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Godhra gujarath 2002 mob furry not terror.


<p>How spontaneous mob fury was shown as a premeditated conspiracy by the police who produced fake witnesses by bribing, coercion and torture. READ </p> <p>Nov 03, 2007</p> <p>First-hand accounts from the men who plotted and executed the genocide in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Sabarkantha. Mayhem was meticulously planned and carried out by VHP-Bajrang Dal cadres across Muslim localities. READ </p> <p>The VHP and the Bajrang Dal manufactured and distributed lethal weapons across the state, often with the connivance of the police. READ </p> <p>Shocking accounts of how the guardians of the law colluded with the outlaws to make Gujarats horror even worse. READ </p> <p>Key BJP, RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal activists speak openly of how Narendra Modi blessed the anti-Muslim pogrom . READ First-hand accounts from the men who plotted and executed the genocide in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Sabarkantha. Mayhem was meticulously planned and carried out by VHP-Bajrang Dal cadres across Muslim localities. How public prosecutors ran with the hare and hunted with the hound, keeping their sympathies strictly for the accused. Government Counsel Arvind Pandya on how he hopes to subvert justice by manipulating the NanavatiShah Commission, set up to ascertain the truth. READ </p> <p>Overview READ A Cold EclipseThere were the cool strategists leaders, officials, ideologues. And then there were the foot soldiers, who raped, killed and looted. The genocide was clinical READ </p> <p>BABU BAJRANGI After Killing Them, I Felt Like Maharana Pratap RAJENDRA VYAS Nanavati Tried To Prove I Was Behind The Riots RAMESH DAVE I Got A Call Saying, Whats This? All Of Gujarat Is Sleeping? MADAN CHAWAL They Hacked Him Bit By Bit, Then Burnt Him Alive' PRAHLAD RAJU Parishad People Got Me Out On Bail' MANGILAL JAIN</p> <p>The truth behind Naroda Patiya, the grisliest massacre of 2002. Ahmedabad polices collusion in the pogrom and its cover-up. Gory details of how former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri was hacked limb by limb at Gulbarg Society, in the words of those who did it. READ </p> <p>Ahmedabad: Carnage CapitalIn Naroda, Gulbarg, Kalupur and Dariyapur, murderous mobs armed to the teeth obeyed the Sangh Parivars every word READ </p> <p>Vadodara: Charred CityEvery Muslim locality was attacked in phases spread over two months. At Best Bakery, 14 people were burnt alive READ </p> <p>Lock the door from outside and burn the Muslims inside. This was the chilling war cry to which the mobs rallied, led by a VHP leader who had vowed to kill 500 Muslims READ </p> <p>Sabarkantha: Nowhere To Run</p> <p>We Dragged Them Out Of Their Houses PRAKASH RATHOD &amp; SURESH RICHARD The RSS Will Tell You How Chharas Killed Muslims DHIMANT BHATT The Idea Came From Modi Himself DEEPAK SHAH It Should Be Something History Has Never Seen ANIL PATEL The Smallest Village Wasnt Spared</p> <p>A STRATEGY was devised on how to shield the attackers from the law after the riots. Prominent lawyers were briefed and senior police officers taken into confidence. The cadres were told Modi was squarely behind them THE MOBILISATION of the under castes, something the Sangh had been engaged in for years, dovetailed into the deep penetration Hindutva already had among Gujarats higher castes. Godhra provided the perfect spark to fuse them together FROM THE very outset, the police played partisan, often joining the mobs. Officers who tried to do their duty found their hands tied. The complicity was led by then Ahmedabad Commissioner PC Pandey, who ensured compliance by a swathe of junior officers WEAPONS, FROM BOMBS to guns to trishuls, were either manufactured and distributed by Sangh workers themselves, or smuggled through Sangh channels from all over India. The Bajrang Dal and the VHP already had a large cache of firearms and daggers BJP AND SANGH LEADERS led the bloodthirsty mobs through Ahmedabads bylanes, Sabarkanthas villages, Vadodaras localities. The police stood guard to the mayhem BJP MLA MAYABEN KODNANI drove around Ahmedabads Naroda locality all day, directing the mobs. VHP leaders Atul Vaid and Bharat Teli did the same at the Gulbarg Housing Society. None of them ever went to jail</p> <p>Nov 3, 2007 -Conspirators &amp; Rioters</p> <p>Overview</p> <p>FIRE WAS THE MOST FAVOURED weapon in the rioters hands. That cremation is considered un-Islamic fuelled their frenzy to burn. Petrol and kerosene were lavishly used, as were the victims own gas cylinders BABU BAJRANGI reveals he collected 23 revolvers from Hindus in Naroda Patiya. He called VHP general secretary Jaideep Patel 11 times and informed Gordhan Zadaphia, the then minister of state for home, about the death toll GOVERNMENT COUNSEL before the Nanavati-Shah Commission, Arvind Pandya, himself worships Modi and describes Justice Shah as our man. Nanavatis own report on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots is gathering dust till today -Conspirators &amp; Rioters</p> <p>A Cold