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  1. 1. Thursday, November 13, 2014 Appleton Creative is an award-winning, full-service advertising agency that provides marketing solutions through all mediums all in-house. Since 1986 WEB TRENDS FOR 2015STRATEGY FIRST APPLETON CREATIVE You have to feed an idea to make it grow. Thats where Appleton Creative comes in. More than just a marketing and advertising agency, we create, educate, collaborate and nurture. The result is crisp, fresh creative which works in tandem with our analytical approach. You grow, you harvest the benefits, you prosper sweet and simple. SERVICES BRANDING/ADVERTISING Concept & Strategic Development Advertising Campaigns Corporate Logos & Brand Development Publications & Catalogs Direct Marketing Brochures & Marketing Collateral Branded Environmental Space Design Media Buys Marketing Plans Public Relations Infographics WEB/SOCIAL MARKETING Responsive Web Design Mobile & iPad App Development E-Commerce Social Networking Search Engine Optimization Analytics Google AdWords Multimedia Presentations Blogs Reputation Management Custom Programming VIDEO/AUDIO Full-Service Location Shooting (Film & High Definition Video) Script & Concept Post-Production Stock Footage Library Original Music Production & Stock Animation Stop Motion Graphics Voice-Overs TRUST US FOR YOUR WEB, SEO, PR, PRINT AND VIDEO CREATION 539 Delaney Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32801 Phone: 407.246.0092 info@appletoncreative.com www.appletoncreative.com Film & Video Digital Media Web/Social Marketing Marketing Campaigns Custom Spaces Print Media Brand & Message Public Relations
  2. 2. LAY THE FOUNDATION FOR A SUCCESSFUL YEAR WITH THESE NEW WEB STRATEGIES. In marketing, its easy to chase a trend without consideration for consumer behavior, often resulting in expensive mistakes. In 2015, well see the emergence of a digital world where strategic communication is key. As the world settles into its open-share, mobile-first environment, the consumer expectation is that information will be available in interactive and creative ways. Rise above the chase and pick the technology that best supports your strategy. MOBILE FIRST MEDIA-RICH STORYTELLING MICRO INTERACTIONS CONTEXT-RICH SYSTEMS BRANDS AS PUBLISHERS Audiences have moved off the desktop and on to mobile. They demand all the content and functionality of a full website. Its time to go responsive. ENHANCE ENHANCE DEGRADE DEGRADE MOBILE-FIRST USER INTERFACE DESIGN ENHANCE FEATURES PROGRESSIVELY DEGRADE FEATURES GRACEFULLY TRADITIONAL MOBILE DESIGN MOBILE-FIRST PHILOSOPHY Start lean and mean for SMARTPHONES. What is worth adding for TABLETS? What is worth adding for LAPTOPS? Design maximum functionality for DESKTOP. What is removed or simplified for TABLETS? What is removed or simplified for SMARTPHONES? PARALLAX ANIMATION Engage your audience with rich media, infographics, parallax animation and interactive pieces. PARALLAX ANIMATION Slower/Shorter Faster/Longer LARGER PHOTOS & VIDEO ADDITIONAL & LARGER PHOTOS / VIDEO 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1280x800 1680x1080 1920x1080 INFOGRAPHICS INFOGRAPHICS MOBILE FIRST PHILOSOPHY FORM MESSAGES The little things matter a lot. Every button, form message and pop-up communicate your brand and evoke an emotion. POSITIVE EXPERIENCES Customize your users experience through geolocation and retargeting. GEOLOCATION GEOLOCATION RETARGETING RETARGETINGAWARE FRIEND PROSPECT LEAD OPPORTUNITY CUSTOMER KNOWN NAMES WHAT IS YOUR CUSTOMERS JOURNEY? Use the customers journey to guide your content marketing and create an authentic brand voice. WHAT IS YOUR CUSTOMERS JOURNEY?