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<p>WEDDING AFFAIR 20Friday, February 4, 2011Saturday, February 5, 201110:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.Nampa Civic CenterFREE ADMISSION2011WEDDINGAFFAIRFriday, February 4, 2011WEDDING AFFAIR 200Are you one of the thou-sandsofcoupleswhogot engagedovertheholidays? This is the time for you and yoursoon-to-betogetev-erythingyoueverwanted whetheryourestarting fromscratch,upgrading, expandingorreplacing Turn a whole bunch of mis-matchedmineandyours into a lifetime of oursWhenitcomestoregis-tering, relax, take your time and have fun, recommends Audrey Stavish, a Bridal and GiftRegistryexpertatBed Bath &amp; Beyond Most brides updatetheirregistrieson-lineandgointothestores manytimesTherearent any rules that you must fol-lowChooseitemsthatare right for you and your soon-to-beGothroughthereg-istryprocesstogetherand have fun!Here are some additional tips to make wedding plan-ning a breeze:Planahead:Start abridalregistryassoon asyousayyesThatway guestswillhavelotsofop-tionsforengagementgifts andshowersPeriodically updateyourregistryby addingmoreproductsif youneedto,evenafterthe weddingBekindtopro-crastinatorsdothemath:Ex-pertsadviseregisteringfor 2-3itemstimesthenumber ofguestsyouplantohave Closefriendsandfamily willrelyonyourregistry forspecialeventsleading up to the wedding such as engagementparties,bridal showers, and holidays! Your guestswillappreciatehav-inglotsofchoiceswhen they shop for you Be sure to refresh your list regularly as gifts get purchasedreGisternow,Be-causeyouwontBuy itlater:Youmaythink youwillbutyouwont Now is the time to let others get you the stuff youd never buyyourselfYourfriends andfamilymightevenget together to purchase a high-er priced group giftdreamBiG:Register for gifts in a range of prices andcategoriesThiswill giveguestsandgroupgiv-ers lots of options to choose fromrememBer the rule of three: When it comes tosettingyourtable,ifyou chooseboldpatternsfor yourchinaandflatware, pickamoresimplestyleof glasswarePreferintricate stemware?Pairitwithsim-plerpatternsofchinaand flatware So, its bold/bold/simpleorsimple/simple/boldvisitastore:Itsin YOURbestinteresttovisit astoreandscheduleanap-pointmentwithanexpert SAVE $25ONWEDDING INVITATIONS$100 MINIMUM ORDERC OP Y C E NT E R , S I GNS , V I NY L , P R OMOT I ONSYOUR ONE STOP WEDDING SHOP465-615512242NDS1.SO. ,NAMPA! DAHO384375My desire is to make a memory you want created through camera...208-906-6945www.memoriescreated.biz385138Mens Store1309 1st St. So. 466-5511Downtown Nampa$65Tuxedo RentalsBest Formal Supplier in the Valley for 65 Years!3840142922 E. Greenhurst, Nampa 475-4415374589</p> <p>WEDDING AFFAIR 20Friday, February 4, 2011(208) 412-9099www.scbridaldesigns.comSC BridalIn Downtown NampaBridal Gowns, Bridesmaid,Flower Girl, Invitations,Showers, Accessories,Quinceaera,Custom Design, AlterationsWe Rent Slips &amp; Bustier *Alterations are available regardless where it was purchased194324www. f our t hst r eet gar dens. c om( 208) 398- 8273383221consultantwhocanhelp youwithyourgiftselec-tions and share great tips like TheRuleofThree,what cookwareyouwillneedto prepareyourfavoritedish, what knife to use when and muchmoreWhenmaking yourselections,itsimpor-tanttotouchthetowels, heft the flatware, see every-thing in person!cmonBack:Most couples dont make all their selectionsinasinglespree Planonmakingmultiple visitsOnceyouvesetupyour registry,takeadvantageof Bed Bath &amp; Beyonds Bridal Toolkit(R),thecomplimen-tary wedding planning tools availableatbedbathandbe-yondcom,includingyour ownPersonalWedding Website,budgeter,task manager,guestlistman-ager, gift tracker and even a seatingarrangerThisway, all of your information can be stored in one convenient