We Are All Peers: July 3

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Peers from North America and EMEA kick off FY13 with a newly expanded team.


<ul><li> 1. New year, new team. Better for our people New job and learning opportunities across the company Better access to skills for EMEA customers Benefits of partnership UK market position European growth Product enhancements Improved network More customers 2</li></ul> <p> 2. Project Peer team. ExecutiveSponsorTeam MembersSales Jay NewmanAlastair Stewart, Colin BellDom Michael Gardner, Tanya Morgan, SupportMonkhouse Alan WillisDatacentreRyan MurpheyJohn SullivanBrian Daffern, Alex Knight, Kelly ProductTim VarmaYang, Michael GreenMarketing/Externals Jamie Hancox, Neil Moss,Rajan SodhiMarie JohnsonPeople &amp; Performance/Internal Comms Audrey Plaskacz, Nita Kamdar,Sheila BoumanWendy MartinProgram SponsorFinanceBrenton Brown Jimmy AthwalLegalBen Young Ross WoodhamIT/NetworkChris DiGancii, Jorge Quintero,Ted SmithAlan Willis, Tariq Juneja3 3. Project Peer timeline. June 6July 2 e/o 2012Signature &amp; Integration Integration Integrated Announcement Planning ActionsBusiness Project PeerFrequent Open Honest CollaborativeCommunication 4 4. Up next for Project Peer. July: Learning and exploration July 9: Mingling event for peers in Londonand Southampton July 11: Customer event in London Bi-weekly updates and othercommunication as needed 5 5. Financial partners.6 6. Exciting year ahead. Preferred eCommerce expert Automation for us and for customers VMware Private &amp; Public Cloud Revitalize Dedicated Hosting High-performance culture7 </p>