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If you have kept your weekly Vlog / Blog up to date your evaluation will be based on reflection and what you have learnt.

Write this up in a word document – do not use this word document. Your evaluation should be in essay form and written in detail with examples and illustrations

How well do you think you have done? Based on feedback from peers and teachers over the course of the unit do you believe you have successfully fulfilled the required brief?

· Upload feedback from peers and teachers to add depth to this section – screen shots of surveys / focus groups

How well did you work with your client?

· Upload emails and communication

Do you believe you followed the guidelines of the competition well

· Upload the rules and spec and discuss how you followed them

How well do you believe your production followed the conventions of your genre / style ?

· Go back to your research and discuss the conventions you researched to your production

Do you believe you did your topic justice?

· Go over your topic research and discuss what was useful and what helped you improve your production

short film / music video – do you think your developed your characters to suit your story

Factual programme – Do you believe your interviewee enhanced your story?

Problems you faced

· Discuss ALL problems you faced in the section – from finding research, to actors, to filming and editing

Based on your discipline (editing / camera etc..) Do you feel you have developed your skills? How?

· Discuss how you have developed your skills and how this will be useful in future (university or job in industry)

Compare your production to the ones you looked at in your research

· Either do this as you go through your evaluation or as a section at the end.

What would you do differently next time / if you did it again?

IF your Vlog / Blog is not up to date or detailed enough you will be required to write and extensive evaluation at the end. Please discuss with your marking teacher before you start

The evaluation can be written or voiced and edited professionally.

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