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<ul><li><p>You are invited...We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Student Celebration </p><p>events, which will be taking place across the country in July. We believe passionately that celebrating students success can be </p><p>a powerful tool in boosting confidence and motivation, as well as sustaining engagement. </p><p>These events are the first of their kind for the Edge and we would love for as many of our schools to be involved as possible. Please find the dates below: </p><p>7th July Hope Academy, Merseyside10th July Sir John Colfox Academy, Dorset11th July Manor High School, Leicester12th July Charters School, Berkshire</p><p>Students will be presented with an extra-special limited edition certificate on stage, and will be treated to an inspirational speaker as well as performances from the host school. If your students have completed either the Apprentice or Graduate levels, please do consider joining us at these events. </p><p>But what if none of your students have completed the Apprentice or Graduate level yet? we hear you cry!</p><p>We have a series of special awards for students who have excelled (or are excelling) in specific areas of the Edge. For more information on how to nominate your students for the special awards, please turn to page 3.</p><p>They promise to be a great opportunity to come together as a network of schools, and applaud the hard work that staff and students have put in to the scheme. The Edge has come a long way since its conception three years ago, and we would love the opportunity to thank you for the integral part that you have played in our journey. </p><p>Reserve your places now by emailing Hannah@pixl.org.uk</p><p>THE</p><p>Competition time:One of your students could win the opportunity to meet and interview Ore Oduba! Ore is a sports broadcaster and 2016 champion of Strictly Come Dancing (not to mention star of the Edges LORIC videos!)</p><p>One lucky student will be selected to travel to London on 15th June and interview Ore at the O2 Academy, where he will be the guest speaker at the PiXL Primary Competition. </p><p>Find out more on the next page!</p><p>WELCOME</p><p>May 2017</p></li><li><p>Celebrating SuccessCompetition time</p><p>About the prize: Just one lucky student will be chosen to travel to London on 15th June (along with a member of staff and a friend) to interview Ore at the O2 academy, where he is speaking at the PiXL Primary Celebration </p><p>event. (PiXL will pay for the travel to and from the venue).</p><p>The winning student will have sole responsibility for planning the interview questions, and ensuring that the conversation flows a real test of all their LORIC attributes, especially communication and initiative!</p><p>The interview will be professionally filmed and edited, with the resulting video being made available to all Edge schools as an additional teaching resource. </p><p>How students apply: This competition is open to all secondary Edge students, from Years 7 to 13.</p><p>When students log in to their Edge account, they will see a box at the top of their profile explaining the competition and a link to the online application form. </p><p>The application form gives students the opportunity to tell us about why they want to interview Ore, as well as giving us examples of the sorts of questions they want to ask. </p><p>Applications must be received by Sunday 21st May and the winning student will be announced on 26th May. </p><p>Do you have any budding broadcasters, presenters or journalists?We have just the competition for them: winning the opportunity to interview broadcaster, presenter and journalist, Ore Oduba!</p><p>Top Tips: Students should remember that the recorded interview will be used as an Edge resource, and therefore their questions should encompass LORIC in some way. </p><p>Students should re-watch the LORIC videos that Ore has made for us in the past, for any clues and ideas for questions!</p><p>Students may want to find videos of Ore interviewing other people, to get a feel for his preferred interview style as this may come in helpful!</p><p>We cant wait to read their applications best of luck to all who apply!</p><p>Calling all budding journalists...</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>Celebrating SuccessSpecial Awards</p><p>PiXL Edge Special AwardsAs well as celebrating the achievement of all our new Apprentice and Graduate students, we want the Edge Celebrations to be an opportunity to applaud those students who have really taken aspects of the Edge to heart whether they have completed a full level yet or not. </p><p>Please see below for an outline of the available Special Awards. At each Celebration, a Regional Winner will be announced. From these regional winners, an overall National Winner will be invited to the PiXL Student Celebration in October!