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Incubator for startups in London - Wayra programme


  • Wayra London2014 Portfolio

  • Table of Contents

    Overview of Wayra UK teams p.3-4

    Overview of Wayra UnLtd teams p.5

    Wayra UK Executive Summaries

    Cloudwear p. 7

    Doutissima p. 8

    Earnt p. 9

    Geneix p. 10

    GeniusMatcher p. 11

    iNovar p. 12

    LevBet p. 13

    Living Indie p. 14

    Lobster p. 15

    MedArkive p. 16

    OpenDesk p. 17

    Paperfold p. 18

    Passive Eye p. 19

    RotaGeek p. 20

    Skim.it p. 21

    Sqwiz p. 22

    Team Match p. 23

    Yoyo p. 24

    Wayra UnLtd Executive Summaries

    Applyed p. 26

    Pocket Explorers p. 27

    Policy in Practice p. 28

    Proversity p. 29

    Represent p. 30

    Roadio p. 31

    The Busking Project p. 32

    Tonguesten p. 33

    Virtually Free p. 34

  • An online website about health and beauty in Brasil; our aim is to become the numberone online forum in Brasil related to Q&A in Health and Beauty. Our business ismodelled on a French website that was bought in 2008 for 130m.


    Our product, iwunta, is the first intention-based messaging platform. It allows usersto gather nearby friends for spontaneous events and daily routines. Broadcasting aniwunta notifies only the friends nearby, ensuring that every invitation is immediate andrelevant. We recently partnered with Samsung.


    A mobile advertising platform that allows brands to reward user achievements insideof existing health and fitness apps.


    A digital healthcare company specialising in drug-to-drug and drug-to-geneinteractions. Our products combine the power of big data with intuitive UX and datavisualisation to create one place where doctors can personalise medicine.


    We combine computer vision and 3D technology to create one hardware free solutionfor mapping, positioning and navigating in any indoor location. Our technology has 3non-provisional pending patents.


    We have 2 main areas of expertise: the creation of interactive data visualisations usingtechnologies like Flash, and the development of a solution (MyBI2Go) and theassociated engine (the 2Go Portal) that enables organisations to access businessintelligence (BI) content on the move in a 100% secure environment.


    A derivatives trading platform for sports bets. We bring leverage to sports betting forthe first time, while avoiding unmanageable risk for firms


    We offer a new way to experience live music. We live stream concerts to anyinterconnected device, working with the coolest events and venues in London andSpain to bring quality music to 1000s of fans around the world.

    Living Indie

    A marketplace for digital content created by social media users. Its like iTunes for user-generated content, which we believe deserves to be treated in the same way as anyother product, service, or work of art.


    A SaaS platform allowing pharmaceutical marketers to deliver any content across anychannel, together with data about which messages are consumed by which doctors.This provides increased control on marketing costs and the ability to improve returns.


    Overview of Wayra UK Companies

  • A global online marketplace for a furniture collection that is digitally designed andcan be downloaded and fabricated locally. We connect customers directly withworkshops so that designer furniture made to order becomes accessible andaffordable.


    We are disrupting the way email is presented. With Paperfold, emails are presented intiles allowing you to click on content (links, clips etc.) without having to click into theemail.


    A self-powered GPS locating device that never needs recharging, making it ideal forpersonal use and for keeping track of an organisations personnel or valuable materialassets.

    Passive Eye

    Online employee scheduling for businesses, retail, and the health sector. Weempower employers to organise and disseminate employee work shifts, removing thepain associated with staff scheduling, and saving time and money for businesses.


    Pinterest for written content. Our NLP text summariser allows you to skim large webarticles into 100 word summaries, making it easy to save for later or share withfriends and colleagues.


    An instant website builder for small businesses. In under 30 seconds, Sqwiz builds amobile-ready website on top of users existing Facebook pages. The new website ispre-filled with content from the relevant Facebook page, and remains connected withit for further content updates.


