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Woodlands Community Temple November 2014 Bulletin


  • the newsletter of woodlands community temple

    November 2014

    Heshvan-Kislev 5775

    november HIGHLIGHTS

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    WCT UniversityNov 2

    Jammin ShabbatNov 7

    Mitzvah Fair ShabbatNov 7

    Mitzvah FairNov 9

    Book Fair ShabbatNov 14

    Book FairNov 14-24

    Open Mic NightNov 15

    Simply ShabbatNov 21

    Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

    Nov 23

    Thanksgiving ShabbatNov 28

    With Hanukkah approaching, its time again for the Woodlands Book Fair. While this is, of course, an important temple fundraiserfor both the temple and the religious schoolthe School Board is quick to point out that its far more than that. As Rabbi Mara Young, Director of Congregational Learning, puts it, We run the Book Fair because we believe in the value of bringing Jewish books and Jewish learning not only to the kids but also to the adults in the congregation.

    This year, the collection of books (spanning both secular and non-secular worlds) includes a large collection of authors who

    just happen to be Woodlands members. Four of themLeslie Kimmelman (see below), Jacqueline Weitzman (see below), Jason Edwards (Chronicles of the Monster

    Detective Agency), and Lori Fettner (see below)will be signing their books in the temple lobby on Sun, Nov 16

    at 11:00 a.m. But keep an eye out, too, for books by other members (and for the members themselves) throughout

    the book fair. Those author/members include Dan Emery (guitar instruction books), Fran Smith (see below), Ellen

    Rubin (The Hanukkah Puzzle Book), Jackie Sasloff (Mommy Got Bigger, And So Did Our Family), Larry Fine (see below),

    James Sagner (see below), and Douglas Rushkoff (see below). We did a little Googling to see what people were saying about our local authors

    and some of their books. Heres a sampling. To learn moreand to express your own opinionsventure down to the Youth Lounge between Nov 14 and 24.

    Leslie KimmelmanSam and Charlie (and Sam Too)

    In five short chapters, Kimmelman explores how Sam and Charlie negotiate the rough patches of their friendship.What sets this story apart is that all the characters are Jewish. For many Jewish readers (and their parents), Kimmelmans breezy, unshowy assumption of a shared faith and vocabulary will be refreshing; it also means she doesnt stop her narrative to explain what a hamantaschen is, what Purim is, or, later, that Cheery Bim is a beloved Jewish camp song. Publishers Weekly

    Jacqueline Preiss WeitzmanSuperhero Joe

    At night, [Joes] bedroom closet seems to overflow with menacing items. But then he realizes that clothes could make the man and creates a superhero outfit to give himself courage. Attired in a Cape of Confidence (a bath towel), a Torch of Radiance (a flashlight), a bike helmet, and other accoutrements of invincibility, even the spooky basement doesnt faze himhe retrieves a mop for his mother and saves the kitchen floor from motor oil peril. Publishers Weekly

    B o o k Fa i r 5775

    Think Global, Buy Local Nov 14-24

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    Editor: Mike WinklemanArt Director: Melanie RoherDesign and Production: Kate LevyAdvertising Director: Bob Apter

    Lori FettnerTeaching to the Child

    Through this book, teachers have found many useful ideas and activities to incorporate into their classrooms. This book has shed light on a troubled system. Something has to change to stop the constant bullying and harassment of teachers, and to get the nation refocused not on testing, but on teaching to the child. M. Shannon Hernandez, Huffington Post, The Blog

    Fran SmithChanging the Way We Die: Compassionate End-of-Life Care and the Hospice Movement

    .should be required reading for physicians, nurses, and anyone elseprofessional or volunteerwho provides care to those who are dying. ..As the authors concede, it is the rare person who wants to talk about dying, particularly if it involves discussion of ones own death. But Smith and [co-author Sheila] Himmel make that conversation more than accessible. Through vignettes extracted from interviews of dying persons, caregivers, and health care professionals, the authors convincingly argue the point that end-of-life discussions not only are important, they are vital. Nancy Walker, Foreword Reviews

