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<ol><li> 1. WE MAKE WORK HAPPY<br /></li><li> 2. What is a Talent Hole<br />A company that abuses, and under-appreciates employees; and becomes a counter productive work environment, that Sucks the Life Out of Talented Employees.<br />Company is outsourcing jobs overseas and/or downsizes workforce only to replace open jobs with H1b workers.<br />Company is more profitable every year, but bonuses and raises to employees is minimal or non-existent. Companies lie about company financial health, stock options, and bonuses.<br />Employees work nights, weekends, and holidays constantly. Life/work balance is grossly uneven. <br />The health and welfare benefits are few or non-existent. Company spends no money in employee development or education. And deny employee vacation or sick time. <br />Abusive management, sexual harassment, sexual favoritism, nepotism, and name calling prevalent.<br /></li><li> 3. TALENT HOLE solutions<br />People who are unhappy, anxious, disappointed, hurt, angry, frustrated, stuck, and are hating every moment of their existence at work; its time to wake up there is a job, a company that will treasure, acknowledge, appreciate, and reward you for your effort. Take action, leave your Talent Hole and Make Work Happy!<br />Companies that want to retain and source the best talent, need to develop mutually beneficial relationships with their employees. One sure way to improve employee retention is to invest in developing and educating your employees. This will benefit both the employee and the company. And if you decide to outsource, at least you will have peace of mind that you acted socially responsible and took great care of your employees.<br /></li><li> 4. Boycott Talent Holes to empower Americas workforce<br />Join our mission to empower Americas workforce by sending a message to corporate executives, companies, and stock holders.<br />WE ARE NOT GONNA TO TAKE IT ANYMORE<br />Employment Boycott Support the American workforce AVOID EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES WITH TALENT HOLES!<br />Consumer Boycott support the American workforce by evaluating which companies treat employees great, and which do not. <br />Do not spend your hard earned money with Talent Holes!<br /></li></ol>