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Wedding planner Glasgow. Step by step guide to help you plan your perfect wedding in Glasgow.


  • Yours Wedding photographer Edinburgh HERE IS YOUR INDISPENSABLE SSTUDIO WEDDING PLANNER! Are you planning to get married? There is so much to do isnt there? Creating your perfect day involvesmonths of planning and organising. Do you even know where to start? Are you afraid that youll miss outsomething important? RELAX! Weve got just what you need! With our easy-to-follow wedding plan you will be able to sort outthose problems just like a professional wedding planner! Simply follow the steps on the plan - and tick theboxes when each one is done. One step at a time is all it takes and well guide you through each part of thewedding planning and preparations so you can enjoy it all. Planning your perfect wedding can be a really tough job and it can also be a lot of fun. It really dependson your personal style and your budget. If you are the kind of person who has lots of other things going on:doesnt like or enjoy organising things or would rather hand it all to a professional wedding planner so youcan be sure of what youll get, then you will easily find many wedding planners from Aberdeen to Glasgow,Inverness to Edinburgh and all places in-between, who will be happy to help. On other hand if you are looking forward to planning your wedding yourself and to making sure that eve-rything is exactly as you want and just as you dreamed about, than theres a wonderful journey ahead. Bear inmind that even if you do decide to use a professional wedding planner, it will still be you who has to make allthe key decisions and give final approval to everything. Here are three top tips before you start! 1. Start early rather than late. There is nothing worse than trying to get a supplier two weeks before thewedding and finding everyone is booked up. Great venues are popular even booking a year ahead isnt longenough for some of them, so make enquiries early. 2. Do not try to do it all on your own. Create a little team of helpers and dedicate certain tasks to each oneof them, People love to help so enlist friends and family. Its your job to monitor their work and discuss book-ings with approved suppliers. Agree and set time deadlines with your team and make sure you contact peopleregularly to keep them on task. 3. Set your priorities. For example, the wedding venue, wedding car, flowers and dress are all about howyou want to feel on your wedding day. They are your key choices and create theheart and soul of the occasion. On other hand wedding photography andvideo is all about how you and others will remember your wedding and ismore of a technical project. You may want to work more on the creativeaspects of the wedding planning and let someone else handle the technicalaspects. Just make sure they understand what you would like the final outcome to
  • Yours Wedding photographer Aberdeen So, lets start the wedding plan count down! 12 months to go. Decide on your wedding date then: Check Met office statistics for information about the weather in the month of your choice. You may want tostay with your original date even if the weather isnt looking great but you may need to change other idease.g. clothing or venue. Make sure that all close relatives can make that date. Call them or email them and ask them to getback to you within a week or so, so that you know if key people are available before you book anything. Work out your budget determine how much money you will need and how you will save/earn it. Tohelp you to do this follows our complimentary Sstudio Wedding Budget Guide. Make a preliminary guest list set aside a relaxed evening or day time to do this with your partner. Itsa couples decision who comes to your wedding, and if you set the right tone now, any little disagreements,worries or snags can be talked about early on and handled. Its not unusual for there to be some disagreementor family tension about guests if you expect that and dont get upset, youll both benefit from the discussionsand agreements that you make now. Allow an additional 5% extra guest places as you may need to invite someone at short notice. (For instance,you move and make new friends, or a relative wants to bring an extra person.) Book the ceremony and reception venue. Remember, you may need cash for deposits now so be surethat its available. If any of your guests have special needs e.g. wheelchairs, pushchairs, then make sure the venue has accessfor them. Start searching for wedding outfits. To save time and effort, start your search on-line and in wed-ding magazines and get a few ideas of what you want. Make a folder and cut out and keep pictures of all thethings you like. Come up with a colour scheme to help you bring it all together. Find the shops that stock yourpreferred styles by searching on-line and book appointments with them. That way, you dont have to traipsearound wasting time in shops that dont have what you want. You dont want to go to Dundee for a day thenfind what you want is in Glasgow or Edinburgh. 11 months to go. Get wedding insurance. Just think of the investment you are making andyou will realise it has to be a good idea. Book a photographer or videographer. To avoid the worst weddingphotography nightmare mistakes use our complimentary guide 10 questionsyou must ask your photographer. A good idea is to ring a few and ask themsome preliminary questions from our Sstudio guide. If you get good responses, then book a time to go and see them
