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www.treacyinfo. com Web Site Checkups for MAP for Nonprofits Ann Treacy [email protected] www.byteoftheweek.com

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If you have a web site, it’s easy to kind of forget about it. It’s built, you probably spent a lot of time on it at one point but now it’s done. We’ll go through a checklist of things you should have or update on your site and discuss tools that night help you keep your site updated. This is particularly good for anyone who hasn’t thought about their web site for a while – even a couple of years. by Ann Treacy


  • Web Site Checkups for MAP for Nonprofits Ann Treacy [email_address] www.byteoftheweek.com
  • The Intro
    • About me
    • Usability
    • SEO
    • Functionality
  • What do you do? 5 second test
  • Recognize the F Pattern http://www.useit.com/alertbox/reading_pattern.html
  • Usability & Donations
    • Non-profits would collect much more from their websites if only they'd clearly state what they are about and how they use donations .
    • http://www.useit.com/alertbox/nonprofit-donations.html
  • Accessibility
    • WAVE Test http://wave.webaim.org
    • TAW Test http://www.tawdis.net/taw3/cms/en
    • Quick note: dont use graphics alone for navigation or to convey important info
  • SEO
  • Search Engines Like:
    • Lots of repeated keywords on web page
    • Lots of links to your web site
    • Regular updates
  • What search engines dont like
  • What are your keywords?
    • Come up with 10 keyword phrases
      • Your name
      • Program names
      • Terms people use to find someone like you
      • Location if appropriate
    • Check popularity of terms
  • 2. How do you Rank? http://www.mikes-marketing-tools.com/ranking-reports
  • Check your title Meta Tags
  • Check your content
    • Keywords on the homepage?
    • Keywords in or ?
    • Last update?
    • Alt tags on images?
    • Your name in text?
  • Link Popularity Tip: Check your competitors links for ideas on who might link to you!
  • Not all links are good
    • Good links
    • Web 2.0 links
      • Blogs
      • Twitter
    • Links from popular sites
    • Related sites
    • Bad links
    • Link farms
    • Link exchanges
    • Unrelated sites
    Legacy links/Google bombs
  • Site Saturation
  • What do you need to do?
    • Lots of repeated keywords on web page
      • Research popular terms
      • Add terms
    • Lots of links to your web site
      • Link campaign
    • Regular updates
      • Make small changes
  • Functionality
    • Run a quickie test: http://watson.addy.com/
    • Check each page for
      • Accuracy
      • Typos
      • Links http://www.seventwentyfour.com/
    • Check the code: http://validator.w3.org/
  • Get the presentation here: http://byteoftheweek.com/ Thank you! Ann Treacy [email_address]