    Larry FineMurdering Lawyers

    a fast and frenetic take on Shakespeares well-known quote, The first thing that we do, lets kill all the lawyers. And Fine really means it, opening the book with a scene of sex and violence to do the first one in. From there, readers are taken into secret societies and the legal profession in a new and creative way. Lynn Evarts, Foreword Reviews

    James SagnerIs U.S. Business Over-regulated? How Government Destroys Our Ability to Compete Globally

    American business, Dr. Sagner writes, now faces a worldwide economic crisis. American companies are no longer able to compete effectively in the global marketplace, due in large part, to outdated and unrealistic U.S. regulations. Is there a practical answer? Jim Sagner says there is: get rid of laws that stay on the books long after they are needed and cripple Americas prospects. York House Press

    Douglas Rushkoff (who discussed his 2003 book, Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism, at Woodlands back in 2012) Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now

    This is a wondrously thought-provoking book. Unlike other social theorists who either mindlessly decry or celebrate the digital age, Rushkoff explores how it has caused a focus on the immediate moment that can be both disorienting or energizing. In an era that seems intent on deleting the art of narrative, Rushkoff creates a compelling narrative of the way we now live.Walter Isaacson

    And dont forget that our Shabbat Book Fair speaker (Fri, Nov 14 at 8:00 p.m.) is Rachel Winebergs cousin, Ronna Wineberg, an award-winning author who will discuss her book On Bittersweet Place, a novel about a Russian-born Jewish girl coming of age in Chicago during the 1920s Jazz Age.

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    Worship Schedule

    Hevra Torah Learning: Saturdays, 9:15-10:15 a.m.

    Sat, Nov 1 Shabbat Morning Service at 10:30 a.m. Celebrate with us as Samantha Feldbaum, daughter of Esther and David Feldbaum, becomes a Bat Mitzvah.

    Shabbat Vayera Genesis 18:1 - 22:24 ... II Kings 4:1-37

    Fri, Nov 7 Jammin Shabbat at 7:00 p.m. Put on your jammies, bring a bedtime friend, and cmon over for the wildest 30 minutes of bedtime song, stories and blessings ever! Well be jammin on the keyboard and guitar, and makin a Shabbat t o get you ready for bed. Bring a buck for tzedakah!

    Mitzvah Fair Shabbat at 8:00 pm Our guest speaker is Danielle Butin, Founder and Executive Director of AFYA, an organization which recovers medical supplies, hospital equipment and humanitarian provisions to support health initiatives in Africa and the Caribbean.

    Sat, Nov 8 No 10:30 service today. Kaddish can be said at Hevra Torah Learning (9:15 am).

    Shabbat Khayei Sarah Genesis 23:1 - 25:18 ... I Kings 1:1-31

    Fri, Nov 14 Book Fair Shabbat at 8:00 p.m. Our guest author is Ronna Wineberg, author of On Bittersweet Place and Second Language, runner-up for the 2006 Reform Judaism Prize for Jewish Fiction. Well also welcome our communitys newest members this evening. The Book Fair will be open following our service.

    Sat, Nov 15 Shabbat Morning Service at 10:30 a.m. Celebrate with us as Aaron Forman, son of Adrian Forman and Frank Forman, becomes a Bar Mitzvah.

    Shabbat Toledot Genesis 25:19 - 28:9 ... Malakhi 1:1 - 2:7

    Fri, Nov 21 Simply Shabbat at 8:00 p.m. A quiet evening with your clergy. Familiar melodies and familiar prayers to bring us all together.

    Sat, Nov 22 No 10:30 service this morning. Kaddish can be said at Hevra Torah Learning (9:15 am).

    Shabbat Vayetzei Genesis 28:10 - 32:3 ... Hosea 12:13 - 14:10

    Fri, Nov 28 Mishpakha Thanksgiving Shabbat at 7:00 p.m. For the entire congregation, just earlier meaningful for adults, engaging for kids! If you like, join us for a quick dinner at 6:00 pm make your reservation at wct.org/mishpakha. Special welcome home to, and participation by, our college kids.

    Sat, Nov 29 No 10:30 service this morning. Kaddish can be said at Hevra Torah Learning (9:15 am).