Week 6: Model the Way. The Leadership Challenge Leadership isn’t about personality, it is about behavior  The exemplary leadership practices grounded.

Download Week 6: Model the Way. The Leadership Challenge Leadership isn’t about personality, it is about behavior  The exemplary leadership practices grounded.

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  • Week 6: Model the Way
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  • The Leadership Challenge Leadership isnt about personality, it is about behavior The exemplary leadership practices grounded in research Model the Way Inspire a Shared Vision Challenge the Process Enable Others to Act Encourage the Heart
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  • Key Points to: Model the Way Clarify Values & Set the Example People follow the person first and then the planwhy? CredibilityDWYSYWD Determine your guiding principleswhat are your values? What is the great Let people know what you believeopen your heart Forge values around common principles & ideals QUESTIONhow did the Bank America guy accomplish this?
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  • Model the Way Flow Chart Commitment #1Clarify Your Values Find your voice Affirm shared values Commitment #2Set the Example
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  • Commitment #1: Clarifying Values Essentials Find your voice Affirm shared values Taking Action Credo Engage in dialogue
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  • Commitment #1 Clarify Your Values What do leaders have in common? They believe in something Their beliefs are strong and matters of principle K & P research demonstrated that personal-best leadership cases were stories of people who remained true to deeply held values In order to speak out you need to know what to speak out about
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  • Commitment #1 Clarify Your Values If you dont believe the messenger you wont believe the message You cant believe the messenger if you dont know what the messenger believes You cant be the messenger until youre clear about what you believe.
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  • Commitment #1 Clarify Your Values Look at p. 55 in the text What do you notice? Clarity of personal values trumps everything Clarify of personal values coupled with clarity of organization values is most powerful What does this mean? Personal values are the route to loyalty and commitment, not organizational values
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  • Commitment #1 Clarify Your Values In order to find your words and your style, you need to be crystal clear on what your values are. Leaders set an example for all constituents based on a shared understanding of whats expected Unless theres agreement about values, credibility is lost people shouldnt waste their time figuring out what they should be doing Engage your teachers in a dialogue about what the good is and what is valuable
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  • Commitment #1 Clarify Your Values Taking Action Credo class assignment
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  • Commitment #2Set the Example Essentials Personify the shared values Teach others to model the values Taking Action Story telling Develop a routine for questioning
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  • Commitment #2Set the Example Personify the Shared Values Spend your time wisely Watch your language Ask purposeful question Seek feedback Teach Others to Model the Values Confront critical incidents Tell stories Reinforce what you want repeated
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  • Commitment #2Set the Example No one will believe youre serious until they see you doing what youre asking of others Leaders recognize that they need to be mindful for the choices they make because theyre telling people whats appropriate and whats not
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  • Commitment #2Set the Example Spend your time and attention wisely E.g.if achievement and high quality instruction are important, how much time do you spend with teachers and students?
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  • Commitment #2Set the Example Watch your language E.g.employee, manager, boss, supervisor, subordinates Versus Associates, crew, cast, team, colleagues, constituents Leaders know the power of words P.82experiment with confederate
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  • Commitment #2Set the Example Ask purposeful questions The questions you ask imply your values What have you done in the past week so that youre better this week than the last? How are we going to move towards deep implementation? What are we going to commit to and hold ourselves accountable to?
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  • Commitment #2Set the Example Seek feedback It shows that youre open to communication Does this make sense? Do you agree? Is this some kind of crazy dream? Can we do this?
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  • Commitment #2Set the Example If CREDIBILITY = DWYSYWD then how can you know youre doing that if you dont ask for feedback?
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  • Commitment #2Set the Example Teach Others to Model the Values Confront critical incidents (e.g. our F/L BLT discussion) Tell stories (e.g. 2 nd grade teachers articulation of how student writing used to be prior to rubric and clarity of learning targets) Reinforce behavior you want repeated (e.g. through your words and your actions)
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