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Sunshine Coast + Destination Professional Photography by Carly Head


  • car ly looyahp h o t o g r a p h y & g r a p h i c d e s i g n

  • Congratulations on your engagement!

    Thank you for enquiring about wedding photography with Carlylooyah. My name is Carly and I am a creative photographer and graphic designer living and working on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Its lucky I live near the Sunshine Coast Airport as the last 12 months have sent me interstate to shoot weddings and events for my awesome clients.

    I am very proud to say that the majority of my clients are repeat work and from word of mouth recommendations. I love being a visual story teller...

    Ive always been a creative and have studied many aspects of art, design and film and television. Starting out as a professional photographer in 2012 after my husband gave me a little shove into the industry by buying my first Nikon DSLR camera was an exciting one. I have never looked back, shooting my first wedding soon after along with family portraits, products, model portfolios, exhibitions, body art industry awards and shooting for national and international publications.

    Natural, not too posed, candid, elegant, captivating are some of the words that clients and professionals in the industry have used when describing my work. I love event photography as I can capture the day for you while you are busy in the moment. I promise to do my best to capture the essence of your wedding day. Hope to hear from you soon. Carly xo



  • Carly Head is an award winning photographer and graphic designer with a vibrant and passionate attitude to her work. Carlys unique and creative style, along with her enthusiastic and happy personality ensure her clients always feel confident she will capture any special moment perfectly. She is a very successful portrait and wedding photographer, with her beautiful work being published in national magazines. Carly has a great passion for music and has recently professionally photographed an international rock and roll band.


  • Digital Package - $1250On the big day Getting ready Ceremony Group shots Couple shots Reception arrival shots

    And my favourite part capturing all of the precious little things in between!

    The digital wedding package is up to 4 hours shooting time USB with images as high resolution for printing + screen optimised for Facebook and Email, A slideshow to music is also included.

    Carlylooyah Package - $3000Engagement Shoot - 1 Hour + 12 Hi Res Images

    On the big day Getting ready Ceremony Group shots Couple shots Reception arrival shots

    And my favourite part capturing all of the precious little things in between!

    The Carlylooyah package is up to 8 hours shooting time USB with images as high resolution for printing + screen optimised for Facebook and Email, A slideshow to music is also included.

    11x14 Carlylooyah Linen Bound 20 page Wedding Album beautifully designed by Carly.

    Ceremony photography (up to 2 hours shooting time - Ceremony + Couple Portrait shots) - $600 (USB with hi res + web optimised images)

    11x14 Albums - from $500 5x7 Parent Albums - from $150

    Your Investment

  • Important things to consider...I am at your wedding to capture the day in a quiet and professional manner and will always be there to help out with getting ready if I can. The style of my photography is candid, I prefer to take pictures naturally rather than posing you for every shot. Please advise your bridal party and family that they dont need to do anything apart from be themselves. I will take care of the photography and will do my best to capture the essence of your special day. Also, please let your guests know if you would rather they leave the photography of the ceremony up to me. It is all over in the blink of an eye and usually in a small space. Make it clear to guests if you want to put the first pictures up on social media. xo


    1. We authorise Carly Head to arrange the photography of our Wedding, inaccordance with the details following. We understand there is a 3 workingday cooling-off period from the date of signing this contract and for anyorders placed.

    2. We have received, read and understand Carly Heads price list, which has been confirmed for our wedding, on payment of the deposit/booking fee.We agree that payment of the initial deposit/booking fee confirms thebooking with the Carly Head. Dates cannot be held until the fee has been paid.

    3. We agree to pay the full balance at least two weeks prior to the WeddingDay. Failure to do so gives the Carly Head the right to refuse to carry out thefull photographic services.

    4. The booking of and any additional costs incurred for booking venues,photography locations etc are our responsibility and may be deductedfrom the photographic coverage unless paid for separately. (NB If thephotographer is required to remain after the meal, a meal should beprovided by the Bride and Groom.)

    5. (a) We are satisfied that the details overleaf are correct and will confirmthe details prior to the Wedding. We agree to advise the hairdressers andmake-up artists, the hire cars and the caterers of all the relevant times,details and locations as detailed here and to coordinate their services.