placeCongratulations and best wishes on your engagement Nowgetregisteringandlet the gift-giving begin follow a few wedding registry tips and give wedding well-wishers plenty of gifting options.Friday, February 4, 2011WEDDING AFFAIR 202Acouplesweddingdayisoneof the most important days of their lives Typically months, if not years, of hard workandbuildupareinvolveduntil the big day finally arrivesAlong with that anticipation comes plentyofplanningCouplesmustde-cideoneverythingfromwhenand wheretogetmarriedtowhomtoin-viteandwheretoregisterTradition-ally,weddingregistrieshaveallowed couplestoguidegueststowardthe perfectweddinggiftfortheirhome Howeverascouplesneedshave changedovertheyears,sohavegift registriesTake for example, Sarah and Patrick who, like many of todays couples, had already lived together before walking down the aisle When it came time to filloutaregistry,SarahandPatrick wereatalossastowhattolist,real-izing their household wasnt really in need of anythingWe already lived together and had all the kitchen gadgets, towels and bed sheetswecouldpossiblyneed,says SarahSarah and Patricks dilemma wasnt unique, and neither was their eventual solutionAftertherigorsofplanning awedding,theywereeagerforthe hard-earnedrespitethateverycouple longs for: their honeymoonButastheeconomyhasstruggled, so,too,havemanycouplesplanning adreamhoneymoonWiththeir heartssetonaCostaRicangetaway, Sarah and Patrick were unsure if they couldaffordthetriptheyhadbeen lookingforwardtoformonthsand monthsHowever,SarahandPatrick soondiscoveredHoneyfundcom,an onlinehoneymoonregistrycatering tocoupleswhocouldusesomehelp planning and paying for their perfect honeymoonOurtruepassionistraveling,but wetypicallydoitbudgetstyle,says Sarah A honeymoon registry allowed ustotravelinaonce-in-a-lifetime kind of wayWeddingguestscanconveniently choose from a host of activities listed bythenewlywedsthemselvesFrom dinnersandhotelstoferryandgon-dola rides, even airline and train tick-ets, Honeyfund enables cash-strapped newlywedstogettheR&amp;Rtheyde-servewhileensuringguestsgiftsare being put to good useWhatsmore,manycouplesfind registeringfortheirhoneymoonis Online Registries Help Newlyweds Make Dream Honeymoons Come True in Spite of Struggling Economy</p> <p>WEDDING AFFAIR 20Friday, February 4, 2011both fun and makes for a better honey-moon In fact, that popularity is grow-ingfasterthaneveraccordingtoa report from online wedding resource TheKnotcom, which showed that on-line Honeymoon registrants increased 50 percent from 2008 to 2009AddingtotheappealofHoney-fundcomisthatthesiteisfree,mak-ingitquitepossiblytheonlythinga couplecandowhenitcomestoplan-ning a wedding that wont force them to get out their checkbooksItwastheperfectoptionforre-ceivinggiftsthatweneededand couldreallyuse,saysRobert,who took his new bride, Kili, as well as an extra $5,300 earned from their Honey-fundcom registry on a Mediterranean CruiseKiliisfromCaliforniaandI am from Washington, DC Because of Honeyfundourguestsdidnthaveto lug gifts cross-country or worry about shipping And we didnt have to make one return or worry about lost gift re-ceiptsInadditiontomakingiteasyon couples,Honeyfundcomalsomakes it easy on guests, who can pay via Pay-PalorsimplyprintaHoneyfundcer-tificate to include with their wedding cardsOurguestslovedit,saysDenise, whoalongwithherhusband,Andy, enjoyedadreamhoneymooninFiji Theirresponsewasoverwhelming-ly positive and they enjoyed reading about what we planned to do on our honeymoonreallycoolactivities likebungeejumping,whitewater rafting,ahelicopterride,Americas Cup sailing adventure, etcCouplesareevencounseledon etiquettewithre-specttorequest-ingfinancial giftsOnlinegift trackingalsoen-ablescouplesto manage their gift paymentsand thank-younotes, ensuringthe