</p><p>Staff can nominate a maximum of two students per award. The deadline for nominations is 26th May. </p><p>To nominate your students, please email Hannah@pixl.org.uk to request the guidance documents and nomination forms. </p><p>LORIC Awards</p><p>Wellbeing Award</p><p>Them and Us Award</p><p>Apprentice of the Year and Graduate of the Year</p><p>Individual prizes for Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication. These five awards will be presented to the students who have gone above and beyond expectations, and who have made a concerted effort to develop one or more of the LORIC skills. </p><p>For the student who has championed the importance of health and wellbeing in their school or community through their Edge activities. </p><p>For the student who has embraced the principles at the heart of the Them and Us resources Acts of Kindness, Living Without Harm and Respect in their Edge activities.</p><p>For the students who have excelled across all five attributes, at either Apprentice or Graduate level.</p><p>Them Us&amp;</p><p>Wellbeing</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>PiXL EdgeNew resources</p><p>LORICNew graduate resources are now available for Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication. These follow the same style as the Apprentice level tutor time activities, but have been written to be more appropriate for KS4 students. The topics covered in the new resources are outlined below. </p><p>New Edge resources now live</p><p>Organisation (3 x sessions) The qualities of an organised person. Self-reflection and why managing time is </p><p>crucial. Skills for future success, adopting the right </p><p>mindset and reflecting on how you spend your time.</p><p>Initiative (3 x sessions) What is initiative and what is the impact of </p><p>showing it? The fact that effort is more important than the </p><p>result.</p><p>Leadership (3 x sessions) Effective leadership what is it, how does it </p><p>affect an outcome and why do we need it. Leaders we know what makes them good or </p><p>bad leaders and does this affect their success. Leaders in my life setting a good example and </p><p>how being a good leader can help my future.</p><p>Resilience (3 x sessions) How resilient are you in your life and how does </p><p>resilience impact your success. What makes us give up when the going gets </p><p>tough? Resilience for employability and further </p><p>education is it something I can change now?</p><p>Communication (3 x sessions) Different types of communication and its </p><p>impact. What can go wrong and first impressions; </p><p>interview skills and creating your CV. The change in technology, the impact of </p><p>social media and how you can create the right balance in your life.</p><p>Them and Us Following the success of the Year 7 and Year 8 programmes the Graduate resources (KS4 and KS5) are now live. These resources explore in greater depth, Acts of Kindness, Respect and Living without Harm and inspire students to see where and how they can contribute to create kinder, more respectful communities (and a society at large). As with all Edge resources, students are able to enact and learn experientially how to grow in this regard through completing graduate-level activities suggested in the resources.</p><p>Them Us&amp;</p><p>Leadership Organisation</p><p>Initiative Communication </p><p>Resilience </p><p>4</p></li><li><p>Wellbeing My Mind resources for KS3/4 and KS5, in addition to the existing resources on My Health. The KS3/4 My Mind resources were released back in January. For colleagues who have not yet had a chance to look at them in detail, please find an overview of the 21 sessions below.</p><p>Mindset Healthy mind and body Mind training Mental toughness Determination</p><p>Self-management Preparation Coping strategies Self-control Support network</p><p>Healthy body/Healthy mind Link between a healthy body </p><p>and healthy mind How to maintain good physical </p><p>and mental health Importance of physical activity </p><p>for the brain, mental health and dealing with stress</p><p>Emotionally fit Positivity and self-awareness Building self-esteem Strategies to deal with feelings </p><p>such as anxiety, sadness and mood swings</p><p> Being emotionally fit</p><p>Mental health Addressing stigma Understanding mental health </p><p>conditions Signs and symptoms of mental </p><p>health Supporting family, friends and </p><p>yourself with mental wellbeing Strategies to overcome mood </p><p>changes and depression</p><p>Self Management Coping skills and strategies to </p><p>deal with exam and life stress Overcoming life and wellbeing </p><p>challenges Managing life pressures</p><p>Building resilience Mental toughness Self-determination and </p><p>motivation Positive psychology and </p><p>personal strategies to bounce back</p><p> Overcoming setbacks and coping when things get tough</p><p>Mind training Growth and Fixed Mindset Coping with failure and </p><p>developing confidence Mindset strategies</p><p>Feelings Emotions Mental health Positivity Self-awareness</p><p>Focus Goal setting Strategy Belief Motivation</p><p>Dont forget about your staff!Places are filling up fast for our Staff Wellbeing Conference on 23rd June 2017, from 10.00 to 15.00, at the Kia Oval Cricket Ground in London. Cost is 140+VAT.The conference will: Highlight the importance of staff wellbeing Give you a comprehensive framework to develop workplace wellbeing Help you to build and implement an effective strategy and culture of wellbeing Include staff wellbeing services and signposting Explore example case studies of wellbeing in other organisations Tools and tips to launch staff wellbeing in your schoolBook your places now via the PiXL website: www.pixl.org.uk.