    We develop psychometric tools to help companies better understand their employeesand teams. Our proprietary personality questionnaire produces visual, insightfulreports to improve talent development, team effectiveness, and recruitment.

    Team Match

    A marketing engine for offline retailers, powered by in-store mobile payments. Yoyo isa fast and easy way for consumers to pay and get rewarded at different retailers witha single destination app (think Starbucks payment and loyalty app for multipleretailers.


  • A digital admissions platform and data analytics tool for schools, saving time, moneyand stress for both schools and parents


    We connect children with the natural world through an iPhone app, website, andoffline content. Weve taken the best bits of kids social networks and bridged thiswith real world outdoor activities to create the ultimate entertainment platform foryoung children and their parents.

    Pocket Explorers

    We address the welfare system and focus on supporting people on low incomes. Ouroutcome-focused, scalable software has improved peoples understanding of welfarereform, helped people into work, increased the effectiveness of support services, andled to direct cost-savings for our clients.

    Policy in Practice

    A platform bridging the gap between employers and education through free onlinecourses linked to career opportunities for youngsters who are Not in Education,Employment or Training, school leavers, and graduates.


    A software company building a professional platform to help connect vocationalstudents and local employers


    An app that helps young people learn to drive better and more safely. Drivinginstructors can record in real time a students progress through the driving syllabus. Aprofile is created for each driver that can be used by advertisers to deliver offers anddiscounts to reward better driving training.


    We enable buskers to receive digital donations on the street, selling CDs, connectingtheir audiences, and gaining recognition for what they do. Passers-by can find outwhos busking in the vicinity, follow their favourite buskers, and get involved in events.

    The Busking Project

    We use artificial intelligence to map video subtitles and music lyrics onto educationalframe-works for learning English


    We develop apps that use games and gamification to improve mental healthproblems. We adapt proven therapy techniques and make them into digital tools tobe used by individuals themselves.

    Virtually Free

    Overview of Wayra UnLtd Companies

  • Executive Summaries

    Wayra UK

  • www.cloudwear.com



    Our product, iwunta, is a messaging platform thatgathers nearby friends for spontaneous activities anddaily routines like going to the movies, getting coffeeor working out.

    Every time people want to go out with friends, theyhave to search through contacts, guess who's nearby,bother friends that can't go, and receive 'No' inresponse, simply because people are busy.

    iwunta is a real-time matching platform thatconnects you with nearby friends for spontaneousactivities and events. For example, broadcasting"iwunta #seeWicked", notifies your nearby friendsand invites them to join you for the show tonight.

    When users broadcast what they do, we couple witha commercial response. For example, if I broadcast"iwunta #coffee", we deliver coupons and offers forStarbucks.

    Althought iwunta works on all iOS and Androidphones, it also works well on wearable devices, likeSamsung's Gear 2 smartwatch. As one of the first-to-market on wearables, we can establish ourselves asthe leaders of wearable messaging.



    Business Model

    Market Opportunity

    Competitive advantage

    Partnered with Samsung at the 2014 MobileWorld Congress in Barcelona

    Released iwunta onto iOS, Android, SamsungGear 2

    Assembled team from California

    Multiple patents pending

    Oversubscribed seed round

    Intention-based messaging for mobile and wearable devices


    Evan Tann


    Started a company out of New York with General Electric and OMD. 16 years experience programming, and built cloud software for Harvard/ MIT.

    Wendell Brown


    Sold past companies to Microsoft and AOL, co-founded LiveOps which grew to $150 m + annual revenue.

    Why Invest?We are an experienced team with multiple prior exits, strong engineering, and key internationalpartnerships.

    Karthik Gollapudi

    Head of Product

    Computer science engineer with past product management experience.

    We have key international partnerships, prior B2Band B2C success among team, a strong engineeringteam, access to the Silicon Valley/American andEuropean markets, and patents protecting revenueand growth strategies.

    Status: Beta testing UK, Europe, US

  • Why Invest?We have an experienced team with first-class investors and 7 million monthly unique visitors to

    our site.