week #9: the english patient

Week #9: The English Patient Professor Poyner-Del Vento

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Week #9: The English Patient. Professor Poyner -Del Vento. Kindly turn off. All cell phones The wireless component of any laptop computers. Overview of lecture. Introduction to author and novel Historical background Revision. Introduction to author and novel. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Week #9:The English Patient

Professor Poyner-Del Vento

Page 2: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Kindly turn offAll cell phonesThe wireless component of any laptop


Page 3: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Overview of lectureIntroduction to author and novelHistorical backgroundRevision

Page 4: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Introduction to author and novel

Page 5: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Introduction to Michael Ondaatje

Image from Scooter Chronicles: http://scooterchronicles.com/2009/04/28/divisadero-by-michael-ondaatje/

Page 6: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Introduction to The English Patient

Image from New Writing North: http://www.shop.newwritingnorth.com/pat-barker-the-ghost-road-d198532.html

Page 7: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Lyrical styleThe English Patient is written in a highly

lyrical styleSome students struggle with reading this

writing style

Page 8: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Historical background

Page 9: Week  #9: The  English Patient

World War Two1939-1945Involved countries from around the world


More than 100 million soldiers and other military members were involved

Between 50-70 million people killed

Page 10: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Countries involved in World War II

Image from Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:WWII.png

Page 11: Week  #9: The  English Patient


Page 12: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Two kinds of revisionHigher Order Concerns—big picture issues

Do you have a debatable thesis?Is your essay well organized?Are your ideas developed enough?

Lower Order Concerns—small detailsAre you writing grammatical sentences?Are you using punctuation correctly?Are you using proper MLA Style?

adapted from OWL Website: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/690/01/

Page 13: Week  #9: The  English Patient

“One Art”By Elizabeth Bishop

American poet20th century

First page of handout

Page 14: Week  #9: The  English Patient

First draft of “One Art”Second page of handout

Page 15: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Eleventh draft of “One Art”Third page of handout

Page 16: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Real revisiontruly revising means being willing to change


Page 17: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Advantage of OutlineAllows you to see essay as wholeAllows you to focus on HOCs, not LOCs

Resources available on WebCT

Page 18: Week  #9: The  English Patient

Format for OutlineSeveral pages, using point formWorks Cited page, using MLA styleOptional: Acknowledgements page

Will be graded according to rubric

Due dates are based on your tutorial datesMon, July 18th Tue, July 19th

Also turn in via WebCT

Page 19: Week  #9: The  English Patient

The English PatientRead until page 176 by next lecture