processwillgo assmoothlyas possibleTolearn moreabout Honeyf und , visitwwwHoneyfundcom via an online honeymoon registry, cash-strapped couples get the relaxing getaway they need after the rigors and stress of planning a wedding.Friday, February 4, 2011WEDDING AFFAIR 20</p> <p>Steve and Sarah Sinatra 208.454.8645sinatrascatering.com379198384373Transforming your wedding dreams into reality208-455-4220www.owerscaldwellid.comIts all about you.Superstar treatment with get-gorgeous know-how. Share-worthy secrets that are simply divine. Laugh-out-loud friendships that last a lifetime. Feel-good beauty that really makes a diference. Exercise the right to make beauty all your own. Ask me how I can help.Connie KlockentagerIndependent Beauty Consultant(208) 453-5134(208) Inn &amp; Suitesat the Idaho Center(208)442- 0036Wecanhost :Weddings, receptions, business meetings,conferences, holidayparties, fundraisers or any other special event.Dont forget to get a hotel room for your guests or attendees.379194Whenfriendsorfam-ily members choose to open theirhomestoothers,itis customary for guests to offer a gift of thanks in returnThereistheoldadage thatguestsshouldknock with their feet when arrivingatapartyorso-cialeventThismeanstheir hands will be busy carrying a gift or something that can contribute to the eventAlthoughpresentinga gifttothehostswillnot guaranteeafutureinvite, itcertainlywillshow thecurrentinvitationhas been much appreciatedThere are many gifts that canbeofferedSomeguests choosetobringadishthat canbeservedoradessert Bottlesofwinewillalways fitthebill,unlessitisadry householdHowever,those lookingforotherunique ideascanconsiderthefol-lowing gift concepts1.Pictureframe:If the party host is known well as is his or her design style purchaseapictureframe that fits in with the decor A silverorblackframeisgen-erallyneutralandcanbea go-to choice if one is not cer-tain of the style2. Guest Book: Having guests sign a book at a wed-dingorotherbigeventisa customarytraditionThe ideacanalsobeappliedto smallergatheringsHosts andhostessesmaywantto keeptrackofthosewhom theyhaveinvitedtotheir homesandre-readinthe futurethesmallnotesof gratitude that have been ex-pressed by guests3.candles:Candles impartawarmglowinthe house,andadecorativeset ofcandleholdersandsome scentedcandlescanbea wise gift idea4.finechocolates: Gourmetchocolateswill appeal to the sweet tooth in manypeopleAhostesscan choosetokeepthechoco-lates to herself or serve them totherestoftheguestsSe-lectahigher-endbrandof chocolates,notsimplythe standard that is found at the </p> <p>WEDDING AFFAIR 20Friday, February 4, 2011137705nearest drug store5.housePlant:A decorativehouseplantcan brightenahomesinterior Plus its a gift that will grow year after year and can make for a fond memory of a spe-cial occasion6.cookBookand cookinGsuPPlies:If thepartyhostisaresident gourmand,treathimorher to a cookbook from a fa-voritechefandinclude sometoolsofthetrade in a gift basket7.hiGh-endlin-ens: A thoughtful gift is asetofmonogrammed hand towels for the bath-roomorkitchenFinda company that does mono-gramming,orpurchase thetowelsseparatelyand then bring them to a kiosk inthemallthatdoesem-broidery8.handmadeGift: Guests may want to offer a giftfromtheirownkitch-ens For example, if someone isknownforherdecadent brownies, a platter wrapped in cellophane would make a fine hostess giftWhilehostsandhostess-escanbeinreceiptofgifts, it is by no means mandatory Onthwoodfavorsorother smallknick-knacksarecon-siderationsLearn how at</p> <p>$30 OFF EVERY TUX RENTAL IN YOUR PARTY+GROOMSFREE TUX RENTAL</p> <p>with ve paidrental packages383479Friday, February 4, 2011WEDDING AFFAIR 20</p> <p>mainentrance543219876141312111817162120192423222726253029283332313635343938374041425756idaho