web view this week lets focus on location words! today we will target...

Download Web view This week lets focus on location words! Today we will target ¢â‚¬“in¢â‚¬â€Œ. Carefully cut a slit

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CLA 6th Speech At-Home Learning

CLA Speech At-Home Learning: Ms. Jarrett’s, Ms. Barbier’s, and Ms. Jones’s classes

Dear Parents,

Here are some home activities to work on communication skills at home during week since we aren’t able to come back to school yet. These are entirely optional, so please don’t feel like any of these activities are required. Just wanted to make sure I gave you guys some fun ideas for ways to incorporate speech and language skills into your days at home during this time. If you choose to do any of these activities, try and meet your child where they are and provide any cueing or prompting they need to be successful. If your child is non-verbal, try just modeling these things for them verbally (or on speech output app or device if you have one). If your child has a short attention span or sensory concerns, feel free to shorten the activity or use a timer. The most important thing to remember is that even if the activity seems unsuccessful, your child may still have been learning some language skills from it!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

This week lets focus on location words! Today we will target “in”. Carefully cut a slit in the top of a plastic container (like an empty yogurt or sour cream container). Help your child to put different objects (i.e. paper, coins, toys) through the slit while modeling the word (i.e. saying “penny in”).

Let’s work on following directions and the concept of “on” today. Take 10 to 15 post it notes and walk around the house putting the post-its on different items in your home. Give your child short 1 step directions (i.e. “put the note on the chair”). Give your child as much help as he/she needs to be successful. Encourage them to say “on” (verbally or on their device as you place them.

To target the location word “under”, you will need a container and some toys or objects that your child likes. Encourage your child to place the objects under the container. Use visual, verbal, or hand over hand cues if needed. Each time you or your child puts an item under the container,

modeling the word for them (“car under”)

Let’s take a spring walk! As you walk talk about the things that you see. If your child is able to respond, ask some simple questions like “What animal do you see?” or “Who is building a nest?”. Model some simple phrases using the location words we’ve targeted this week (examples: “worm in dirt”, “bird on tree””

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Today you will need playdoh and a clear container. Roll the playdoh into a snake or a ball. Show your child how to put the snake/ball on, in, and under the container. Model the word as you put the playdoh in each location. Then ask your child to put the playdoh “on”, “in”, or “under” with a simple one step direction. Give your child as much help as they need to be successful.

Let’s recycle! Work on sorting the items into categories. Meet your child where they are by keeping it simple (sort into two categories that are very different like paper and cans) or make it more complex by sorting into more than 2 categories. Practice those location words as you decide which items need to go “in” or “out” of the recycling bin.

Save this activity for a rainy day!

Let’s jump “in” the puddles! Be sure to keep modeling the words as you play. If your child is verbal or has a speech output device, encourage them to say the words as well! Open an umbrella and get under it while saying “under umbrella”, put jackets or boots on while saying “boots on” or ”jacket on”. You can even stick your tongue “out” to catch a raindrop!