    5. (b) The details & times listed form part of this agreement and we agreeto make every effort to cooperate in order for Carly Head to fulfil hercontracted photographic duty. We acknowledge the Carly Head cannotaccept responsibility for the extent of the photographic coverage ifthese details are incorrect or if we chose not to follow the agreed toschedule or events of the day happen that are not forseen.

    6. To avoid disruption to the photographic coverage and to allow the Carly Head to fulfil her contracted duty, other photography by family and friends will be at the discretion of the bride and groom.

    7. We accept the responsibility to contact the Carly Head, at least two weeksprior to Wedding, to confirm details are correct and there are noalterations.

    8. We agree to immediately advise Carly Head in writing of any alterationsin the details listed here including postponement or cancellation of thewedding.

    9. In the event of cancellation of the wedding we agree that the deposit/booking fee of 20% of the entire Wedding Photography Package will be forfeited unless in cases of genuine hardship, but that Carly Head may allow a claim towards other photography herself within twelve (12) months of the date of this order.

    10. We agree the Copyright in all photographs is owned by the Carly Head.We give permission to the Carly Head to use any image of our Weddingfor industry competitions and as required subsequent usage andfor reasonable general promotional advertising on social media sites for her business, Carlylooyah. The usage for any other purpose is to be renegotiated between the parties and requires specific permission.


    11. We understand that these photographs are only to be used as agreedand may not be sold or used for commercial purposes without Carly Heads consent.

    12. The digital files remain the property of the Carly Head and willbe kept on file a period of one year. We recognise that materials &technology change constantly so we need to place our required orderas soon as possible to obtain the optimum quality.

    Regarding re-ordering photographs, we also understand that:13. (a) All orders including family and friends orders are to be placedwithin eight weeks of viewing of the proofs, otherwise prices current atthe time of ordering will apply.

    13. (b) The wedding will be considered one order, regardless of how manyindividual parties request photographs. We will be responsible for theentire order and no partial orders will be given out until the balance ofthe order is paid.

    13. (c) All orders must be accompanied by full payment unless priorarrangement with the Carly Head had been made.

    13. (e) All orders shall remain the property of the Carly Head until full pay-ment has been made.

    13. (f) Telephone orders require written confirmation with payment beforethe order can be processed.

    13. (g) All reasonable freight and postage which we request, will be paidby us.

    14. Carly Head has no control over the environment in which thephotographs are kept and that colour photographs, in commonsensitised material and colour dyes, have limited life expectancy when

    exposed to strong and prolonged sunlight or fluorescent light sources.Photographs or enlargments or albums will retain their colour and brilliance much longer when displayed under better lighting conditions.

    Carly Head from Carlylooyah Photography & Design promises that:

    1. Should she not be available for any reason, Carly Head will notify the Bride & Groom of the change as soon as it is known and provide another photogra-pher with equivalent skills or provide a refund, whichever is the clients choice.

    2. Please backup your wedding images as soon as you recieve them. Carly Head will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged USBs once they have been handed over to the client. If you do require a replacement USB, a fee will be charged plus postage costs.

    3. Carly Head shall carry out this assignment with due and professionaldiligence. Elements beyond Carly Heads control include faulty material,equipment failure, loss of photos/digital files in transit between Carly Head and client USBs or other photographers employed by herself, loss or damage to digital files and industrial disputes, or weather conditions which may inhibit or prevent Carly Head completing in whole or in part this assignment. In this case Carly Head shall not be liable for its complete performance of theassignment. It is agreed that the liability of the Carly Head shall be limited tobe a refund of any money paid under this agreement which shall be infull & final satisfaction of any damage or loss suffered.

    I/we have read and understood the terms of this agreement.


    __________________________________ DATE:___/___/_____


    __________________________________ DATE:___/___/_____

    Thank you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further queries.

    Carly Head JP(Qual)+61 423 423 [email protected]

    Professional Photography & Graphic Design

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  • car ly looyahp h o t o g r a p h y & g r a p h i c d e s i g n