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Web 2.0 Tools for ELLs


Technology Tools to Strengthen ELLs Language Acquisition

Technology Tools to Strengthen ELLs Language AcquisitionBy Yoscelina HernandezEducation Service CenterRegion 19 (El Paso, TX)yhernandez2@esc19.net http://www.blabberize.comIntroduce a topicSummarize a topic, lesson or unitPresent researched information of an important landmark, monument or person.http://www.freeplaymusic.comDownload music clipsTools to Develop Listening and Speaking SkillsABC MatchPractice letter recognition fluencyPractice following directions in the target languagehttp://www.quizlet.com Create online flashcards for students to develop vocabulary skillsQuizlet will automatically create test/quiz and games to practice vocabulary setTools to Develop Listening and Speaking Skillshttp://www.wordle.net Create a word cloud to give students a visual representation of a text selectionhttp://www.starfall.com Students can develop reading skills by playing sing alongs and read alongsUse for the whole class review or in preparation for a new topicUse as a center for lower grade levelsTools to Develop Reading Skillshttp://www.puzzlemaker.com Create different types of puzzles to use with your studentsTools to Develop Reading Skillshttp://www.lanternfish.org Worksheets to practice different skillsUse the SMART Board to complete some of the worksheets in a whole class activityhttp://www.animoto.com or MovieMakerResearch a topic and present it by creating a movie with images and textCan create movie by sharing the writing in a group setting

Tools to Develop Writing SkillsMicrosoft Office/Digital CameraHave students take pictures from the world around them and create word problemsWord WizardUse letters to create wordsPractice understanding directions as well as spelling

Tools to Develop Writing SkillsContact:Yoscelina Hernandezyhernandez2@esc19.net

http://www.epsilen.com/yherna12 Questions?