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  2. 2. 2 Welcome To The Garden Of WBC! You are now a ROSE BUD. This is the first level of membership at WBC. You, like many others are greatly appreciated. Be sure to contact us to setup a consultation with one of our mentors. MEMBERSHIP ___ New Membership - $100 ___ Renew My Membership - $100 ___ Corporate Membership $500 (8 members) Employees names here: Date: _________________ Company _____________________________________________________________________________ Name _____________________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________________ Ministry _____________________________________________________________________________ Office # _____________________________________________________________________________ Cell # _____________________________________________________________________________ Email _____________________________________________________________________________ Website _____________________________________________________________________________ D.O.B. _____________________________________________________________________________ Ethnicity _____________________________________________________________________________ How did you hear about WBC? __________________________________________________________ Tell us a little about yourself and why you are joining the When Beauty Calls organization. (print) ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. 3 ABOUT WHEN BEAUTY CALLS When Beauty Calls is a non-profit organization dedicated to women ages fifteen and older. We are women mentoring women to be strong leaders. WBCs main focus is to encourage all women across the globe to be comfortable within their own skin. Our organizations goal is to build their esteem by demonstrating that beauty comes in many forms and that we all possess it inside and out. WBC reveals a womans best possessions in a variety of mediums which help stimulate their mind, body and soul so that women can proudly declare that they are truly blessed even with their flaws. Knowing is half the battle, but feeling beautiful is even better! WBC is proud to know that their members are self motivated and confident Only the best comes out in everything they do. As our members blossom from rose bud to beautiful long stem roses, their petals will spurt out wide and glow vibrantly knowing that with the power of faith, they can overcome any obstacle. When Beauty Calls Womens Organization (WBC) chartered in 2009. WBC is an active group of career driven, fashion conscious and socially active professional women. WBC is affiliated with BLEST Publishing Group (BPG), Blessed People Network (BPN) Annual Business Directory and BLEST Magazine, Inc. This uplifting womens organization was developed to serve, promote and enhance the lives of women all across the country. Our goal for them is to embrace their inner and outer beauty, acknowledge their self-value, uphold their self-esteem, discover their hidden potential, celebrate life and to share its riches with others living in the world around us. MEMBER SERVICES Our organizations main goal is to improve the awareness, lifestyles and initiative of many hard working and ambitious professional women seeking fulfillment and a place to share their talented gifts. WBC helps motivate and build their self-confidence so these women can focus on enjoying life, their families and careers. With the support of the women of WBC, they are able to find ways of achieving their future goals by improving or building a business of their own. We set forth a strategic path of building friendships, experiencing fun filled activities, counseling sessions, educational seminars, career fairs and fundraisers for members to get hands on experience in philanthropic activities that help change the lives of others. WBC not only raises funds for charities but we provide resources and support for our members, BPG, BPN, BLEST Magazine and other affiliates of WBC. We strive to recognize the skills and hidden potentials of our dedicated members by offering an array of business incentives, group outings, annual award ceremonies and providing members with the tools and knowledge for improving their lives. Our members look forward to moving a few steps forward to success, engaging themselves into positive and effective levels of leadership in their careers, businesses, other Associations and chapters within the WBC network. Our organization represents Sisterhood. We are women mentoring women in the southern region of the United States. Currently established in Georgia, we look forward to expanding to many other states within the country in the near future. We can only get there with your support and efforts. There are opportunities for committee involvement offering personal and professional fulfillment and a means to advance careers and make lifelong friendships. Social networking gatherings, educational seminars and career fairs offer venues for peer interaction.
  4. 4. 4 WBC MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is dedicated to revealing a womans inner/outer beauty and influencing the leader within every woman across the globe. CHAPTER MEETINGS (Each chapter meets at specified locations every 2nd Sunday of the month) Monthly chapter meetings will inform members of resourceful issues of health awareness, home economics, beauty secrets, fashion trends and career opportunities. They will gain financial management skills and learn the secrets to looking and feeling beautiful. This year members will have the opportunity to interact with a substantial number of influential role models, motivational speakers, authors, music artists, fashion moguls, stylists, make-up artists, media network representatives, government officials, business owners and other community leaders. OUR MEMBERS WHEN BEAUTY CALLS Beauty Blossoms From Within An organization developed to create leaders who are confident and motivated to become greater influences to society, their business and careers. WBC MEMBERSHIP PLEDGE (To be memorized and recited at beginning of every chapter meeting) We are the women of WBC. We shine as bright as the sun and blossom like a rose in a garden. When beauty calls Its calling me. The beautiful rose that I am. We are ambitious, beautiful, blessed, confident, friendly, graceful, happy, powerful, talented, wealthy, innovative, intelligent and highly favored. Together we stand strong. My mission is to always be a positive thinker who is motivated. In good faith my blessings will rain upon my petals. Thanks to When Beauty Calls I am now in control of my destiny! I am ready, willing and able to put my best foot forward. Today I honorably stay faithful and sow my seeds so that my world, your world, our world can continue to be filled with the beautiful roses of WBC. From this day forward I will hold my head up high and work diligently to be the best rose that I can be, because I know that I hold the key to the beauty I have within me. WBC MEMBERSHIP & BENEFITS When you become a member you will experience four levels of development that represent the women of WBC. [1] Rose Bud; [2] Rose Petal; [3] Rose Blossom; [4] Rosette Chapter Leaders / Program Directors. Throughout our many chapters, members will embrace their true beauty, develop inner peace, gain respect, learn to overcome adversity and become more knowledgeable about the importance of integrity while gaining life long friendships. WBC wants to help women in ways that build their character, self-esteem and to empower their minds to become strong leaders who embrace their spirituality. As our members grow from Rose Buds to Rose Blossoms, they will exemplify the beautiful garden of WBC. WBC Newsletter Monthly Chapter Meetings Social Networking Health & Fitness Awareness Get Fit Boot Camp Youth Recreational Activities Business Development Skills Educational Seminars Creative Services WBC Group Outings & Trips WBC Annual Events Music & Entertainment Discounts, Gifts & Awards Money Management Skills Time Management Strategies Support Resources International Cooking Skills Group Health Insurance* Beauty & Fashion Makeovers Annual Achievement Awards Image Branding Consultations Business Incentives WBC Holiday Celebrations e-Business & Marketing Support Meet Influential Guest Speakers Build Leadership Skills WBC Contests One-On-One Counseling Community Awareness WBC Fundraisers Better Living Techniques Investment Strategies Parenting Skills & Opportunities *pending
  5. 5. 5 WBC MEMBERSHIP LEVELS WELCOME to the garden of WBC! When Beauty Calls offers four levels of achievement.* Founders of When Beauty Calls [pink & white rose] SUZIEANNA JENNINGS President, Executive Director BELKIS MARTINEZ Vice President, Director of Youth Division Founders Board Of Directors [cream rose] 95% Attendance Required To Sustain Position As A Board Member Board Of Directors #4 Rosette [red rose] Chapter Leader / Program Director Select Program Of Your Choice (in concentrated profession) 95% Attendance Required To Sustain Position As A Rosette Submit Meeting Progress Reports, Membership Dues ($10 month) & Attendance Sheets Build Membership Mailing List & Submit Via-Email Email, Distribute Flyers (Print / e-Ads) & Notifications to All New & Existing Members Volunteer Dedicate Three Weekends Monthly For WBC Eligible For Board Member Position Schedule Group Outings (For Managing Program) Recruit Members WBC Marketing Email Correspondences Sell Tickets & Promos Men