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    Welcome to Wayra UK Battle Decks August 2015

  • Wayra Battle Decks 2015 Official Rules

    4. Slide decks are assigned at random

    5. Slides will flip every 20sec

    6. Judges will score each presentation on 5 criteria and assign a final score out of 25

    7. Scores will be combined during musical interlude to determine the winner

    1. Opponents will present on the topic of their choice (Startup, happiness, my life)

    2. Opponents will present a deck they never saw before

    3. There are 10 unique decks of 10 slides each to be used in battle

  • Wayra Battle Decks 2015 Official Rules

    In the event of a tie, we will use the audience applause-o-meter to determine a winner

  • Wayra Battle Decks 2015 Judges

    Reijo Pold Clan Commander of the Wayra Clan Holder of the Red Sash of fun

    Henry Ludlam Chief of the TeamFirst Clan Holder of the Blue Sash of blabla

    Andy Davis Chief of the ApplyED Clan Holder of the Sword of Coolness

    Kathryn Evanson Priestess of Getting Shit Done of the Wayra Clan and Holder of the Bottle of Awesomeness

  • Official Scoring Categories 1-5 1. Content and Credibility

    (Did it make any sense?)

    2. Poise and Gestures

    (were they comfortable?)

    3. Flow

    (minimal pauses and stammering)

    4. Audience response

    (was there any?)

    5. Getting through all the slides!

    Without FU&^&ing Laughing

  • Wayra Battle Decks 2015

    The Challengers

    1.Darshan Chief Chimpanzee of Clan SoA 2.Diana Alcohol Mistress of Clan Winerist 3.Simon The Letter Opener of Clan Inkpact 4.Ivo Coin Master of Clan Albert 5.Kenny The Feeder of Clan WeFarm 6.Abi Chief Guide at the Routemap Clan 7.Richard War Commander for the TeamFirst Clan 8.Philip The Tinker of Clan nCube 9.Stan The Blind Prophet of clan GiveVision 10. Mutaz Chief of the Hillside Squierrls

  • Choose a Topic for me

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    Wayra Battle Decks

    Short Example

  • I have a question

  • Years of experience

  • Mentors Be Like

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    Wayra Battle Decks Challenger 1

  • Oh shit!


  • Chicken ?

  • How do we really feel about Technology?

  • Yes we can

  • Like a BOSS

  • Risk Management

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    Wayra Battle Decks Challenger 2

  • Do you smell that? Investors Be Like

  • VS

    Design Innovation

  • Any questions?

  • Mentors Be Like

  • The New 1 Direction

  • Making money is EZ

  • is this a cow?

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    Wayra Battle Decks Challenger 3

  • Problemz

  • I want a steak

  • I think this is wrong

  • Time for Q&A

  • link?

  • VS

  • Innovation

  • Haven

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    Wayra Battle Decks Challenger 4

  • Yeah so Whatever

  • I have a question

  • How can it be!!!!

  • Acceleration

  • I need to be serious

  • Facebook Twitter Instagram

  • After Wayra

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    Wayra Battle Decks Challenger 5

  • 5?

  • I have a dream

  • Hungry =?

  • No wayyyy

  • Halp

  • Hhmm should I buy flowers to my girlfriend

  • Condoms

  • Do you have the time

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    Wayra Battle Decks Challenger 6

  • Beer?

  • Continued Success

  • Years of experience

  • This is not a sheep!

  • Questions?

  • Perhaps

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    Wayra Battle Decks Challenger 7

  • LinkedIn is the shit

  • A new case

  • Engagement leads to


  • Logistics Innovation

  • Huston we have a problem

  • Running the business


  • $$$$$$$$$$$$

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    Wayra Battle Decks Challenger 8

  • Bike Hawk ?

  • Relationships

    God is on Stage

  • IKEA Car

  • Audience Participation


  • Startups

  • VS

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    Wayra Battle Decks Challenger 9

  • http://www.all-media.info/external-page.php?url=http://proposals.nextnature.net

  • SEXY?

  • MVP?

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    Wayra Battle Decks Challenger 10

  • So about your KPIs

  • If they are sitting in 2 balls

  • There is no Slide

  • I should have gone to the toilets before we left

  • Wait we are not done Yet

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    Wayra Battle Decks

    Challenger 11?

    Anyone up for the challenge?

  • Bitch Please

  • I am a Box

  • Mom I Love you

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    Music while the judges judge.

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    Top 3

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    Thank you Thats a wrap We hope you laughed, cried and had a good


    And if not we dont care you know how much time it takes to create a 152 slides deck, how long we spent looking at

    google images and stuff. This was hard work and you dont even appreciate it you ungrateful SOB ????*

    *Now stop reading this BS and go have a beer

    The Wayra Team