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<p>We are kites.</p> <p>We are kites.In Greece the 6th grade is called ST.This is a project of the pupils in ST2.</p> <p> Write a short story beginning withWe are kites flying up in the sky</p> <p>You have a weather phenomenon You haveWe can see...We would like to . but</p> <p>Present it in class.our storiesMarianthi PrantsidiVassiliki PetrouGeorge DgegozisMaria Delimichali</p> <p>Konstantina BadgoyianniFani AlexoudiKonstantinos EfthimiadisDimitris Gavouras</p> <p>Bill Hamos</p> <p>Stavroula SimeonidouGeorge FourtounasParis BaggasEleftheria Goutsidi</p> <p>Maria TsakiridiClaire KontoyianniM: Hi!C: Hi!M: Whats your name?C: My name is Claire. And you?M: Oh, my name is Mary. Its chilly today.C: Yes. I cant see the sun anywhere.M: I wish I could see it.C: Oh, look! The sun!!!M: Yes. Its beautiful.C: Lets fly away</p> <p>Emilia SveroniNikoleta DivaniChristos GavourasFilippos Makridis</p> <p>Mary TsianakouliVaggelis DivanesAggelos KofosEvaggelia Koutsiouli</p> <p>working on the story</p> <p>exchanging ideas</p> <p>drawing the scenery</p> <p>presenting our story in front of everybody</p> <p>the audience</p> <p>We just love drama in class!!!</p> <p>This is so much fun!!!</p>