Press-tribunereGistration Booth44455453 5251 504647 4849 435510 15Mary KaySunflower Lane LLCMiss Ellies CakesHampton InnYour Wedding &amp; Event BookSpencer Scotts BridalTuxedo Warehouse1234567JA Blake PhotographyJA Blake PhotographyNampa Civic CenterSouthside Floral891011list ofvendors</p> <p>WEDDING AFFAIR 20Friday, February 4, 2011mainentrance543219876141312111817162120192423222726253029283332313635343938374041425756idaho Press-tribunereGistration Booth44455453 5251 504647 4849 435510 15Goodwood BBQBOB FMWILD 101Nampa Civic Center12131415Family Ties CateringFamily Ties CateringOopsy Daisy FloralFamily Ties CateringBed, Bath and BeyondIdeal Protein Weight LossMemories Created16171819202122Chriss FloralSoap Opera JewelryPair-A-Dice DJFourth Street GardensSinatra CateringKelly Kirksey PhotographyDarlenes Printing/Nafziger Mens StoreBayberries FloralIn Your Dreams Eternal ImageryWild Heart SpringsSweetheart ManorEvent RentEvent RentAdvocareAmore PhotographyMatthew TuskyEveryday HollidaysJames BarrettCopies PlusVCI Audio EntertainmentSC BridalLindy PhotographyLindy PhotographyRoots RentsRoots RentsAardvark EntertainmentDance NecessitiesCelebrations Cake ShopJust a Wick AwayJust a Wick AwayMens WearhouseDavids BridalJohn Phillips PhotographyAmerican Family InsuranceTake Shape for Life23242526272829303132333435363738394041424344454647484950515253545556572011 weddinG affairvendor Booth mapFriday, February 4, 2011WEDDING AFFAIR 20</p> <p>294900OOPSY DAISY OOPSY DAISYOopsyDaisyFloralFull Service Florist and Balloon Artists Bridal Bouquets Ceremony Flowers Reception Flowers On-site Balloon CreationsBook your FREE wedding oral consultation at The Wedding Affair on February 5th.208.466.3366124 14th Ave. S., Nampa10% OFFWedding Floral Packages with this ad379178208-442-0850 SoapOperaJewelry.comShow this ad at the Wedding Affair andreceive 10% off your purchase!!!Find us on Facebook and Twitter!379205Coupleshavemanydecisionsto makeregardingtheirweddingcer-emonyandreceptionOneofthose decisionsconernstransportationto and from the special eventTherearemanyoptionsinwed-dingtransportationThemoretradi-tionaloptionsincluderentingacar or limousine The Bridal Association ofAmericareportsthattheaverage couplesspends$400to$500foran automotiverentalHowever,prices mayvarydependingongeography and the type of vehicle rentedWeddingtransportationisper-haps something grooms-to-be can get excited about After all, were talking aboutcarssomefancy,somelarge, and many decked out with different featuresPlus,itstraditionallythe responsibilityofthegroomtoar-range transportation to and from the ceremony, reception and the hotel or honeymoon destinationGrooms responsible for arranging transportationcanconsiderthefol-lowing optionslimousine: A limo is one of the mosttraditionalmethodsoftrans-portonacouplesweddingdayA limousinessizeenablesthemto carrythebridalpartyinitsentirety Becausethebrideandgroomoften donotseeeachotherbeforethecer-emony, two limos may be rented, one largerforthebridalparty,andone smaller for the bride and her parents, depending on personal preferenceclassiccar:Sportscarenthu-siasts may want to make an entrance andexitbehindthewheelofa sporty vehicle Options could include ahigh-endFerrarioranAstonMar-tinBecauseoftheirhighpurchase price,sportscarrentalsmaycarrya premiumstretchsuv:Thetraditional limohasmorphedintothestretch SUV of popular models, including the CadillacEscalade,FordExpedition or even a stretch Hummer Because of their popularity, these rentals may be snatched up quickly Be sure to book well in advance of the big dayPartyBus:Manycouplesare leaningtowardapartybusrental, whichmaybeasingle-ordouble-decker bus that can fit scores of peo-pleinsideTheseareparticularlyat-tractivetocoupleswithaverylarge brida...</p>