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We are kites.

We are kites.In Greece the 6th grade is called ST.This is a project of the pupils in ST2.

Write a short story beginning withWe are kites flying up in the sky

You have a weather phenomenon You haveWe can see...We would like to . but

Present it in class.our storiesMarianthi PrantsidiVassiliki PetrouGeorge DgegozisMaria Delimichali

Konstantina BadgoyianniFani AlexoudiKonstantinos EfthimiadisDimitris Gavouras

Bill Hamos

Stavroula SimeonidouGeorge FourtounasParis BaggasEleftheria Goutsidi

Maria TsakiridiClaire KontoyianniM: Hi!C: Hi!M: Whats your name?C: My name is Claire. And you?M: Oh, my name is Mary. Its chilly today.C: Yes. I cant see the sun anywhere.M: I wish I could see it.C: Oh, look! The sun!!!M: Yes. Its beautiful.C: Lets fly away

Emilia SveroniNikoleta DivaniChristos GavourasFilippos Makridis

Mary TsianakouliVaggelis DivanesAggelos KofosEvaggelia Koutsiouli

working on the story

exchanging ideas

drawing the scenery

presenting our story in front of everybody

the audience

We just love drama in class!!!

This is so much fun!!!