are also welcome to set up a phone call or a Skype-call with me any time you need assistance or want to bounce an idea around. You are not a bother when you ask for assistance. Thats what I am here for!
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  • Now..lets talk about Case Management
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  • When you hear the term Case Management what do you think of or imagine in your mind?
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  • Briefly describe an ethical dilemma you might face as a Case Manager
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  • An Ethical Dilemma You are a Case Manager working with clients with mental illness and due to a recent separation from your spouse, your debts are building up and your car was recently repossessed. One of your long-term clients sells used cars, and notices you no longer have a vehicle. She offers you a loaner car at no cost until you can afford to buy another vehicle so you can still travel to see clients. How do you respond?
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  • Another Ethical Dilemma You are providing case management services to a young woman, Java, who escaped a serious domestic violence relationship. You found safe housing for her and her two young children. Now she is caring for some of her friends children to earn money to support herself and her family. You need someone to watch your son Brad on weekends because you work a second job to earn money for a down payment on a house. Java offers to watch Brad for you and you are tempted to do this because you know Java and you trust her; plus you know she really needs the money. What would you do?
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  • One last Ethical Dilemma You are locking your case management office door late Friday night, about to leave for the weekend, when your client; 17-year-old Jasmine, shows up in the hallway crying and says her parents threw her out because she admitted she was having sex with her boyfriend. She is scared and has no where to go and this neighborhood is known for late night violence and sexual assaults. You call her parents and they scream at you that their daughter is never stepping foot in their house again. You call the CPS hotline and they say there is nothing they can do for a homeless 17-year-old. The closest all- night shelter is almost two-hours away and you know from experience it is no place a single young woman. All the services that could help Jasmine are closed now until Monday. What do you do???
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  • Closing Feedback: 1.What did you think of our first seminar? 2.Name one thing you found interesting that you feel you will take away from tonights seminar and remember and use in your work in Human Services? Congratulations; You have completed your first Seminar in this Class! Prof C at 10,000 feet in Estes National Park, Colorado
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  • Have a wonderful evening, see you in class

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