week seven production log

Week Seven Production Log Simran Bhatti

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Page 1: Week seven production log

Week Seven Production Log

Simran Bhatti

Page 2: Week seven production log

What did I do this week?• This week I worked on improving some of my

previous blog posts by adding more information and images to make my posts much more interesting-adding these visuals and extra information has made my work much more appealing to the eye and interesting to read.

• I also worked on developing my ideas of what I want my BSR opening to be about-I done this by looking at news headline stories to look for inspiration and by doing random creative exercises to create funny storylines and random CD covers-these creative tasks helped me to think more outside of the box about what I might want to do.

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My Album CoverTo get this album cover I used various random websites, I used the random article wikipedia page to get the band name, I used flickr for the image and a random quote selector for the title of the album. I then had to rearrange all of this into the composition I wanted it to make it look real and interesting. I enjoyed this task as it allowed me to be creative.

I also think that the whole random idea was useful as it made me think of ideas I would never even consider and made me work with ideas that I may think are impossible to work with first. I am quite happy with my cover and I think it has a comedic effect too.

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Post Secret • I then looked at this website which has pictures

with little quotations on-these have been sent in from anonymous people and some of them are comedic but some are very serious and heart-breaking, I wanted to use these to see if I could take someone’s confession and use it as a basis of my BSR opening sequence.

Number OneThis postcard is about incest, it is saying that the father is in love with his daughter but is unable to be with her as he is with her mother (his wife). This is very shocking and a bold statement to make, I could make a film about his struggles and about his wrong desires and how he tackles them.

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Number TwoThis postcard is about a man saying he will never know if the baby his underage girlfriend has is biologically his or not, but if she had used the rape test to find out he would be in jail. This is telling us indirectly that he raped his girlfriend but she does not know it.

I could use this especially as the girlfriend is underage and a lot of BSR focuses on teenagers, it also contains many themes such as broken relationships, abuse and parenthood as the mother is underage-so what type of care can she offer to her child? I think the setting could be in an area like Dagenham in an estate where the girl does not have a lot of support-this will emphasize the daily struggles she faces whilst bringing up her child with her boyfriend (also the rapist).

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Number ThreeThis postcard tells the secret that the person is very insecure and whenever they receive compliments they believe the person is lying. They believe they will never be good enough and I think this is from a teenager who lacks self esteem and may suffer from anxiety or depression.

This would be a good storyline for me as I could base it around a teenager who is in school and struggles to socialise as they cannot trust anyone, the theme mental illness could also be introduced if the protagonist were to suffer from depression or anxiety because of their increasing fear of never being good enough for anyone.