  • Yours Wedding photographer Glasgow Choose your bridesmaids, maid of honour, best man, pageboys and ushers. Make sure that youhave all their dress sizes, shoe and hat sizes (remember though, that little ones may grow considerably in thenext 11 months) and get together with them all as a group, to explain what kind of wedding you are planningand how important their help is. Order your outfits and plan a preliminary fitting date. Order your wedding cake and make sure you know whether it needs collecting or whether it will bedelivered to the reception venue. If any of your guests are wheat or gluten intolerant, you may want to ordera smaller, non-gluten version or offer a suitable alternative. Ask the cake maker if they supply boxes for theguests who want to take cake away with them. 10 months to go. Start choosing wedding stationary. Decide now whether you want to include thank you cards, menus(although your caterers may do this for you) and place-name cards as well as the invitations themselves. Book your wedding car or cars. Make sure the company can provide you with a back-up plan. If youwant uniformed chauffeurs then tell them now. If the venue has any parking/waiting restrictions make surethey are familiar with them and also know exactly where to pick the bridal parties up from and when. Add inextra time for traffic delays, dress re-arranging, photographs and last minute things. Confirm food and drink with the caterers. Make sure they can supply extra places if need be. Get your Piper booked. Make sure he (she) knows when, where and what music you want. Be sure tobook them for all the different parts of the day, if thats what you want. For instance, will you be piped in andout of the venue/church? On arrival at the reception? As you leave for your honeymoon? Organise flowers, for the ceremony and reception. You will need to choose your personal flowers/bouquet:also flowers for bridesmaids to wear or carry, buttonholes for pages, ushers, best man and main family guests.You may want flowers for decorating the venue/church/car and reception area. Some venues will provide thisas part of their service so double check. You dont want to order flowers you dont need! You may also likeflowers for the tables if you are having a sit down meal, or a few decorations for the buffet table. Many peoplealso like to present bouquets to the Brides mother and mother-in-law as a thank you for their help and sup-port. Let florist know what outfits you will have so that they can recommend you flowers. If you have samples ofthe dress fabrics, that helps enormously. If not, bring photographs, taken in clear daylight, so the colours are astrue as possible. 9months to go. Organise a wedding gift list. You can do this on-line by choosing eithera store or a company who specialise. Let all your guests have details of wherethey can find your wedding gift
  • Yours Wedding photographer Dundee Book your honeymoon. You will need funds to place a deposit so have them ready. Make sure your passport is up-to-date. If necessary, you will have to travel with a copy of your weddingcertificate to show your change of name. Make sure when you book your honeymoon that the agents get yourname as it will be in your passport. Do you need vaccinations/tropical medicines/insurance for your chosen location? Do you need a travel visa for where you are going? How will you get to the airport, if you are flying? Do you need to book an additional car? Choose the wedding rings and store them in a very safe place! You will have to hand them over to thebest man nearer to The Day. Choose wedding jewellery for you and your bridesmaids. Add it to your household insurance if nec-essary and then store it carefully. 8 months to go. Decide on the first dance! What music do you want? Whats the best dance to go with it? Dont miss outon a wonderful moment - if you are not comfortable with dancing, get a teacher, check Arrange music for ceremony and reception. This will take more time than you think. When you havechosen it, make sure that anyone else involved can play it. Get the exact name and composer if you can. Forinstance if you have an organist/pianist playing for you, can they get the music in the format they need itin? Can they play it? If you are booking a band, or/and a disco talk to them about your preferred music andask them if its what they usually do. Go and listen to them perform if you can. If you are booking a vocalist,make sure he or she knows where they will perform. Make sure you have a passport to go to honeymoon. (See also: 9 Months to go). Make sure to know if you need a visa and make a record into your diary to get one if you need to. Make sure you have booked an appointment with your doctor for vaccinations. Some vaccinations have tobe ordered and paid for, so find out if this is the case for you. Consult your travel agent for any extra information about health and safety concerns in the country/coun-tries, you will be visiting. 7 months to go. Order your wedding stationary and decide whether you also want to include thank you cards orwhether you are going to buy them separately. Make the first draft for the guest seating plan. Choose thank-you gifts for members of your wedding party. Now is a goodtime to wrap them and label them. It seems a long time away, but its one more job off your list and that means more time to relax the nearer you get to theBig Day! Start preparing your speech and begin writing your vows. Heres a neatresource to get you started:
