Weird, Tricky Words Weird Words and Tricks to Remember Them.

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Lay vs. Lie Trick to Remember LIE= RECLINE VS. LAY=PLACE


Weird, Tricky Words Weird Words and Tricks to Remember Them Lay vs. Lie Definitions: Lie = to rest, to recline, to be in a place Lay = to put something in place Sentences: Once upon a time, there was a malevolent dragon that liked to _________ on top of his stupendous treasure. The villagers __________ extra treasure at his door to keep his odious fire breath from consuming their homes. Lay vs. Lie Trick to Remember LIE= RECLINE VS. LAY=PLACE Sit vs. Set Definitions: Sit=to rest in a seated position Set= to put (something) in place Sentences: One humid summer day, dapper knight was ___________ outside the towns large gate. When he __________ his shield beside him, he found a fey sword wedged in the ground. Sit vs.Set Trick to Remember SIT= POSITION VS. SET= WHERE IT GOES Rise vs. Raise Definitions: Rise = to go up or get up Raise = to lift up Sentences: The dapper knight tried to ___________ from his seat; meanwhile, he attempted to ___________ the fey object from the damp, soft ground. Rise vs. Raise RISE=RISE and Shine When you GET UP out of bed. VS. RAISE=I RAISE my hand to voice my opinion. Accept VS. Except Definitions: Accept= to receive; to get Except= to exclude; leave out Sentences: The dapper knight knew that unless he _______________ help from someone incredibly strong, that the fey fork would never be his. _____________, of course, if he was helped by one stronger than he. Accept VS. Except Trick to Remember: ACCEPT = GET something Vs. EXCEPT = EXclude something or someone Affect vs. Effect Definitions: Affect = to influence; to change (verb) Effect = the result of an action; consequence (noun) Sentences: The heat of the day and the weight of his gleaming armor was _____________ his ability to pull the fork. This ___________ frustrated the poor, dapper knight. Affect vs. Effect Trick to Remember: AFFECT = CHANGE VS. EFFECT = special EFFECTS To VS. Too VS. Two Definitions: To = moving in a direction toward. Too = also or in addition to Two= 1+1=2 Sentences: The dragon moved his head through the ground ______ help the dapper knight. The _________ warriors together, were able to devise a plan that helped the villagers, _______. To VS. Too VS. Two Trick to Remember: TO = going towards TOO = ALSO; to include an extra TWO = number There VS. Their VS. Theyre Definitions: There = a place away from where you are Their = possessive form of they. Theyre = contraction meaning they are. Sentences: _________ seems to be a miscommunication, dear sir, the knight retorted. The villagers, ___________ scared of you, if you helped me you could end _______________ fear of you. There VS. Their VS. Theyre Trick to Remember: THERE = wHERE (both end in HERE) THEIR = possessIve (contains I; I OWN) Theyre = They are Capital VS. Capitol Definitions: Capital = an upper case letter VS. Capitol = the governing city of a state or country. Sentences: A witch? the dapper knight pondered. Oh, yes, a witch, the dragon indignantly replied. She lives in a castle at the _______, and she is a witch with a ______ W, if you know what I mean Capital VS. Capitol Capital = A is the first letter in the alphabet so it means a capital letter. VS. Capitol = O like the dome of the capitol building Its VS. Its Definitions: Its: possessive form of it; it owns Its: contraction meaning it is Sentences: ____ not going to be easy, the dragon replied, ____ head bowing in fear. But I would be honored to fight alongside you. Its VS. Its ITS= Possessive ITS = It is Principal VS. Principle Definitions: Principal: the person in charge of a school Principle: a rule or standard Sentences: Once they reached the formidable wall of the capit_l, the dragon and knight were halted by an eloquent man. Hello, I am the only _____ in this town, he said. We have a _____ here that no one can enter the capit_l without doing a scintillating rendition of the hokey pokey. Principal VS. Principle PRINCIPAL = the principal should be your PAL PRINCIPLE = RULE Stationary vs. Stationery Definitions: Stationary standing still Stationery writing materials Sentences The prince was ___________ as the dragon entered. The scribe got out the _________ to record the events of the day. Stationary STAND still Stationery WRITE something May vs. Can Definitions May to be permitted (verb) Can to be able (verb) The key difference between can and may is that can talks about ability and may talks about permission. Which is correct? Can I go to the bathroom? May I go to the bathroom? Leave vs. Let Definitions Leave (verb used with an object) To go out of or away from, as a place Let (verb used with an object) To allow or permit Sentence The knight was going to _________ the kingdom for the battle. The queen will ______ him take the noble steed with him on his journey. Teach vs. Learn Teach -is an irregular verb (teach / taught / taught - teaching), that means to give someone knowledge or to train someone; to instruct. Learn - is an irregular verb (learn / learnt / learnt - learning), that means to gain knowledge or skill in a new subject or activity and make yourself remember it. Sentences My teacher _______ me not to use slang. I will _________ not to use slang in formal writing. Between Vs. Among Between - (preposition) Used with two items Among (preposition) Used with three or more items Sentences The negotiations between Argentina and Chile are going well. The negotiations among the countries of South America are going well. Ok, now it is your turn To test your shoulder partner, You should write 5 fill-in-the-blank sentences. Then, exchange them so that they can fill in the correct answers Example: All of you will receive an A+ on your test, _____ the one student that does not study. (accept, except) What grade did you earn?