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http://www.waterproofingfew.com.au Phone: 03 881 2 2918 Professionally installed waterproofing membranes is important.Melbourne has experienced heavy rain recently and many balconies are demonstrating water leaks.


  • Experience Knowledge & Trust www.waterproofingfew.com.au info@waterproofingfew.com.au
  • Water Leaks are a NIGHTMARE A decade of drought is over And are your projects watertight?Over the last 10 years most waterproofingmembranes have never really been tested due to lack of water.
  • Now after consistent heavy rainfalls in Melbourne,unfortunately there any membranes installed over thelast decade that are simply not doing their job.
  • Incorrect choice of membrane or poorinstallation may have managed to get by when there was little rain. Until now......
  • Balconies are leaking all over Melbourne! Classic signs of membrane failureThe adhesive and possibly the membrane are re-emulsifyingand leeching up through the joints of tiles.
  • This is caused by insufficient falls/ incorrect membrane which are not designed for ponding (standing) water. This balcony requires tiles and membrane to be removed and re-installation of a new membrane. If falls cannot be made greater (new screed) then the new membrane, such as Liquid Rubber, needs to able to "HOLD" water and re-tiled.
  • The damage to the structures below is often extensive due to slow water ingress causing rotting timber structures and rusting of steel components. With recent heavy rain many balconies are just not waterproof. Unfortunately we are seeing water damage due incorrect installation all over Melbourne. Water damage to associated structures is immense.
  • Entire balcony requires membrane replacement Another balcony with membrane failure.This entire balcony had the surface removed and a new LiquidRubber waterproof membrane re-installed after water leak inthe rooms below caused the tenants great inconvenience anddamage.
  • Some simple tips to implement to help avoid water egress on projects. The flow of water on any job is something that requires planning and proper management. All too often we see this component regarded as the "shell be right mate" attitude. Although we all admire our laconic attitude, we do need to be more diligent in planning ahead when it comes to site water management.
  • Design and plan the right method of water removal. Ensure surfaces that require waterproofing are made and kept in good condition, this minimises the work and cost required to "make them right" for coatings. Concentrate on the most vulnerable places of water ingress. One of the most common causes of water leaks is at the base of below ground walls where wall meets footing or edge beam. There are a number of inexpensive and simple install methods to minimise this problem.
  • The external coatings should not have any location for water can sneak in. We see many below ground walls covered with a membrane that simply finishes at the bottom of the wall and leaves the vulnerable joint at the base exposed to water ingress. Liquid Rubber combats this as it is applied over the top of footing, over the junction and up the walls in one "seamless" membrane. As it is spray applied, it gets into tiny holes and cracks that often dont get filled with conventional roll out types of membranes.
  • Failed - polyurethane roof membrane Failed-Bituminous sheet membrane
  • Of course the best way to avoid these nightmares is to have your Waterproofinginstalled correctly the First Time.
  • The F.E.W Waterproofing Team provide professional services. F.E.W Waterproofing has three decades of CONSTRUCTION & WATERPROOFING experience.We "Think like a Builder" and approach the problem andprevention of water egress from a structural point of view. Directly employed, fully certified waterproof technicians - no subcontract labour. OH&S Compliant - Red Card, Elevated Platform, Confined Spaces certificates. 10 yr Guarantees, warranties and insurances Professional member AIW & MBAV
  • Experience Knowledge & Trust www.waterproofingfew.com.au info@waterproofingfew.com.au


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