</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>PiXL EdgeNew resources</p><p>No Wasted WeeksNo Wasted Weeks resources are now available on the Edge platform. </p><p>We believe these resources as part of an Edge programme will enable better transition from KS2 to KS3 and a specific set of resources have been developed for that purpose. They will support partnership with your local feeder primary schools to support the progression in English, mathematics and character development from KS2 to KS3. They are available free of charge to PiXL Secondary schools who can then make them available to all their feeder schools (NB: The feeder schools do not need to be members of PiXL Primary to make use of these resources.) </p><p>There are 15 sessions, available on the Edge platform, that have been designed to introduce Year 6 pupils to different aspects of the Edge programme. These sessions are split into groups of 5: Organisation, Them &amp; Us and Wellbeing.</p><p>Introducing students to Olly Organisation. Students are encouraged to reflect on key questions regarding their own organisation, such as: </p><p>- What are the skills of organisation?- How organised am I?- How will being organised help me with my homework?- How do I use my planner?</p><p>Introducing students to Them and UsStudents are introduced to the central ideas behind the Them &amp; Us resources including: </p><p> What groups do I belong to? How can we live together as Them and Us? How can I try to live without harm? How do my choices impact on others?</p><p>Introducing students to WellbeingStudents will be introduced to strategies and mechanisms for improving their mental health. Topics include: </p><p> Top tips to keep your body and mind in check Strategies to cope and bounce back when things get difficult How to recognise and manage different emotions Understanding the meaning of a positive mental attitude.</p><p>Additionally, the No Wasted Weeks resources for English and Maths are available to all PiXL members via Huddle: PiXL Resources &gt; No Opportunity Wasted (NOW) &gt; No Wasted Weeks</p><p>Careers new apprenticeship sessions added.Schools should have a strategy for careers guidance to enable them to develop high aspirations, improving understanding of the labour market and their options. Research conducted by the Education and Employers Taskforce identified that, where young people experience 4 meaningful contact points with an employer, they are less likely to become NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and experience higher earnings in later life than those young people who do not experience employer engagement activity. We believe that schools can use the Edge and Careers Resources as a means to providing good information to all students, and to helping them move towards gaining these meaningful contacts, making pragmatic steps towards more considered pathway choices by completing activities from the database. Apprenticeship Resources have now been added to the Careers suite. These are specifically designed to enable schools to inform and inspire students in relation to apprenticeship opportunities. They comprise of 3 sessions in KS3 and 3 for KS4 with a KS5 tutorial and Pathways masterclass. In this way the resources will lead students to a point of better clarity about the varied routes into professions and industries (including those formerly only available to graduates via the usual university route). What is particularly exciting about the careers resources is that they will enable students, as part of their LORIC development, to take practical and effective steps towards employability by apprenticeship providers.</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>Be inspiredOpen day calendar</p><p>A core value at PiXL is the power of collaboration and sharing good practice, and we take that to heart here at Edge HQ too. </p><p>Feedback from our schools indicates that visiting another Edge school is incredibly insightful, whether you are in the early planning stages or looking for ways to extend your current model of delivery. Please find below a list of Edge Open Sessions coming up this term across our Edge network. We will be adding many more dates to the calendar for the second half of the summer term too!</p><p>Please be aware that there is a small charge for attending Open Sessions (15+VAT per delegate) this money goes to the host school to cover their costs. </p><p>Would you like to host an Open Session?Please contact the Edge team (Edge@pixl.org.uk) if you are interested in finding out more about working with us and driving the Edge forward nationally. </p><p>DATES SCHOOL18th May Hinchingbrooke School, Cambridgeshire9th June Carshalton High School for Girls, South London20th June Boston Spa School, Leeds26th June Benfield School, Newcastle30th June Moseley School, Birmingham</p><p>Want to see the Edge in action?</p><p>7</p></li><li><p>PiXL WellbeingSt Crispins School </p><p>We have all been there havent we? On a course or at a conference, away from school for the day. As the morning gets started your mind wanders to what is going on back at base. You can visualise the little number next to your inbox increasing and that little butterfly in your stomach when you think of how much work you will have...</p></li></ul>