  • Yours Wedding photographer Inverness If you want to you can make a web page to put up all the details of the wedding. That way, you can save a lotof phone calls and emails later on. If your web page has links to the venues, maps, dates, times of the ceremonyand receptions, links to the wedding present list, and so on, your guests will find it a very useful resource. 6 months to go. Tell your parents and relatives what youll be wearing so they can coordinate their outfits with yours.Show them colour swatches or photographs. You can send on-line photos to those that arent local to you. Buy honeymoon clothes and pack them. Use scented tissue paper to make sure they stay fresh. If youneed new suitcases now is a good time to get them. Remember to label the suitcases clearly. Make sure outfits are organised for the groom, best man and ushers. Negotiate special room rates at local hotels, bed and breakfasts and the venue, if it has accommodation,so that the guests who want to stay overnight benefit from reduced rates. Make sure your web site or if you areusing email, your emails, have full details of this. 5 months to go. Begin your search for a hairdresser and makeup artist. You will need to have practice sessions withboth of them. They will want to see your outfits, understand your colour scheme and style and try differenthair arrangements for you. Its a good idea to make a little folder with all the colours, pictures and locationphotographs in so you can show it to them. Make sure they have the wedding day free and find out if they cancome to you, or whether you have to travel to them. If so, how convenient will that be? Who will drive howmany of you will need their services? You may get a better price for a bigger party. Book your first-night hotel. Make sure they know youre a honeymoon couple if you want the extras.Sometimes a bottle of champagne, or flowers or a complimentary up-grade can be arranged. Calculate howlong it will take you to get there, so you can plan what time you will need to leave your reception. Start wearing your wedding foot wear around the house. Dont walk on hard surfaces at first in caseyou mark them. If there is a danger of the soles being slippery, use some emery paper (sand paper) to lightlymark the sole and make it more grippy. Start making a master seating plan. Make sure its easy for everyone to read, with large enough print forolder guests who may find small print hard to read. You may want to write out the place name tags now too. 4 months to go. Let the caterers know of the final number of guests. Make sure theyknow ahead of time of any dietary needs. For instance, are any guests vegans orvegetarians? What options are there for little children? Visit the hairdressers to discuss all details. By now you will need to youbring your headdress or veil. If you are having flowers, or fancy clips, let yourhairdresser now know. Also, if you are considering having your hair coloured,
  • Yours Wedding photographer Organise your wedding make-up. Make sure if your bridesmaids, the mothers and maid-of-honourneed make-up that you book for them too. If you would like to have your bouquet dried as a keep sake then now is the time to find someone who cando that for you. If you are going to have wedding favours small packets of sweets , or little gifts, on the table for instance,now is the time to choose and order them. Get your wedding rings engraved, if thats something you want to do. Make sure to collect thempromptly. Carry on wearing-in your shoes at home. If you need a second outdoor pair then buy them now andwear them in. Make sure you wear them using the stockings/wedding hosiery that you will be wearing on theday. Buy some thank you cards if you didnt order them with your wedding stationery. Its a good idea to buyplenty of stamps all at once so that you save having to go buy them over and again. Do you need a manicure and/or a pedicure the day before the ceremony? If so, book it now. 3 months to go. Send out wedding invitations and make a note of who has had one and when it was sent. If you are acomputer fan, using spread sheets for all of these things will help you. You can share them with your partnertoo. Make a list of acceptances and refusals. Keep this list on hand so you can monitor numbers and keepyour caterers up-to-date. Or you can simply update your invitations sent spread sheet. Send out thank you cards as wedding presents arrive. Make a list of who sent what gift and when yousend a thank you add a note that you did, to the list. Finalise guest numbers with caterers. When you do this, do it with a written medium even if its justan email so you can both be sure what is agreed. Finalise the seating plan. You will need to produce a plan that people can easily read. Sometimes yourvenue will help you with this so ask them. Make sure that the font is big enough for older people to read eas-ily. Start to plan your hen and stag parties and ask all your key people if they are free on the dates youwant to go away on. Again, you may need deposits so make sure cash is available. Aim to go away/have yourparty in the month before the wedding month. Book a rehearsal for the ceremony and let anyone else involved knowthe place, date and time of the rehearsal. If you are planning a get-together for after the rehearsal, then book a meal
  • Yours Wedding photographer Perth If you like this guide and interested to read about remaining two month plan, day beforethe wedding and what to do on your wedding day. Please download whole document fromour website. Even if you looking for wedding budget calculator, or you interested to know about,,10 questions you must ask your wedding photographer,, you will find it all there and asalways it is completely FREE to download, use and print.To access those documents simply click on this link best things in life, come FREE! Disclaimer: Please note all prices are from statistics data averaging for the whole UK. Prices in some regionsor individual suppliers may vary. This document should only be used forassistance in planning and should not be relied upon as individual needs andbudgets will vary. It is for guidance and ideas only. Sstudio do not accept anyresponsibility for any errors or wrong decisions that are made while using thisdocument. We do not accept any responsibility for the data or outcomes whenuse this