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The first outline of the strategic plan for the Hatfield Christian Church South


  • 1. We See 2017

2. We Have a Dream We dream that by the end of 2017 our community will have grown in: Prayer Passion Productivity Possession 3. Prayer We want to grow in our prayer culture by: Praying more focused Praying more often Praying with more people 4. Prayer The Plan we have designed to achieve this is: More Focus: Prayer focused on Four Circles More Often: Prayer for Four Circles in all types of gatherings, homes and as individuals More People: Involving more people in prayer initiatives through services and at home. 5. Passion We want to grow our core group of passionate followers of Christ. 6. Productivity We want to grow in our ability to produce more fruit. Disciples that Multiply 7. Productivity The Plan designed to increase productivity is: To grow our peoples confidence and skill in using the LifeShapes Create more opportunities for people to practice. Develop a New Believers Path. 8. Possession We want to have taken and possessed more territory. Pioneered New Territory Reached New People Groups Developed and Established New Strategies Chat Room Initiative