Welcome Back to School Mrs. Bolin Pre-Algebra (8 th grade math)

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  • Welcome Back to SchoolMrs. BolinPre-Algebra (8th grade math)

  • Pre-Algebra (8th grade math)HMH Consumable textbooks. 8th Grade Textbook: my.hrw.com (username) c250p (pass) a9t4sStudents may write in the textbook and tear out pages. INBs are a resource for notes, and are intended to go from home to school and back daily.

  • Practice and AssessmentHomework*Given as a practice to improve proficiency. It is always checked for accuracy, either by the students on the honor system, or by me for a grade.*Class work that is taken as a daily grade should be completed in class unless otherwise noted.Quizzes*Checks for understanding*Given with or without notice, any day.*Double daily grade (30% of total)

  • Practice and Assessment (cont.)Tests/Major Grades*Test days are Wednesday & Friday*Notice is given via board, teachers web page, e-mails through grade book, and verbally. *70% of grade

  • Student ResponsibilitiesPrepare for class*Supplies (including your INB every day!)*Homework*Study for TestsShow good citizenship in our learning community

  • Parent ChecklistWeb Page: Go to the campus webpage, scroll to Staff Directory, all of the teachers are listed there.HomeworkSupplies weekly for paper/pencilsHome Access once or more per week. The First MP ends Sept. 25th!!

  • Technology NeedsCalculators I have a class set of calculators for student use during class. Students will be able to use the calculators on the STAAR 8 test this year! It is NOT NECESSARY to have a graphing calculator at home; however, they will need one for high school.Computers access through home, school computer lab, or Tomball Library is helpful, but not required.

  • My Contact Informationdebrabolin@tomballisd.net (best way to reach me during the school day)281-357-3000 ext. 4442 (conference period is 6th period 12:35 1:25)Free tutoring Tuesday or Thursday from 2:30 3:00

  • Working together as a team Parent Child Teacher

    we can reach for the stars!

  • Thank you for coming I look forward to working with you this year!



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