webinar: fun, fitness, and fundraising: the capital one bank dallas ymca turkey trot case study

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Despite the chilly 30-degree weather, a record-breaking 1,500 volunteers and 35,000+ runners/walkers of all ages participated in the 46th Annual Capital One Bank Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot on November 28, 2013. Out of the over 300 turkey trot events occurring all over the country last year, the Dallas Turkey Trot was the biggest and most popular. Fundraising is always an important component of this event, and in 2013 a total of $350,000 was raised to support four key YMCA programs. In this webinar, Paul Conklin, Associate Executive Director at the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, and Dave Gallman, Director of Race EvenPicture of the 2013 Capital One Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot ts at Kimbia, will walk you through exactly how the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot used Kimbia’s race registration solution to: - Control and enhance their prestigious brand, including use of “the trot.org”website and the mascot voting program - Provide a superior participant experience for all facets of registration including speeding bib assignment and packet pickup - Reduce volunteer management time - Maximize fundraising with peer-to-peer capabilities - Report timing through data integration with a chip timing system and evaluate event ROI with flexible reporting


  • 1. FUN, FITNESS AND FUNDRAISINGThe Capital One Bank Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot CaseStudy

2. Introducing - The PresentersX XPaul ConklinAssociate Executive DirectorYMCA of Metropolitan DallasDave GallmanDirector of Race EventsKimbia 3. Introducing - The Dallas YMCA Turkey TrotThe Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot isa 28,000 person race held everyThanksgiving. It is the largestturkey trot in the country.2014 marks the 47th running ofthe prestigious and iconic event. 4. The ChallengeThe Trot sought a robust platform that provided: Brand Control Flexibility to meet evolving business needs Functionality to deliver an exceptionalparticipant experience Support of extensive volunteer registrations Built-in fundraising tools Easy and complete access to all data 5. 2013 Start Line 6. Brand Awareness and ControlThe Dallas YMCA is a prestigious brand. Kimbia acts asa white label partner, invisible to the end user.Implementation is as easy as copy and paste Technology embeds onthe trot.org Social media tools allowfor promotion by athletesand families No non-Trot messages,ads or up-sells areimposed on theparticipantAthletes never leave the trots brand environment 7. Easy Management The Mascot ProgramMidway through 2013 registration the Dallas YMCA added apromotional program allowing families to vote for theirfavorite Mascot. Technology removed the technological barrier betweenmarketing creativity and implementation Mascot program was live in less than an hourInterface is designed for the non-technical user All updates happen in real time 8. Superior ExperienceGraphic and media rich content provides a greatexperience for the registrant. A smooth registrationworkflow, allows a largevolume of registrants toget through the processwith few errors The Dallas YMCAregularly updatesathletes as informationdevelopsKimbia provides the flexibility of a custom solution withoutthe cost or time of custom development 9. Superior Experience Check-InCheck-In expedites packet pick up and makes dynamic bibassignments.The challenge is to keep registration open untilthe last minute allowing 2,120 participants toregister within 24hrs of the race. Generating$65,399 in additional revenue. Receipts contain bar codeswhich can be quickly scannedby a volunteer at packet pick-up Last minute registrants canhave a bib assigned on the flyand timed Most 5K registrations takeplace within two weeks of therace. 10. Superior Experience Bib-AssignmentThe Dallas YMCAs biggest challenge is managing alarge field and providing a great participant experience.Pre-assigning bibs, early and often, helps to manage thecrowd and insure participation. A simple upload functionallows for regular bibassignment updates In conjunction withdynamic bib assignmentat packet pick up, bulkuploads help the Dallas Ymanage their hugenumbers 11. Volunteer RegistrationThe Dallas YMCA uses a single system for both raceregistration and volunteer management. The Trot requires 2,000- 3,000 volunteers Volunteers have their ownregistration process,enabling them to choosetasks and shifts All data is gathered ineasy to access formats 12. Maximizing FundraisingCharitable gifts have increased by 21% through aninnovative "in form" ask. A simple additional gift ask is de rigueur A round up ask further down the formproduces a nice boost of additional giving. 13. Maximizing FundraisingPeer-to-Peer fundraising capabilities empower athletesto raise more money. Athletes sign up for a personalizedfundraising page Pages have personal statements and apicture or video Fundraisers gain access to an admincenter where they can update profiles andaccess tools to promote their efforts All fundraising activities take place in theraces branded environment 14. Data MappingExported registrant data is mapped to enable easyimplementation by their race timer. All data gathered isavailable in real-time Reports can be mapped tosuit the format of any thirdparty system Reports are available inExcel and CSV Reports can be scheduledfor automated delivery oraccessed via a secure linkKimbia enables the Dallas YMCA to provide quick, easy andsecure access to registrant data for their third parties. 15. Robust reporting enables event ROI evaluation andprogress tracking. Standard and ah hocreports are available Reports can be saved forre-use. All reports are fullycustomizable to suit anyneed Key Operating Indicatorreports (KOIs) provideHTML email reports of highlevel results for keystakeholdersComprehensive Reporting 16. Social MediaSocial media truly was the key to success for the 46th Turkey Trotthis year. By building a community year-round on Facebook andTwitter, the Turkey Trot social pages were the go-to source for eventinformation and registration. In the last week leading up to the race,the Turkey Trot Facebook page had more than 500% increase intotal reach and more than a 630% increase in engagement. TheFacebook page has a total of 3,400 check-ins. The Turkey TrotTwitter page had a 1,200% increase in mentions and a 480%increase in retweet reach.Plus, real-time customer service was provided through Facebookand Twitter delivering a better race-day experience for athletics andspectators.Past runners and new runners were also kept in the know byreading the Turkey Trot blog for exclusive information and tips. Forinstance, The 46th Turkey Trot early registration was announcedfirst on the websites blog, offering participants $5 off the regularregistration price. The informative blog posts also provided valuableinformation about the new race changes, safety regulations andtraining tips.The Turkey Trot website itself also educated participants on DallasYMCAs company mission and generated awareness, recognitionand interest in the organization.-Newsday 17. Questions?