EclipseASHISH KHETAN</p> <p>There were the cool strategists leaders, officials, ideologues. And then there were the foot soldiers, who raped, killed and looted. The genocide was clinical</p> <p>NARENDRA MODI visited Godhra on the day of the burning of coach S-6 of the Sabarmati Express. His outburst provided the first sign to Sangh workers that the time to corner the Muslims had come THAT VERY NIGHT, top BJP and Sangh leaders met at Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Godhra, and gave the green signal for an all-out assault on Muslims across the state</p> <p>Conspirators &amp; Rioters</p> <p>Ahmedabad: Carnage CapitalASHISH KHETAN In Naroda, Gulbarg, Kalupur and Dariyapur, murderous mobs armed to the teeth obeyed the Sangh Parivars every word</p> <p>Photo: Cherian Thomas THERE WAS no spontaneity to what happened in Gujarat post- Godhra. This was no uncontrived, unplanned, unprompted communal violence. This was a pogrom. This was genocide. In a planned, coldly strategic manner, Muslim neighbourhoods across both urban and rural Gujarat were targeted. Large sections of Hindus were united under a single objective: to kill Muslims, wherever and by whatever means, preferably by first stabbing and mutilating them, and then by setting on fire what remained, whether dead or alive. During the course of the TEHELKA sting, many accused said they preferred burning Muslims alive over other forms of death since cremation is considered unacceptable in Islam. For three days after the February 27 fire on the Sabarmati Express at Godhra, Gujarats BJP government receded from public view and let the armed mercenaries of Hindu organisations take over. For three days, absolute anarchy reigned. Execution squads were formed, composed of the dedicated cadre of Hindu organisations the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the Bajrang Dal, the Kisan Sangh, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and the Bharatiya Janata Party. Masjids and dargahs were destroyed across the state. Seventy-three Muslim religious places were torched in Ahmedabad alone, 55 in Sabarkantha, 22 in Vadodara. The architects of Gujarats greatest shame were of two sorts. There were the coolheaded strategists, the conspirators, who plotted the carnage from behind the scenes. And there were the foot soldiers, the members of the saffron army, drugged on the vicious agenda of so-called Hindutva, who went out and looted, raped and killed. On occasion, the planners were also sometimes emboldened to go out and participate in the massacres. Nov 3, 2007 --</p> <p>Muslims who had begged police to protect them the day before huddle in the wreckage of their burned out homes in Ahmedabad Photo: Ami Vitale THE MOST horrifying massacre of the Gujarat riots was the one at Naroda Gaon and Naroda Patiya localities in Ahmedabad. A local Bajrang Dal leader, Babu Bajrangi, was one of the main conspirators. He started planning the massacre soon after the news of the Sabarmati incident broke. Starting in the evening of February 27, firearms and inflammable material were collected; Bajrangi also formed a select team, drawn from the cadre of the VHP and the Bajrang Dal. Members of the Chhara community, a denotified criminal tribe, were also roped in. TEHELKA spoke to two of them, Suresh Richard and Prakash Rathod. Both believed, and were made to believe, that by killing Muslims they were doing a great service to Hinduism. On February 28, 2002, Bajrangi marshalled a murderous mob through the narrow bylanes of Naroda Patiya and Naroda Gaon. Egging the mob on was also local BJP MLA Mayaben Kodnani, who is also a doctor. Both Richard and Rathod have been recorded on TEHELKAs spycam saying that Kodnani drove around Naroda all through the day, urging the mob to hunt Muslims down and kill them. Kodnanis trusted lieutenant, BJP member Bipin Panchal, was also present with his own small band of followers, armed to the teeth. All through the massacre, Bajrangi and VHP state general secretary Jaideep Patel were on the phone with each other. Bajrangi did not reveal whether Patel was also involved in the planning. However, he did say that the death toll was being communicated to Patel at regular intervals. Several survivors from Naroda Gaon have identified Patel as the leader of the Naroda mob. At the end of the day the total score as Bajrangi chose to term estimates of the number of Muslims killed in Naroda was well over at least 200. This figure has not been acknowledged by the state government; officially, 105 people were killed at Naroda Patiya and Naroda Gaon. Naroda, however, was far from the only Ahmedabad locality to be turned into a mass incinerator. A few kilometres away, VHP leaders were leading a frenzied mob at Meghaninagar. The target was a</p> <p>housing society called Gulbarg, a building inhabited by Muslims. TEHELKA stung three participants in the carnage Mangilal Jain, Prahlad Raju and Madan Chawal all three local petty traders and all three with cases against them for their part in the riots. They said they and other members of the mob had been led by VHP leaders Atul Vaid and Bharat Teli, both of whom were named as accused in the FIR but were subsequently cleared of all charges when the police filed the chargesheet. Chawal gave a graphic description of how he and his accomplices first hacked former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri apart limb from limb, and then made a heap of his body parts, which they set on fire. The official death toll of the Gulbarg massacre stood at 39, but the accused told TEHELKA that the actual number of those killed was much higher. Apart from the housing societys residents, the dead also included Muslims who lived in nearby slums who had taken shelter in the building. TEHELKA also spoke to VHP leaders Rajendra Vyas and Ramesh Dave, who planned attacks on Muslims in Kalupur and Dariyapur, among Ahmedabads most communally sensitive areas. Ahmedabad city VHP president Rajendra Vyas, who was also in charge of the ill-fated Sabarmati Express, said that on the day of the fire on the train that killed 59 karsevaks, he had told the VHP cadre that the Muslims had played a one-day match and given us a target of 60 runs. We shall now have to play a test match and we wont stop until we score 600. Vyas, who lives in Kalupur, was recorded on the TEHELKA camera stating that he himself had shot dead five Muslims and had burned down nine Muslim houses. Ramesh Dave was the VHPs point man in Dariyapur. He said he and his fellow planners had targeted and killed Muslims who had been in their sights for over 20 years chun-chun ke maara is baar (we specifically hunted them down). Dave also claimed that along with a friend, he had arranged for about 10 small firearms. Nov 3, 2007</p> <p>-Conspirators &amp; Rioters</p> <p>Vadodara: Charred CityASHISH KHETAN Every Muslim locality was attacked in phases spread over two months. At Best Bakery, 14 people were burnt alive</p> <p>THOUGH NOTHING could be compared to the violence unleashed in Ahmedabad, Muslims in Vadodara the second largest city in Gujarat were also assaulted in a phased manner. The first round, which started on February 27 itself, lasted until March 2, with the worst incident taking place on March 1, when 14 persons were burnt alive at the Best Bakery in Hanuman Tekri. Thereafter there was violence between March 15-20 and, following this, between April 25-May 2, with some incidents taking place in the intervening period, especially on March 25. Almost every major Muslim locality of the city was attacked. Kisanwadi, Sama, Ashabiwi Chawl, Madhavpur II, Makkarpura, Audhootnagar, Raghovpura, Noor Park, Karelibagh, Gotri village, Hajimiyan ka Sara, Hanuman Tekri, Roshannagar, Panigate, Taiwada and Macchipith were among the areas where Hindu mobs went on a rampage. Hundreds of Muslim homes and businesses were looted and torched. In Sama, a relatively new part of Vadodara with a predominantly Hindu population, a mob of around 20 people attacked the residence of Prof JS Bandukwala, a professor of physics at the Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) and a respected figure in Vadodara, on the morning of February 28. The mob left after Prof Bandukwala and his daughter managed to take shelter in their Hindu neighbours house. However, on the following day, March 1, a larger mob, armed with gas cylinders among other weaponry, launched a second assault and succeeded in torching Bandukwalas house. The homes of two other prominent Muslim bureaucrats in the area were burned down. TEHELKA stung a rioter, Dhimant Bhatt, who was in the mob that torched these three homes. Bhatt is an accountant by profession he is the chief accountant and auditor of MSU but his real vocation is to inflict damage on Muslims. Besides being a university employee, he also works as a personal assistant to the current Vadodara BJP MP Jayaben Thakkar. Bhatt revealed that on the night of the Sabarmati Express incident, a meeting was convened of Vadodaras top BJP, RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and ABVP functionaries. Bhatt, who is also an RSS member, was present at the meeting, which is where, he says, a strategy of attacking Muslims was outlined. A plan for providing legal assistance to Hindus who may face legal action after the riots was also chalked out at the same meeting. TEHELKA met another Vadodara BJP leader, Deepak Shah, who not only corroborated what Bhatt told us but also gave the name of the farmhouse where the meeting took place Narmada Farmhouse. Shah, who is also a member</p> <p>of the Syndicate of the MSU, also corroborated what Babu Bajrangi had boasted of in Ahmedabad that saffron organizations used lower-caste Hindus for carrying out anti-Muslim attacks. Conspirators &amp; Rioters Nov 03, 2007 -Conspirators &amp; Rioters</p> <p>After Killing Them, I Felt Like Maharana PratapTranscript: BABU BAJRANGI Neither loot nor rape, this Bajrang Dal leader had only murder on his mind SEPTEMBER 1, 2007 Bajrangi: My role was as follows: I was the first to start the [Naroda] Patiya operation We and the local residents were all together. Patiya is just half a kilometre away from my home I had gone to Godhra when it happened I could not bear what I saw The next day, we gave them a fitting r...</p>